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TNA 10: Top Ten Moments

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TNA 10: Top 10 moments
In this blog I will be counting down my top ten moments in TNA history, I believe myself to be fan of both WWE and TNA and more importantly professional wrestling as whole. I proudly say I have watched TNA since the first PPV from Huntsville, Alabama (mainly because it was on free television here in the UK). I stopped watching a few times but always kept up on the storylines. Because I have such a wide range of knowledge of the company and its history I thought it would be fair to write my opinions on TNA 10 years in. Like I have already said I will countdown the top 10 moments in this blog but two blogs will follow this, one will focus on the top matches and the final one focusing on the top wrestlers culminated in who I believe embodies what TNA has been and has become.

10. Christian Cage wins the TNA World Title
We start the countdown with a title win, Christian Cage’s title win over Jeff Jarrett at Against All Odds in February 2006 was huge at the time. It was a difficult decision on what to put at this number 10 spot but I felt like this was the right way to go. The match itself wasn’t anything to write home about, it was your standard title match but the thing which makes it stand out to me is the celebration after the match. Because Christian had never been given a big title in the WWE to see him do it in TNA genuinely made people happy and following the match the ring flooded with fans from ringside, all in all it was a very heart-warming moment and a perfect way to crack open the top ten.

9. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff Arrive in TNA
This will be at large a very controversial pick but I believe it needs to be in the countdown. Personally I do not care for either of these two but there’s no denying the amount of media exposure they bring to the company (mainly Hogan) not only that but they also bring a level of understanding when it comes to the wrestling industry. While I won’t get into a rant about their involvement in the company I will say that if they are kept to a consultant role and portray a character on television then I believe this venture can be more successful than it is currently. People may not like what they have done to TNA but this deserves a spot on the list simply out of the shock value of both of them being in TNA.

8. The Samoa Joe Shoot
At Turning Point 2007 Samoa Joe delivered a unscripted promo on the company. Due to Scott Hall no showing the event it was left to Joe to explain why, instead of staying on script he went of script and proceeded to shoot on certain ‘Superstars’ as he put it. The reason this deserves the No. 8 spot is the sheer honesty that Joe spoke with, it is something which has never been seen in TNA before. One of the more memorable quotes from Joe is (speaking to Dixie) “Are you mad? No go ahead fire me I don’t care.” It still sticks out to me and I sometimes YouTube it to rewatch it, therefore it deserves a place on this list.

7. The First Ultimate X Match
The match itself wasn’t anything special but it showed the potential of what it could become. The first match involved Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane. It was an innovative match which would later become one of the cornerstones for TNA; due to its historical nature it deserves a place on this list.

6. The Elix Skipper Cage Walk
Some people may have not heard of Elix Skipper but along with Lo Ki and Christopher Daniels they formed one of the major tag teams in Triple X. The program between Triple X and America’s Most Wanted culminated at Victory Road 2004 with the losing team having to disband. Ultimately AMW won the match but the main reason it is remembered is for Elix Skipper’s cage walk. It was probably the first time I watched TNA and said ‘what the F***’ I thought it was a brilliant move and it still sticks out as one of the top moments, it is also regularly used when hyping a cage match or as seen recently the top moments at Slammiversary.

The Top 5!
5. TNA debuting from the UK
This moment is somewhat the only biased one on the list, being from the UK it was very surreal to see TNA taping a TV show over here. At the time I had watched the show for 9 and a half years and been too every tour that they had done, the atmosphere in the arena that night was much different from that of the house shows, there was a level of excitement within the arena. Within the shows there wasn’t anything major that happened; no title change or debuts but it was just something which I didn’t think would ever happen and it was a huge moment for TNA.

4. The Unbreakable 3-way
This match is without a doubt what made TNA great. In 2005 TNA undoubtedly lacked main event talent so it was left to the guys of the X-Division to main event the Unbreakable PPV, this is the only time in TNA that a X-Division match has main evented a TNA PPV (not including the recent Destination X PPV’s). AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and the undefeated Samoa Joe put on a match of epic proportions and is widely regarded as one of the top matches in TNA history.

3. Sting’s Debut/Return
At the time it was the biggest signing TNA has ever made, Sting hadn’t wrestled in over 5 years and turned down numerous offers from the WWE. I say return because Sting initially debuted in TNA at its one year anniversary show. However this was his full time return and debut on Spike TV. It arguably ushered in a new era within TNA and finally brought some meaningful star power to the product.

2. TNA goes two hours Primetime
When TNA first debuted on Spike TV it was very late at night on a Saturday, at the time it was a result for TNA because they at least had a show on TV. Following this they got their primetime slot but it was only a one hour show, this was not very good for TNA because they tried to fit in too much content and the show felt rushed. That it why it is such a major moment when TNA got its two hour show at primetime, it meant that they had enough time to develop meaningful stories and could make new stars, whether they have done this over the years is subject to opinion but it was clearly a turning point in TNA.

And finally the number one moment in TNA history is….

1. Kurt Angle Announcement/Debut
This in many people’s eyes is the top moment for TNA, to sign someone of Kurt Angle’s stature was absolutely amazing. At the time Kurt come from recently main event WWE PPV’s and is probably the equivalent of say a Randy Orton coming to TNA. It was staggering at the time and was one of the few ‘Mark Out’ moments I have had while watching wrestling, simply because of the shock value, Kurt has added star power to TNA and probably help convince others to come, six years on and Kurt is still wrestling at the top of his game and has only helped TNA grow over the years.

And that concludes what I believe to be the top 10 moments in TNA history, feel free to leave your top moments below and look out for the 2 other blogs that are incoming.

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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Very good blog with a good list. Looking forward to the next two.
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Great list and I appreciate your thoughts on them.

    Glad you didn't put when Samoa Joe was captured by ninjas on here hahaha.
  3. blink's Avatar
    What about the tna ring losing a couple extra ring posts?! That was a big move!!!! Lol no in all seriousness, good list man.
  4. smellmycooking's Avatar
    Never seen the joe promo before. It makes punks raw promo look bad. Loved the look on big oldy nashs face. Great blog!
  5. kersh's Avatar
    the only thing missing from your list ( a very good list)
  6. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Awesome list, and great reasons as to why. You brought back some memories. Keep em' coming bud.
  7. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Two thumbs up!
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