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How We Can Make Brooke Hogan Worthwhile

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I, like others I’m sure, don’t really care for Brooke Hogan’s involvement with the Knockouts on TNA. TNA has stated that she’s there to get the Knockouts some more media coverage which, personally, I don’t think they need. Let’s be honest here, Brooke has absolutely no reason to be involved with wrestling at all because she’s had little to no experience in that world in any way, shape, or form. The closest thing she’s had to being part of the world is having a relative in the industry. Why would you give a person who knows nothing about wrestling a high level job in your wrestling company? In this blog post, I’m going to brainstorm possible ways to make Brooke interesting or, at the very least, relevant.

Put her position as head of the Knockouts over her so called media opportunities
Now, Brooke Hogan has been on the screen for one week so far. I understand that it’s not enough time to make a genuine judgment, but I was severely frightened by what I saw. Brooke shows up on the screen and addresses Mickie James, Velvet Sky, Tara, and Brooke Tessmacher, who from here on out I will refer to as the better Brooke. She tells them that they’re going to be in a 4-way match up then quickly switches her focus to the first media opportunity! Isn’t that fun? The announcement of a match took a back seat to Velvet Sky showing up in a music video for a singer/band whose name I don’t care to remember (can someone actually tell me for continuity purposes).
I think Brooke’s appearance would have looked so much better if she had put more emphasis on the match instead of the music video. It made me feel like the knockouts were slipping a bit into the ditsy kind of characters that we see on WWE. The only one that didn’t seem to change that much was Mickie James, but that could just be due to my love for her. Anyway, if Brooke is going to stay, then she needs to show she cares more about the wrestling abilities of the Knockouts instead of how much screentime they get on Fox and Friends. I mean, there's nothing wrong with getting the Knockouts out there in the media world, but don't make it the focal point of your existence.

2. Make her a heel

When Brooke opened her mouth last week I almost had a conniption. “You all look so beautiful with your hair and your makeup!” What? You were talking to some of the best female talent in the business (call me Mickie) and go on about their looks instead of their abilities? Come on! I want to see Brooke just go crazy and start bagging on all of the divas and this is completely doable provided Brooke has at least an ounce of acting ability. She could start playing favorites. They could use her picking Velvet for the music video as a nice start. Mickie gave Velvet the evil eye during the promo so they could use her as a person for Brooke to feud against. The better Brooke is currently the Knockouts champion so maybe they could have Brooke bash the better Brooke and constantly put Velvet in matches against her. It doesn’t even have to be better Brooke. It could be any knockout that needs a push.

3. Have her feud with Daddy

Hulk allegedly had no idea Brooke was joining the company so this sets up this feud perfectly. For this scenario, Hulk doesn’t want Brooke to be part of the wrestling world because it’s too violent and dangerous. He can try to convince Brooke to leave and after Brooke shoots him down multiple times, he’ll prove how violent the world is to her. There could be a possible male vs. female match involved here. This could result in either one or both of the Hogans leaving. Or maybe they’ll just become bitter and hateful to each other. This can lead us back to the “turn her heel” section at the beginning of this blog.

4. Put her in a match or two

Now I understand that Brooke has virtually no experience in the ring which is why this shouldn’t happen until after a few months of clandestine training. I think Brooke getting in the ring with other Knockouts, and preferably losing, would better put over the Knockouts she’s feuding with. If we go with the idea of her feuding with the better Brooke, then this idea would definitely help considering she’s getting a push anyway.

Maybe she doesn’t even have to fight. Maybe she can just play uber-b**** and get under everybody’s skin. Karen (Jarrett/Angle?) ran the knockouts for a time and got plenty of heat because she played the uber-b****. Granted, TNA creative would have to think of a new way for Brooke to be b****y but I think it could work.

It’s still too early to call Brooke Hogan a bad idea for the Knockouts, but from what I saw, I think the future looks bleak for the Knockouts. Brooke seems to care more about getting the talent in photo shoots and music videos than instead of getting them in the ring. I really hope that’s not the case because that means that we’re headed to the TNA version of Divas. Maybe this could result in a Traci Brooks returning. Brooke vs. Traci sounds awesome to me, especially if it ends in Brooke getting her ass handed to her. I’m just worried that TNA’s female talent is going to start caring more about looks than actual talent. I love the knockouts because everybody on the roster is talented and they're a breath of fresh air from the WWE Divas. It looks like TNA definitely looks more for talent than looks otherwise ODB and Awesome Kong would never have been there and I’m worried that Brooke’s existence is going to change that.

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Updated 06-13-2012 at 06:46 PM by LostOmega

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. kylos's Avatar
    I have to question the point of this blog.

    1) Brooke Hogan is irrelevant, anyone with a half a brain cell knows the reason why she even has a job.

    2) Trying to conjure up future possibilities for an on-air "Talent" after only two appearences, is quite a waste of time.

    3) Turning her heel, or having her wrestle are both big no no's. She has zero experience as a wrestler, and allowing that would undermine the knockouts even further.

    4) Only reason why she told Velvet about her music video, was to show the audience she is helping the knockouts in some way, and in no way did I see it as making the match "take a back seat".

    5) Constantly repeating the same things in the blog is quite annoying. And it is pretty silly to assume that having Brooke there will kill the Knockouts division.
    Updated 06-14-2012 at 12:17 AM by kylos
  2. kylos's Avatar
    so Hulk Hogan vs Brooke Hogan??? Are you crazy??? No one in their right mind would want that, it could be one of the worst feuds in the entire history of wrestling, seen as Hulk is retired, Brooke has already stated she is not a wrestler... So how would that even work??

    This blog confuses the hell out of me
  3. Wildcat's Avatar
    I agree -- make her a heel. Just don't make her ANNOYING. I've had my fill of Karen Jarrett, Viki Guerrerro, Mark Madden, Michael Cole, etc...

  4. Sahu's Avatar
    lols...Brooke is no where relevant...n I don't want hogans feud each other n take away the valuable air time from the actual talent...Is Garret not enough for us??? Why we need Brooke??
  5. LostOmega's Avatar
    I feel like I wasn't really clear. I hate Brooke with every ounce of my being, but unfortunately, I don't see her leaving anytime soon. This is not a blog about "Brooke is here so let's see what she can do. Yay!" It's a blog about things that Brooke can do, since she's not going to frikkin' leave, so she doesn't completely destroy the Knockouts division.
  6. akbar's Avatar
    -I think the num nuts above commenting missed the point of the blog.
    -This blog is how to make her worthwhile while she is here.
    -I don't like her but I have to get used to the facts that she is here.
    -I liked your ideas, while she is here, the suggestion you gave are probably the best ways to use her.
    -Great blog.
  7. kiltbill's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LostOmega
    I feel like I wasn't really clear. I hate Brooke with every ounce of my being, but unfortunately, I don't see her leaving anytime soon. This is not a blog about "Brooke is here so let's see what she can do. Yay!" It's a blog about things that Brooke can do, since she's not going to frikkin' leave, so she doesn't completely destroy the Knockouts division.
    I can easily see her quickly disappearing from the screen. She won't get any extra attention, the fan's in Impact will be indifferent, the fans outside IZ will be angry, o she'll just stop turning up (but still take the pay checks).

    But thanks for at least trying to find some reason for any celeb's child getting the opportunity that the more deserving get.

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