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The End Of An Era

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Why and what has the WWE become in recent years? Where has the talent, the interesting story lines and the variation gone?

I first started watching the WWE in 1998, in fact that was when I first discovered wrestling, back when WCW was on Channel 5 here in Britain, and there was so many memorable moments from that year up until five years back when things started to change and great performers disappeared.

Today the WWE unfortunately in my opinion is a joke, we have two good stars in CM Punk and Daniel Bryan and I actually like Dolph Ziggler, hopefully he will rise to the top Sunday and ditch Vicky. But other than that, we get the same BS week in week out, including Kofi and Truth vs. Ziggler and Swagger hey it used to be Kofi vs. Dolph every week! Brodus Clay vs. some rookie, now Ryback as well who at first was awesome but it's the same match every week!

Raw this week just featuring Vince McMahon was a blast from the past, just him doing stupid stuff, at least it was something different!

The only thing keeping me watching is the fact I've watched it since 1998 and feel I should forever watch but the only wrestling that entertains me now is TNA! I saw TNA live in Manchester, England in January as well which was an awesome show, but when I saw WWE Raw live a few years back, it was awful!

I actually have a picture with the two Hall of Famer's Yokozuna and Greg The Hammer Valentine, and whilst they were before my time, I'm so honored to have that picture, I couldn't say the same if I had one today with one of todays wrestlers, unless you count Triple H or The Undertaker...don't get me started on that, I take it he'll be back for WrestleMania time?!

I wonder what your opinions are of todays WWE? Maybe some of you weren't fortunate enough to have seen the late 90's and early 2000's, I wish I saw the times before with the likes of Bret Hart. If you've only ever seen recent times your probably a huge fan but for me, the company has lost to TNA.

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  1. SB-1991's Avatar
    Some people need to relax, I didn't write this blog to cause an argument between 'fanboys'. I'm not a fanboy as I watch both companies. People say WWE is 'entertainment' but at the end of the day what is the show?'s professional wrestling! Nothing else.

    As for whoever said about the TNA what? Do you tune in to admire the ramp or the wrestling?

    And your right, I was 7 or 8 when I had the picture taken, I didn't even know who they were...all I cared about was Kane kicking the crap out of X-Pac (hence my avatar, he was the first wrestler I loved). But if Sheamus becomes HOF I won't be bothered having his picture, because the era he's from, right now sucks to be honest.

    Not to mention a week later Yokozuna died so I was damn lucky!
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