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TNA 10: Top Ten Matches

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Following on from the top 10 moments in TNA history, I bring you the top 10 matches to come from TNA in the past 10 years. These matches will be based on both the quality of the match as well as the impact (no pun intended) they had. So without further ado here is the 10 ten matches of TNA.

10. America’s Most Wanted vs Triple X (Six Sides of Steel: Turning Point 2004)

We kick off the top 10 with a tag team match between two of the best teams in TNA history; America’s Most Wanted and Triple X. The match has somewhat been talked about in the top 10 moments but just to remind people that the stipulation at the time was that the losing team would have to disband. It is perhaps best remembered for Elix Skippers cage walk but the match itself was a bloody all-out war between two teams that hated each other. Ultimately AMW came out on top and forced Triple X to disband, all in all it is a thoroughly entertaining match.

9. AJ Styles vs Raven vs Jeff Jarrett (NWA world title match)

This match was very substantial within TNA at the time, it was the culmination of the Jeff Jarrett and Raven feud which was at the time the biggest story TNA had seen. However this match stands out to me because it showed that for the first real time that TNA wanted to invest in the younger talent. AJ Styles became the NWA world champion for the first time and it is really just a substantial match looking back on it

8. AJ Styles vs Low Ki vs Jerry Lynn (Triangle Ladder match: X Division Championship)

This match had everything, a good back story (X championship) and most importantly it was one of the best ladder matches I have ever seen. Jerry Lynn was already a well-known performer but this bout really put AJ and Low Ki on the map and it really showed off the best that the X Division had to offer.

7. Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money (Best of 5 series)
This is a interesting choice because it is just one match from the best of 5 series but the series as a whole. Argubly the best tag team matches in recent history, these two teams had great chemistry and it was a privalage to watch. Thankfully these two managed to get together before Alex Shelley left and before Beer Money broke up, it was easily one of the best series of matches TNA has ever seen.

6. AJ Styles vs Abyss (Lockdown 2005)

This match for me is very much underrated; it was hardcore, athletic and told a great story. It was arguably Abyss’s best all round match and he and AJ complemented each other perfectly. And on top of all of that the match was for the number one contendership for the world title. In the end AJ Styles pulled out the win ad went on to face Jeff Jarrett at the following PPV Hard Justice.

5. Kurt Angle vs Mr Anderson (Lockdown 2010)

I never thought I would see Mr Anderson put together such a great match, these two had great chemistry both inside and outside the ring. The highlight of the match was Kurt Angle’s moonsalt of the top of the cage which barely grazed Anderson, it was a terrifying moment when you consider Kurt’s health issues but this match was technically sound and told a great story like most of the others on this list.

4. AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels (Against All Odds 2005: 30 minute iron man match)

This was the first every Iron Man matches in TNA history and it took place at their biggest PPV Bound for Glory. Every time AJ and Daniels get in the ring with one another you know what you’re getting; and that is a technically sound match with some great spots and tells a good story, this match was no different other than we had more time to appreciate the match. A lasting moment has to be AJ refusing to tap out with blood running down his face. In the end AJ won the match in sudden death and was truly a stunning match overall.

3. AJ Styles vs Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams (Final Resolution 2005: Ultimate X match)

This in my opinion is the best Ultimate X match ever, these three put on a high flying clinic. I have lost count of the amount of times I have watched this match on YouTube. The ending itself was very innovative with Petey and Sabin fighting over the title only for AJ to fly of the turnbuckle and grab the title made for a great scene. Ultimately this match deserves the number 3 spot because of the sheer athleticism and spots which it contained.

2. Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe (Genesis 2006)
Without a doubt the most anticipated match in TNA history, Kurt Angle had just joined the organization after leaving WWE and Samoa Joe was on wave of support and was very much over. The choice to have these two fight straight away was one of the smarter things TNA has done over the years. The match itself was great as you would expect with Kurt Angle winning and stopping Joe’s undefeated streak. This was also a hard decision for me because I didn’t want to have more than one Kurt and Joe match I had to choose which I thought was best out of the four main matches, I thought about the match at Lockdown where Joe finally won the title but ultimately settled on this one because of the sheer anticipation and the fact that it still has the most PPV buys in TNA history.

And finally the best match in TNA history is…….

1. AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe (Unbreakable 2005)
Finally we have THE match, the only match in TNA history to get 5 stars of Dave Meltzer. I cannot state how much I love this match. It is the only X Division match to main event a TNA PPV and certainly matched the expectations. Triple Threat matches are very hard to get right but these three managed it here, the three stars played different roles with AJ as the face, Daniels as the heel and Joe as the tweener. The match ended with AJ pinning Daniels to win the X Division title. Words simply cannot do this match justice and it needs watched to appreciate it.

Thanks for reading, again feel free to say what you think is the best match in TNA history in the comments section below. The final blog of the top 10 wrestlers will be up in the coming days, and there might be some shocks in that one…

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  1. kersh's Avatar
    great list. can i throw another one into the mix?
    one of, if not the grestest monsters ball match
    mick foley v Abyss (bound for glory)

    the only down side with this match was daffney left after this
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Good list, but an Honorable Mention should be Abyss vs. Sabu from Turning Point '05.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 would list can't be better than this....esp that 30min Iron man match b/n AJ n Daniels is so awesome n often under rated...AJ/Daniels/Joe is by far the best match of TNA..n one of the best for the past decade...

    AJ vs Abyss is also another under rated match u have brought in...but, I should say...the flip powerbomb on abyss by AJ is really phenomenal...
  4. FallenAngel's Avatar
    Another match that I would throw in here that doesn't get much attention is the AJ vs Joe match at Turning Point 2005

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