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Kofi Kingston and Tyler Reks!!

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Hey everyone. This is the Kingcobra coming back at ya!! Well my last blog was in 2010 but I'm gonna be blogging regulrly form this point forward! So hoping this blog is good. I have been watching WWE week by week month by month and year by year and I have been waiting for a Kofi Kingston heel turn or a major championship push or a Tyler Reks big push and to be honest I have ben truly upset. These teo can be the future of the WWE. Kofi Kingston everytime he wrestles I'm always entertained and amazed by his athletic ability and always anticapted for his next move. And I think Kofi can be a major player for the WWE. He has incrediable In-Ring skills that is just crazy most of the time. He barely botches either. I have been wishing that creative would put him in a feud that can get him some mic skills practice. He does have his moments on the mic but normally he stale on mic. I want to see that intensity and aggressive style that I know Kofi can have. I just want him to breakout and be one of the major players because I know Kofi could get the job done. Now on to the other man this blog is about is that Tyler Reks. I think Tyler Reks could also be a major player but not for many years to come. I want to see Tyler Reks go back to the way he was when he returned with that villianous gimmick. Reks has pretty decent In-Ring skills and I enjoy everytime he is in that squared circle. And just like Kofi he barely botches any moves either. I would like to see Reks go in a feud for the IC or US Championship and have a run with one of those championships. I believe he could be a great champ. He has pretty good mic skills as well. So he has it going for him but for some damn reason the WWE can't see great talent if it smacked them in the face. Tyler Reks CAN be a domoniant heel. But they can't see it. And it upsets me. I am part of the Rekkking Crew and a big fan of Kofi Kingston. Sorry for the long blog. I just want to get my opioion out there about these two talented young men. Kofi Kingston and Tyler Reks will be major players in the WWE in the future. I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this blog. And positve and negative are always appericated and if is there anything I can work on during my blogs tips can be hopfully. Hope you all enjoy!!!

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  1. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    next time use some empty lines between your sentences because a lot of guys will bitch about this
    next i agree with you and it's an ok blog
  2. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    Alright thanks for the tip. I did space it but next time ill preview it before I post it. Thanks again.
  3. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Wouldn't mind Kofi going heel - I think it would help his exposure. I do wish they would change his music ("Kingston" by Sean Kingston would be dead-on!) But Reks NEEDS to embrace his heel nature. He has the size and look to be a menacing presence - and I think some more solo time would help add "villain cred" to his case.
  4. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    Yes I agree with you 100% scribbler_jones. Reks NEEDS to embace heel bad. And Kofi needs a music change to be heel. And I agree with the song title.

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