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The End Of An Era

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Why and what has the WWE become in recent years? Where has the talent, the interesting story lines and the variation gone?

I first started watching the WWE in 1998, in fact that was when I first discovered wrestling, back when WCW was on Channel 5 here in Britain, and there was so many memorable moments from that year up until five years back when things started to change and great performers disappeared.

Today the WWE unfortunately in my opinion is a joke, we have two good stars in CM Punk and Daniel Bryan and I actually like Dolph Ziggler, hopefully he will rise to the top Sunday and ditch Vicky. But other than that, we get the same BS week in week out, including Kofi and Truth vs. Ziggler and Swagger hey it used to be Kofi vs. Dolph every week! Brodus Clay vs. some rookie, now Ryback as well who at first was awesome but it's the same match every week!

Raw this week just featuring Vince McMahon was a blast from the past, just him doing stupid stuff, at least it was something different!

The only thing keeping me watching is the fact I've watched it since 1998 and feel I should forever watch but the only wrestling that entertains me now is TNA! I saw TNA live in Manchester, England in January as well which was an awesome show, but when I saw WWE Raw live a few years back, it was awful!

I actually have a picture with the two Hall of Famer's Yokozuna and Greg The Hammer Valentine, and whilst they were before my time, I'm so honored to have that picture, I couldn't say the same if I had one today with one of todays wrestlers, unless you count Triple H or The Undertaker...don't get me started on that, I take it he'll be back for WrestleMania time?!

I wonder what your opinions are of todays WWE? Maybe some of you weren't fortunate enough to have seen the late 90's and early 2000's, I wish I saw the times before with the likes of Bret Hart. If you've only ever seen recent times your probably a huge fan but for me, the company has lost to TNA.

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  1. Jpark88's Avatar
    Oh look a TNA mark
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    The problem with the WWE these days is guys (outside of Sheamus, Punk, Cena, Bryan, Ryder, etc) expect everything to be gift wrapped to them. They dont stay in the ear of creative. They dont constantly talk to HHH or McMahon about their characters. They simply expect to be given a storyline and expect to be given a push. This has NEVER worked. If you want to be successful in the WWE you have to constantly be in the ear of the writers and especially Vince. It's why guys like Carlito, Benjamin, etc fell flat. They didnt work hard backstage and subsequently, their pushes went south. Plus, in the late 90s, the crowd felt FAR more involved than they do today. When you have guys like Stone Cold, The Rock, The New Age Outlaws (even the Godfather) having a catch phrase that people can't wait to say, then it's going to be bigger. Honestly besides the Ryder "Woo Woo Woo" and Daniel Bryan's "YES YES YES" chants, what involvement does the audience have these days? It's like the Rocky Horror Picture Show theory. The audience wants to feel like they are a part of the show. The Rock came back and gave everyone in the WWE a blueprint on how to get the crowd involved. Yet, besides Bryan, who has really taken that approach and run with it?

    I too love Ziggler, but I dont see him going far until he gets a catch phrase. And when the WWE tries to build their brand on guys like Randy Boreton, who is about as entertaining as a wet blanket, why would fans tune in? Combine all of that with them hiring soap opera writers who have very little if any history or knowledge of wrestling's past, you have the recipe we see on TV today.

    I'm hoping creative puts the strap on Bryan this weekend. I want them to have AJ be the reason why Bryan is champ and reveal that they set this up ever since Bryan lost the World Title. But knowing the WWE, they will simply use the "uncreative" approach, have Punk retain and move him into a program with either Rhodes or Tensai. I'd also like to see Ziggler fire Vickie and roll with this Mason Ryan body guard storyline (after he loses to Sheamus).

    I think it's pretty sad when the most entertaining parts of RAW and Smackdown are typically around bit players like Ricardo & AJ. Honestly, Ricardo might be the best non-main eventer going in the WWE today. He's been pure Gold for months!
  3. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jpark88
    Oh look a TNA mark
    Exactly... and TNA is a joke. I'm pretty sure their creative process stems from throwing darts at a board. Seems like every other month Kurt Angle is a face or a heel. TNA's Impact shows are horrible. They feature 2 minute matches, horrible promos and a set that makes WCW Thunder look sweet.
  4. Audioslave's Avatar
    I always find these blogs so comical..... Look back at the years, back in the attitude era the under card had throw together tag matches all the time godfather and Val teamed up alot vs the likes of big bossman and any other corporation member. He'll we had throw together teams like x-PAC and Kane. Stupid angles like Mae young and her hand and Val Venus getting his penis chopped off, although funny they were dumb. Raws still were 2 minute squash matches to put over talent. The only difference is we now have the Internet for u people to shit on it. We've always had to take good and bad. Oh and btw I guarantee when u got that photo u weren't saying I'm gunna be honored to have this is 10 years.... Cuz it became an honor when they became legends...... Which will happen in time with guys today but they can't become legends in a fricken day
  5. bartish2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl
    Exactly... and TNA is a joke. I'm pretty sure their creative process stems from throwing darts at a board. Seems like every other month Kurt Angle is a face or a heel. TNA's Impact shows are horrible. They feature 2 minute matches, horrible promos and a set that makes WCW Thunder look sweet.
    Really your statement has zero value. Saying TNA is a joke when wwe is atrocious these days with the likes of a dancing dinosaur that dances with kids(barney anyone?), santino marella whos finisher is a stupid hand puppet, the best heel is a announcer, a ring announcer gets a bigger pop than most guys, same crap every raw & smackdown of squash matches from losers like clay, ryback, cesaro, sandow same shit for months. Same pointless matches between jobbers like swagger,kofi, r truth, santino. Tag team division is useless. Divas division barely show up on tv anymore. You got a shitty retard who cannot wrestler going around say woo woo woo and everyone thinks hes awesome. You got a guy whos been put in the main event for how may PPVs in row above the wwe champ? Same BS of cena & orton hogging the spotlight, holding back talent.

    So really when you say TNA is a joke when shit like this goes on, is hilarious. I am not a mark for TNA, I did prefer wwe but I will admit wwe is a disgrace to the industry because of what it has become. I watched TNA PPV for the first time and I enjoyed it, was more entertaining than the past 2 months of raw & smackdown and over the limit. I will end with this comment: WWE is now a entertainment company and any mention of the word wrestler will get you in shit, its all about show now not to mention promoting singers, slim jims, tacos, and whatnot. TNA wants to be a wrestling company and as dixie said at slammiversary: We are a wrestling company and we are proud of the word. Again I am no tna mark, I am a wwe one but I am just speaking the truth.
    Updated 06-13-2012 at 03:28 PM by bartish2
  6. pgarcia79's Avatar
    Omg! I'm about to put up my own damn blog because everybody's missing the point. Comparing WWE to TNA is like comparing apples and oranges. Everybody needs to stop wanting one to be like the other, because neither wants to be like the other. And each promotion has made that abundantly clear. Why? because they pander to completely different audiences. They're both moving in different directions. WWE has come out and said it's an ENTERTAINMENT company, and TNA has stated that it's a WRESTLING company. See the difference? Don't won't or expect them to put out the same product every week.
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I never said the WWE was great. My opinion is that the WWE has lost their creative way both with the writers and majority of the talent. And as bad as it's been, TNA has been worse. Just my opinion. IF TNA had stuck with being built around the X-Division, they would be much better. Ever since they switched from the all PPV format, their product has sucked. Once they went to Spike TV, the network essentially made them hire big names. Everyone who has ever worked for TNA or is in the know will tell you that Dixie Carter is waaay over her head. And everyone knows Steiner might be insane, but his tweet tirade is actually pretty spot on when it comes to Bischoff and Hogan.

    So yes, as bad as the WWE has been (really since about 2002), TNA has dropped the ball and continues to do so. Just my opinion so no need to get panties in a wad.
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