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The Top 3 Most Underutilized WWE Low Card Talent

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Before I begin, I would like to point out that this blog features my opinion on the most underutilized low card talent. If popular favorites like Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler or Jack Swagger don't appear in this blog, that's b/c they aren't low card talent.

I'm talking about people who either job on a regular basis and can only be found on Superstars and/or barely featured on RAW and/or Smackdown.

So now that that's been cleared up, let's start off this list with my #3 pick.

#3 - Alex Riley

I seriously have no idea...NO IDEA why this guy isn't holding a singles
championship right now. You know what? Scratch that. Why is this guy not showing up on television on a regular basis? I mean, c'mon. Didn't you all see the reaction he got after he broke away from The Miz. The support behind this guy was red hot and he has all the tools to put him over with the crowd. Charisma, looks, mic skills and wrestling skills. Sure, he didn't have a real edge to him or anything but if creative gave him something to work with, after The Miz, like a new feud or a tag team formation, then he would have been great. I don't get how one sandbag on Swagger's Gutwrench Powerbomb lands him in the doghouse. Even on NXT or Superstars, this guy gets the best pop of the night most of the time. It's a shame that someone who had everything go for him has everything taken away from him like that when he has the crowd in the palm of his hand.

#2 - Heath Slater

I'm probably going to get hanged for this but I like Heath Slater. I'm serious. Very serious. I've been a Slater fan since he was in NXT Season 1 and there were two things about him that caught my eye: his wrestling and most of all, his mic skills. Now granted, I'm not completely blown away by his wrestling, although he utilizes pretty impressive maneuvers, his mic skills are what really made me a fan. He's one of the only people in the WWE, in my mind, who puts emotion into his words. He doesn't necessarily need to shout or make faces to get his point across. He's just a natural when he talks. Just listen to what he has to say about Sin Cara and his wrestling after he loses to him and tell me you're not impressed:

Overall, you've got a guy who can move well in the ring and who has the best mic skills out of all of the low card talent, which separates him from the humdrum of those who can only "do their talking in the ring". If there's one thing for sure, "The One-Man Southern Rock Band" deserves some time in the limelight and a run with a mid card title.

#1 - Curt Hawkins

If I were to list the men with the best wrestling skills in the WWE right now, Hawkins would only be behind Bryan, Ziggler, Kidd, Swagger and Jericho(in no particular order). I have no idea why this guy is teaming up with someone as bad as Tyler Reks. A lot of people may like them but I only think that's because they've been together for so long and people are used to them working together. But for me, he deserves more. Much more. When I look at him, I see shades of Edge in him. I think a little bit has to do with him working beside him back in last 2007 to about mid 2008 but I think most of it is due to how good he is on the mic and how he acts as a heel. He's good at what he does, when he needs to be manipulative, when he needs to cheat or when he needs to be a badass and get what he wants by force. I seriously wouldn't mind if he were to be given a world title shot, any time soon, because he's such a natural at what he does. He'd need to have some main event exposure first but I still say it would work. In short, get this guy off of NXT or Superstars and give him some time to shine on RAW or Smackdown because out of all the low card talent on the roster, he's the most ready and the most deserving.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Tyson Kidd, Trent Baretta, Drew McIntyre, David Otunga, Darren Young & Hunico

Well, that's that. I hope you enjoyed my blog and if you have any comments or concerns about my list, feel free to post them below.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Dierdorf's Avatar
    tyson kidd for sure!!
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I agree on Slater. I think he is one of the best sellers in the WWE today. He makes anyone he gets in the ring with look good, he has good mic skills to draw heat from the audience and get them into him losing more.

    Also I am happy to see someone on here who isn't so obsessed with Reks. He has a great look but that's about it.
  3. blink's Avatar
    Slater has mastered the art of jobbing. He's very good at making people look impressive.
  4. kylos's Avatar
    I can agree about Curt Hawkins but not about the other two.

    Heath Slater might as well have the word "Jobber" tattooed to his forehead, his look is not intimidating whatsoever, and doesn't give us the vibe that he could be a champion. He needs a complete makeover.

    As for Alex Riley, I have tried to like him, but he seems generic, and his in ring skills don't impress me. He does very little to stand out, and thats a shame, because he may have the look, but he don't have the charisma.
  5. BadAndy's Avatar
    I agree with Alex Riley to a certain extent. He's got talent, he's shown potential on the mic, but he botches a lot of moves. I'd say Johnny Curtis, Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel would round out my top 3.

    Heath Slater has that same Ric Flair slur to his speech that drives me crazy, not to mention that stupid hair cut. I don't think he's shown enough to let me make a further decision about him.

    I've never gotten the Hawkins, Reks, Ryder thing. Never will. All boring and meant to stay in the lower card of talent if not be "fe'd."
  6. RoadWarrior's Avatar
    I agree with all them, especially Alex Riley. I was at RAW the night he finally turned face and destroyed the Miz. The place was going NUTS. Me and my friend looked at each other and were both like Yep.. he's made. He's so over. People ate it up, myself included. And what does WWE do? Well, we all know where Riley is now. He could be a huge babyface right now. US or IC Champion. One of the top guys. No idea why WWE decided to drop him. I remember he got injured shortly after but fans still seem to pop for him. His theme music is one of the better ones IMO as well. Nice blog.
  7. mrbluto's Avatar
    Alex Riley is a future WWE star if they give him a chance, he can wrestle has great mic skills. I feel the same way about David Otunga.
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