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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - 1000th Monday Night RAW Second Hour Pt. Two

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Back from the break and we get a shot of the ring. The glass shatters!!! And out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin!! The Texas Rattlesnake rides out on his 4x4. He rides a couple of laps around the ring before parking it infront of the announcer table. He shakes the hands of Jerry Lawler, J.R., Booker T and then he goes to shake Michael Cole's hand but instead flips him the bird.He jumps onto the apron and enters the ring. The crowd is loving this as Ausin stands on the second rope giving his signature middle finger gesture. He hops down and asks for the microphone. The fans start the Austin! chants as Austin smiles and laughs in the ring. Before he can get underway.....IF YA SSMMEEEEEEEEL...WHAT THE ROCK....IS COOKIN'! Out comes The Great One. The People's Champion is on his way down. I think The Rock has gotten one of the biggest pops of the night. He goes around the announcer table and shakes King and J.R.'s hands. Michael Cole extends his hand out but Rock walks right past him. The Rock enters the ring and goes to the second rope and taunts for the fans. He hops down and has a staredown with Austin in the middle of the ring.

The Rock's music stops and the fans are going nuts. They do the typical "look left and right at the fans" bit like what Rock and Hogan did. The Rock grabs a mic and looks at the RAW Logo. He goes down "Finally....The Rock...has come back... to St.... Louis!" The fans start cheering again as Austin and Rock stare down again. Austin asks Rock how he's going. The Rock responds to Austin with a simple "Good" Austin then tells Rock about his thoughts on The Rock's match at WrestleMania with John Cena. Mixed reaction from the crowd when they hear Cena's name. Austin thought it was pretty damn good. Austin says that he would want nothing more then for.... one...more...match. The fans cheer loudly as The Rock looks back at them. Austin congratulates Rock on his victory and says it will go down as one of if not the greatest match in Sports Entertainment history. The Rock cuts him off and says thank you and that he knows it was a great match. He says that him in Austin have been through a lot in the past, especially on RAW such as The Rock throwing Austin off a bridge and Austing crushing The Rock's car with his Monster Truck and now they are both here standing in front of each other on the 1000th Episode of Monday Night RAW. The fans pop at this.

Austin says that them having a lot of history is true. Austin then adds that they paved the way for new talent such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Batista. Rock then adds that he and Austin had numerous memorable matches together. They faced each other at WrestleMania three times. WrestleMania 15, WrestleMania 17 and WrestleMania 19. Austin had two victories and The Rock won the last one. The Rock then brought up that if it wasn't for Mr. McMahon, then Rock probably would have won at WrestleMania 17 and he also brought up that WrestleMania 19 was Austin's final match in WWE. Austin then cut The Rock off. He said before that he wanted to wrestle one or two more matches. Austin then asked the fans "If ya wanna see Stone Cold whip some ass one more time, gimme a HELL YEAH!" The fans chanted Hell Yeah! as Austin then asks "If ya wanna see The Rock and Stone Cold go at it ONE MORE TIME, then gimme a HELL YEAHH!! The fans chant Hell Yeah! again and start going crazy. The Rock says he would like to do that one day. Austin says likewise but for now he wants to do one thing....have a beer with his greates opponent, The Rock. The fans cheer as The Rock nods his head. Rock then says "If the millions....." The fans chant millions. "....wanna see the The jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, the best in the present, future and past, and if ya’ll don’t like him, you can kiss his People's Ass, The Rock drink a beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin, then give me a HELL YEEAAAHHH!!! The fans chant Hell Yeah! once more and then start going crazy again. Austin asks for two beers. The timekeeper tosses him a couple and he hands one to Rock. Bottoms up. Out of nowhere, Austin kicks Rock in the gut and tries for the Stunner but Rock counters it and shoves him into the ropes. Austin rebounds and Rock tries to hit the Rock Bottom. He lift him but Austin escapes out of it. They hit a quick staredown once again as the fans cheer.

Just then, Big Show's music hits! Out comes the World's Largest Athlete. Big Show has a angry look on his face like he is hungry. The Rock and Austin look on at him. Big Show enters the ring and snatches the mic off Austin. Big Show says that he has not got a match nor a segment, in-ring or backstage on the 1000th Episode of Monday Night RAW so he decided to make one for himself, and he then says what better way to do it then to interrupt a couple of washed up superstars. The crowd boos. Big Show says he started his WWE career on RAW. He brings up the fact that he has taken out some of the best. He brings up chokeslamming Undertaker throught the ring. Show tells them to get out of his ring. Austin grabs the other mic off Rock and then says that they could do that....or Stone Cold and The Rock can whip some ass together. Big Show gets a bit of a confused and concerned look on his face. Rock then taps on Big Show's shoulder. Show turns around and Rock unloads with punches on the big man. He hits the People's Punch. He goes for the Rock Bottom but Show elbows him in the side of the head. He kicks Austin in the gut and delivers a headbutt to the Texas Rattlesnake. Rock then kicks Show below the belt. Austin hits a Lou Thez Press on Show and unloads with punches on him. Austin then stomps a mudhole on Big Show. Big Show then gets back up and this time, its Austin that kicks Show below the belt. He hits the Stone Cold Stunner on Big Show but Big Show is still standing. Austin hits a second Stunner and Show goes wobbly legged and turns around into a Rock Bottom from the Rock!! The fans go nuts. Rock then stands at Big Show's head. He kicks him in the shoulder. He runs back and forth and deliver's the People's Elbow!! The Rock gets back up and taunts the fans, who are screaming louder then ever before. Rock and Austin stare down once more. Austin extends his hand out. Rock accepts and the two former rivals shake hands to end the segment. Rock heads to the back as Austin taunts to the fans some more. He asks for two more beers and skulls them down. He hops back on his 4x4 and rides to the back. We go to commercial.

[B]Match No. 5 - John Cena vs. Kane [/B]
We're back from the break and out comes John Cena! He actually comes out to a really big pop from the fans. Cena rushes into the ring and tosses his cap into the crowd. Before we get underway, he asks for the microphone. Cena does the old happy to be out here and he hopes everyone is enjoying the 1000th episode of Monday Night RAW. Cena says that he has been on RAW for seven years straight apart from that very short hour he was apart of the SmackDown! roster last year. He says that he's on the show for another seven years to come. The crowd pops at this. He says that RAW has broken the record on it's 1000th Episode and he couldn't think of a better way to celebrate then on this night other than doing what he loves best. Entertaining the people and what better way to do that then with a victory over the Big Red Monster. Cena then says to Kane something he hasn't said in a few years. want some....come....get....SOME! He throws the mic and poses for the fans as we head to a quick commerical.

Back from the break and Kane's pryo hits followed by his music. Out comes the Big Red Monster and he's wearing his classic red and black lycra attire from 1997 and 1998. Kane enters the ring and sets off his ring post pryo as Cena looks on. He's ready for business. The referee rings the bell and here we go! Cena and Kane lock up for a couple of seconds and Kane shoves Cena back. They lock up again and Cena applies a waist lock and shoves Kane into the corner and hits some quick punches to his mid-section. He unloads on some more punches and Kane shoves him back again. Cena charges and Kane counters him with a shoulder block. Kane hits a knee lift to the gut of Cena and tosses him into the corner. Kane charges but Cena sidesteps him and delivers a running shoulder attack. He tries to Irish Whip Kane but Kane counters it Cena goes hard in the corner which allows Kane to hit a Sidewalk Slam for a quick two count. Kane goes for a Powerslam but Cena drops off his shoulder and unloads on more punches to the head. Cena tries for the shoulder block but Kane barely moves. He goes for it again but Kane ducks it and Cena flies into the ring ropes. Typical counter to Cena's move. Cena stands on the apron and Kane hits a big boot to Cena knocking him into the announcer table. Cena's on the ground as he struggles to get up. Kane goes outside and picks Cena up off the ground. He picks Cena up in a bearhug position but Cena elbows Kane in the head and delivers a knee to the gut. Cena then grabs Kane and tosses him spine first into the ring steps. Kane stands up after a few seconds and Cena charges at him again. This time, Cena tackles him around the mid-section, driving him and Kane into the ring steps again. Both men topple over as the referee continues the count. Both men are on the ground as we go to another commercial.

Back from the break and Kane's working over Cena's neck. We get a replay from what happend during the break. Cena went to pick up Kane off the ground and Kane countered it into a neckbreaker on the floor. Kane has Cena in a headlock as Cena tries to fight out of it. Cena runs from the rope and straight into a quick backbreaker from Kane. Kane covers Cena but only gets two. Kane stomps away at Cena and covers him again. Cena kicks out at one this time. Kane tries for the Chokeslam this early but Cena counters it with a kick to the gut. Cena hits a quick DDT on Kane. He then hits a German Suplex?? I haven't seen Cena do that before. He covers Kane but just barely gets two. Cena hits a running clothesline to Kane and then a running shoulder block and then another one. Cena talks Kane and he tries for the Protobomb but he can't lift him because of his neck and back. Kane hits a big boot again out of nowhere. Kane covers and Cena kicks out after a near fall. Kane goes to the top rope and tries for a Flying Clothesline but Cena sidesteps it. Cena tries to lock in the STF but Kane blocks it. Kane hits a quick powerslam on Cena followed by a leg drop. Kane covers Cena and gets a near fall again. Kane is beginning to get frustrated with Cena. Kane tries for the Tombstone Piledriver. Cena slips down and trips Kane and locks in the STF out of nowhere. Cena tries to make Kane tap but Kane won't give up. Kane is crawling to the ropes. Cena wrenches it back but Kane finally makes it. Cena breaks the hold at the referees three count.

Cena clotheslines Kane over the top rope. He dives off the apron but Kane kicks him in the gut. He picks Cena up in a bearhug again and rams him into the ring post. Cena screams in pain as Kane takes apart the announcer table. Kane grabs Cena by the throat. He lifts him up for the Chokeslam but Cena drops next to Kane. Cena then hoists Kane up for an Attitude Adjustment but Kane hits an elbow to Cena's jaw. Kane rolls back in the ring to break the referees ten count. Kane goes back outside and places Cena on the apron. Kane climbs up and picks Cena back up and grabs him around the throat again. Kane tries to Chokeslam Cena back into the ring but Cena kicks him in the gut. Cena rakes Kane's eyes and lifts him up into an AA position again. Cena looks to slam him into the ring but looks over to the table. Cena has a smirk on his face as J.R. chants "Don't do it Cena!" Cena forwats and hits the Attitude Adjustment through the announcer table!! The crowd loves this and start chanting "Holy shit!" Kane is lying motionless in the wreck. Cena goes to pick Kane up but Kane is nearly out of it. Kane is nearly dead weight but Cena drags the 330 pounder somehow. Cena places Kane into the ring. Cena follows and covers Kane. The ref counts. 1...2....NO! Kane kicks out. Cena waits until Kane stands up. He tries for the AA again but Kane counters it...and hits the Chokeslam! Kane covers Cena! 1....2....NO! Cena kicks out of the pinfall attempt as Kane gets frustrated again. Kane goes for the Tombstone again but Cena drops from behind and hits another shoulder block. He hits a second one and then hits the Spinout Powerbomb. Cena raises his hand and taunts Kane. You Can't See Me followed up by the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the AA once more but Kane drops down and shoves Cena into the ropes. Off the rebound Kane hits Cena with another Sidewalk Slam.

Kane goes to the top rope and this time, hits the Flying Clothesline. Kane covers Cena and Cena kicks out again. Kane is nearly ready to blow a gasket. He grabs Cena by the throat and lifts him up. He tries for the Chokeslam but Cena somehow uses his strength and grabs Kane's wrist and has takes his hand off his throat. Cena goes for the AA again but Kane hits another backbreaker. Kane Irish Whips Cena into the corner again. Kane charges but Cena ducks it and Kane flies onto the second rope. Cena picks up Kane for an AA off the second rope but Kane drops down and picks Cena up in a Powebomb position. Cena rolls over and delivers a double leg takedown to Kane. He goes for the STF again but Kane boots him in the face. Cena then tries to hit the AA but Kane grabs the top rope. Kane swings around and lands on the apron and hits a clothesline to Cena. Kane goes to the top again. He dives forward but Cena delivers a dropkick to Kane's gut as he comes down. Cena rolls Kane up for a quick pin but Kane JUST kicks out. Kane then delivers a huge uppercut to Cena. He stalks Cena, signalling for the Chokeslam. He goes for it but Cena bends down and scoops Kane up and hits a second Attitude Adjustment!! Cena covers the Big Red Monster! 1....2....3!!! Cena wins it! What a great match.

[B]Winner: John Cena via pinfall at 20:11 [/B]

The referee raises Cena's hand in victory as the fans cheer for him. Cena has not been boo'd once tonight, even when Stone Cold mentioned his name earlier. Cena celebrates with the fans. Cena goes out to ringside and hugs his dad and his brothers. Cena shouts "Thank you" to the camera and heads to the back again.

Before the break, we get a quick Classic RAW Moment video. Its from 2002 when Mr. McMahon announced Eric Bischoff as the new RAW General Manager. After the video, we go to commercial.

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    ...much anticipation for part 3
  2. bartish2's Avatar
    "Cena has not been boo'd once tonight, even when Stone Cold mentioned his name earlier" you wish, fans will always hate him because they are sick of him. just saying.

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