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T-Hughes35 Presents: The Inaugural TNA Hall Of Fame Class

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Greetings everybody,

With TNA Slammiversary being tonight, there will also be an announcement on who be the first inducted in the inaugural class of TNA's Hall Of Fame. In honor of the occasion, I am going to give you a list of six men whom I believe should complete the inaugural class of TNA's Hall Of Fame.

01: Jerry Jarrett - One of the co-founders of the organization. The one that originally suggested starting this wrestling organization on a fishing trip back in 2001. He HAS to be in this class. It's like having WWE's Wrestling Hall Of Fame, if you're going to have your own Hall Of Fame, you have to induct the main founder (Hence Vincent J. McMahon).

02: Bob Ryder - The second of the three co-founders of the organization. It was during this fishing trip (mentioned above) that Bob suggested to Jerry Jarrett that the reasoning behind the World Wrestling Federation's 2001 monopoly, was that he felt many television networks (such as AOL/Time Warner for example) thought of a professional wrestling promotion being bad for business. He also felt that a professional wrestling organization did not need television, but rather go straight to Pay-Per-View.

03: Jeff Jarrett - This is my best bet on who the first inductee will be. The reason is not because of his wrestling career, but because he was also the third co-founder of TNA. Out of the three co-founders, "The Chosen One" was the only one who actually took the conversation seriously, while both his father and Bob Ryder thought of it as just "Fishing Talk." Over the course of his career, "Double J" has been one of the most controversial figures on-screen. But I have to say, if it wasn't for Jeff Jarrett, I don't think TNA Wrestling would be where it is today. Sorry Schlegdaddy, but against your better judgement, he's most likely going to be the first inductee.

04: The Harris Brothers (Ron and Don Harris) - The reason I choose The Harris Brothers, is because not only are they one of professional wrestling's greatest Tag-Teams, but because they were one of the biggest helps in getting TNA Wrestling prepared for one of the biggest nights in the company's history. That night was June 19, 2002. It was the debut broadcast of (what was then known as) NWA-TNA.

05: Paul "Pinkie" George - The reason I choose "Pinkie" George, is because he was one of the original founding members of the National Wrestling Alliance. Because without the NWA, we not only would not have TNA Wrestling, but we also wouldn't have WWE, we wouldn't have WCW, and we wouldn't have ECW either. He deserves it.

06: Ken Shamrock - June 19, 2002 was the debut night of NWA-TNA. During that night, the main event was a "Gauntlet For The Gold" for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The winner of that match was Ken Shamrock. With that victory, "The World's Most Dangerous Man" became TNA Wrestling's first World Champion. With that stat, WWE, and UFC on his resume, he deserves a spot in the TNA Hall Of Fame.

Well, that is the list of gentlemen whom I believe should be the inaugural class of TNA Wrestling's Hall Of Fame. Whom do you believe should be in the inaugural class? Tell me your thoughts, and follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35


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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Some of the stuff you listed I didn't even know about. Maybe didn't read enough into the history of TNA or it could be because I didn't buy TNA year one yet. Either way, like the list. Christian apparently is the first one that will be announced. HOFs never end up the way we want them to. The first inductee should be huge. Christian is good I guess, but clearly not the best choice for the first inductee of TNAs class.
  2. Mojo Tartarus's Avatar
    So what do you think, now we know it's Sting?
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    @TheGreatOne I am relieved that it's not Christian. Is he a future Hall Of Famer? Yes, no matter what organization it's for.

    @Mojo Tartarus Clearly not the best choice for your first inductee! Don't get me wrong, I like Sting, but he's still active. Give him a few years after he retires and then he should've been inducted. Call me crazy, but it's not the right choice at all.

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