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TNA Live Week 2 Review

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I'm going to begin with the first and only segment I'm gonna review on this blog. Dixie comes out to explain her situation with AJ, I like the way they're beginning to turn Dixie heel her squeaky clean character was getting old. They should have handled this story in a different manner IMO, this should have been a way to catapult Daniels into the main event scene that he ultimately deserves. The segment was ultimately short and sweet just a way to keep it fresh in the fans minds.

1) Austin Aries vs Crimson
Although this match was seemingly thrown together it was actually pretty decent, Aries can carry basically anyone to a decent match. Unfortunately the match ended just as soon as it was getting started in the most predictable way possible. Joe makes his inevitable appearance to cost Aries the match by tripping him on the apron which allows Crimson to score a pin without doing anything else which made Aries look extremely weak.

2) Mickie James vs Velvet Sky vs Tessmacher vs Tara
This match went a lot longer than I expected and actually became fun to watch, it became a bit of a slugfest which brought it down a little bit I was hoping for a few more counters to keep the crowd interested. I do have to comment on the 4 person submission, which included one of the worst side headlocks I have ever seen from Tessmacher. I firmly believe they're pushing her before she is ready, as you can see by some of the botches in the match which included her finisher.

3) Devon vs Robbie E
This feud has been stale since the beginning and the fact that they keep pushing it along isn't helping fans faith in the bookers, adding Garrett to this mess only makes it worse. As far as the match is concerned it was the same formula that has been used in every match they have had, with an ending that has been used for years and has never been believable. Robbie E isn't horrible in the ring but his character will continue to bring him down.

4) AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Sting vs Daniels, Kazarian, Roode
This is the stereotypical hype up match going into a PPV, unfortunately AJ only showed up halfway through the match, which allowed it to be dominated by the heels for the most part. Styles appears and of course the faces ultimately take over. I was expecting more from this match it was mostly a brawl to get Sting more over with the fans, if that's even possible and continue to sell the Dixie/Styles angle once again.

Final Thoughts:
While this Live Impact was still underwhelming for the most part every match is at least watchable which is more than I can say about their debut. The Opener and the Knockouts delivered the standouts of the night with the Main Event being slightly disappointing. The Heavyweight division is getting extremely boring. I am hoping for Aries or Daniels to shake things up in the near future, or even better bring in a Roderick Strong or Davey Richardson for some new blood. TNA is still my go-to choice and if they can continue to bring in new talent and push their current stars with better stories, they will continue on the right track.

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