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my NO WAY OUT predictions. nwo

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NO WAY OUT predictions

Steel cage match-john cena & Big show
i know people are not excited about this match but i think that it can give us something to work with and it wont be that bad to watch. But even though im a big cena fan i think some how big show will snatch the victory.

World championship match- Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio?
i heard about ADR injury so i think that Ziggler might fill in for this one which might add excitement to the match. but sheamus will retain the championship i think up into summerslam.

WWE championship match-Cm punk-Daniel Bryan & Kane
i am looking forward to this match even with Kane in it and it will probably be best match of the PPV but expect Punk to keep the championship and the PUNK/BRYAN feud will continue.

Intercontinental Championship match-Christian& Cody Rhodes
this has the superstar quality to be a good back and fourth match and christian will retain the belt keeping there feud flowing.

Tag Team Championships- Kofi-Rtruth & Titus-D young
if this match happens it will be very exciting to watch because Titus and d young have been on a roll but kofi and truth will hold on.

United States Championship-Santino & The Miz? or Swagger?
this might be the match were santino releases the belt to either one of these guys. so i think santinos run is over.

Divas Championship Layla & Beth Phoenix
not to interested in this one Layla will win

expect there to be a Ryback match and a Brodus Clay match

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