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Slammiversary: Was It Worth It?

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What is up everybody? Now I know this isn't one of my normal WBC's or Uncookeds, but last night I did something that I normally don't do, I bought a PPV. Normally I only get 2 or 3 PPV's a year. Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania. Sometimes Summerslam depending on the card, but not always. I normally NEVER get a TNA PPV. I either just read results or download the PPV the next day. With the cost of PPV's, it is just insane trying to justify paying for PPV's every month, when frankly, half of the time the shows suck. Add on top of that, in the last 6 months, I haven't really been watching TNA as there have been other shows on Thursday that i've been watching. With it being summer though, it frees up my tv viewing time. I saw TNA was going live, so I thought I'd take a look at Impact. I definitely have missed out on alot. Now, when I saw the card for Slammiversary, I debated on buying it, and finally I did. So....the questions now...was it worth it? Let's take a look at my thoughts on it.

Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries
If you liked Bryan vs Punk at OTL, I think you'll love this. This was 1 of the 2 matches of the night that were my favorite. There was so many spots that had my cringe, or be on the edge of my seat. I'd like to see this feud go longer, though I know it won't. I think adding the title to it, was a smart idea. When Hogan came out saying it would be for the X-Division title, I fully expected Joe to walk away the winner, but I'm glad Aries picked up the win. The brain buster from Aries just looked brutal on Joe. Easily a 4.5/5 match. I think if there was a little more build up, and a little more time in the actual match, you'd have a 5/5 hands down easy.

Kid Kash vs Hernandez
Ok...this match came out of left field. Where was the build up? What was the reasoning? The match wasn't half bad, it wasn't anything spectacular, but it's as if creative was like "We want to add another match to Slammiversary...let's take a wrestler from column A and have him face a wrestler from Column B....does that sound good to everyone? Great, let's do it." Like I said, not a bad match, just nothing that wowed me.

Devon/Garret Bischoff vs The Robbies
I'm not a fan of Garrett. I remember reading all of these angles with him, and I just kept smacking myself in the head. I'm also not keen on the Robbie E character. Just seems stupid. As for Devon...well...I find it cool Devon is the TV champ and he has to defend his title every week, but him as a singles competitor, just never clicked for me. The match itself, was ok. The crowd was behind it, which really helped. I think if the fans were dead, this match would have been a dud. I just hope Bischoff doesn't get pushed any higher than where he is now.

Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson vs Rob Van Damn
Now at Impact when Hogan made this match, I fully thought Hardy would walk away the winner, and even during the match I was banking on Jeff walking away the winner. The match itself was decent. There were a few spots that I really enjoyed, The attempted superplex/powerbomb combo, with RVD getting sent to the outside only to come back going for a Five Star Frog Splash to only miss had me pop. I'm surprised Anderson got the win here, as I can't picture Anderson as the TNA Champ. Possibly RVD, and could easily see Jeff as the champ, but not Anderson.

Crimson Open Challenge
Here are all of the people that went through my head as to who would accept it. Goldberg, Christian, Jeff Jarrett, Matt Morgan...but I didn't even for a second, consider James Storm. I know they are probably building to Storm vs Roode at BFG, and I think this is the great way to kick it off. I'm not the biggest fan of Crimson, as the mic work I've seen doesn't impress me, and the limited amount I've seen in the ring hasn't stuck out to me either. Now I've been a fan of Storm, ever since his teaming with Roode.

Hall of Fame
There is not much I can say about this, asides from did anyone else really think it would be someone other than Sting? I mean, Sting is the right guy to be the first inductee, hands down. The dude is talented, and is still going away a great number of years in the business.

Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher
Well, I'll give TNA this. They actually let their women wrestle. I can't speak too much to this feud, as imo, there wasn't much of a build up, but the match itself was decent. I figure Kim was going to retain, and we'd eventually see Mickie James challenge for the title and win, but I guess I was wrong. I was surprise by the way they had Miss T beat Gail with the quick roll up, but hey, it was something I wasn't expecting. Not a bad match.

Bully Ray vs Joseph Park
I wondered how they were going to do the Park/Abyss switch..and for those that don't realize...yes...Park is Abyss. I had a discussion last night with my gf and she didn't believe me that Park/Abyss were 1 in the same(she still thinks it's real...and i love her for it haha) The match itself was of course nothing special. I was dumb enough to think we might get something interesting here, and we didn't. I like Bully Ray, and think he is an amazing heel. I hope they get Abyss back on a regular basis soon, and we see those two go at it again.

Daniels/Kazarian vs Styles/Angle
This was my 2nd favorite match of the night, the other being Joe vs Aries. I was surprised that Angle and Styles got the win though. This match had alot of cringe moments, and moments where I was on the edge of my seat. The one comes to mind right away, would be the double german suplex on Daniels and Kazarian, or where Styles got hung up on the top rope. I would give this a 4.5/5 easily. Im intrigued as to where they go with the Styles/Kazarian/Daniels/Dixie angle, and what part Kurt Angle plays in it.

Sting vs Robert Roode
I was expecting a lot more from this. Don't get me wrong, it was a good match, but it wasn't the great match I was expecting. I'm glad to see Roode retain, as I feel like Sting is to that point in the career where he doesn't need the title to be extremely over. He does that simply by re-inventing himself. I'm intrigued to see where Roode goes next, if they put Storm up against him, or since Sting assaulted Roode after the match, if their chapter isn't over. It should be interesting.

So...the question was...was it worth it? I think so. I'd give the PPV a 3/5, to 3.5/5. Some low points, but alot of really high points imo. I can't wait for impact this week!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Welcome Aboard Brother. Lately, and even after last night, I've been liking TNA better than WWE.

    I didn't see the PPV, but the results seemed like it was very good. I agree that the screw job endings in Sting/Roode matches is getting lame. Plus, Sting's in his 50's. He can put on a good show, and look great in the ring, for a short time. But not a main event title match. He should be a showcase match. Much like Rock and Undertaker wrestling matches at WM.
  2. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    This was the first TNA ppv I've ever seen. I watch Impact weekly. I was really impressed with the actual wrestling quality. If this is how good typical TNA ppv's are, I've been missing out. I got into it more than I thought I would. It was good and bad seeing these high caliber of matches. Good because I totally need to get my fill of actual wrestling, but bad because this Sunday Show and Cena will make me cry in comparison.
  3. akbar's Avatar
    I'm interested as to know what you mean by 'cringe moments' when you was talking about the Aj styles match...
  4. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    "TNA and Spike TV. It's right here for WWE. We've been waitin' for y'all. We gonna knock your blocks off." - Ron Killings

    Like the Savior said, welcome aboard the TNA train. I still don't think Sting was the best choice for the first inductee. Call me crazy, but I don't think he's ready for HOF just yet because he's still active. No, that does not mean I think he's not HOF material.
  5. ArkhosBlack's Avatar
    Well, I'm trying to get straight on this one.
    Great PPV. And Roode/Sting Match? I and EVERYONE was expecting a better match. It could last a little longer.
    As for Hardy/RVD/Anderson Match, I didn't see it all. But i still thought that Hardy would Win.

    But it was better that he Lost. The crowd cheers him too much. The fans cannot see Hardy, Their Hero, lose the Title Match OR the Title Belt. lol
  6. alfielad's Avatar
    I was at this PPV, i went all the way from England as a competition winner and the only money we spent was on merchandise and a few beers, we were front row seats and i think the seats we had were $175. If money wasnt tight with me i would not have been disappointed if i paid for everything we did, being the meet and greets at 6 flags and the pre show party at Hooters and the PPV itself. Then TNA staff also treat us really well and got us backstage after the PPV, i cant thank them enough for all their hard work

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