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What TNA is doing right and what WWE is doing wrong.

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Simple. How they use the female talent.

I say female talent because both company's have a lot of talent, but are using it in completely different ways.

TNA exceeds on how brilliant they use the knockouts. They give them around 8-14 minutes every week on Impact, including promos, backstage segments and good long plus a VARIETY of matches. They combine beauty with talent, to create good long matches, too add to that the crowd are INTERESTED! With every knockout match the crowd are into it because they can see the characters and know where to give heat/applaud either heel/face characters. The only criticsm I can give TNA is that they seem biast to some of the knockouts. For example we never really see the likes of Winter, Sarita, Rosita, Angelina Love for a while. Yet knockouts like Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, Mickie James and Tara are used regularly. But it's fair to say that TNA do give oppurtunites to different talents at different times.

WWE? If you ask me it's just disturbing the way they use the divas nowadays, of course since trish/lita left we saw the fans slowly losing interest, however there were still decent feuds, decent matches etc all until about last year. I would say since the likes of Mickie James and Michelle McCool left, the division has just been stomped upon. There are hardly ever any matches on RAW/SmackDown and any match we do see is on SuperStars/NXT yet they only use some divas. So you could even say that the divas individually only really get a televised match once a month. Since Layla became the champ I was optimistic because when she was part of Lay-Cool I saw some real good feuds with other divas and goods storylines, even the tables match with beth/natty was great! but WWE haven't even used her since she won. All WWE seem to be doing is pushing AJ with this weird storyline, but I would like to see real DIVA feuds.

To basically conclude I really do think that TNA is using the females really well and creating good feuds. WWE however needs to seriously improve before we say R.I.P to the division.

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  1. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    You guys need to try to catch a few SHIMMER matches. It seems that the so called big leagues of wrestling disrespect women's wrestling, they truely kick ass on the independens.
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