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Ramblings of a Madman: The debut blog

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I actually look forward to reading blogs on here. Some are entertaining, some are informative but every one of them is thought provoking, and that is what I think a good blog does – makes people think.

For me, the ones that get me thinking the most are blogs that compare ‘what was’ to ‘what is’. It’s great to think about times gone by, but I am more interested in the future. I am, and always will be, an advocate of what is coming because if things stay as they are, or they try and go backwards to the glory days, then the wrestling industry would die on it’s arse wondering what the hell happened. It’s the basic concept of evolution. I’ve written similar things on the forums here on eWN, and I figured that it is a topic worthy of a blog.

I see plenty of members of the eWN forums say that we should bring back Jim Ross to the announcer’s table because Michael Cole is no good, or how much better the Attitude Era was and it should be like that now, or that Triple H should be a full time wrestler again and not a suit, and it actually makes my blood boil. By no means are these opinions right or wrong, and they certainly don’t hold any less validity than my opinions, but I absolutely despise the idea of going backwards.

It seems to be the general consensus that the WWE product is not at a place where it should be. We all know that. But here’s the thing – it’s got nothing to do with Michael Cole’s commentary. Granted, he’s not JR, but then who is? Jim Ross is a great announcer, no doubt about it and he will forever be in our hearts known as the greatest. The thing is, he’s not the lead announcer anymore, nor is not the answer to Cole’s commentary issues (although, in my opinion, I think Cole is a decent commentator). The answer is to look out there and see who can be our announcers for the next 10-15 years.

Bringing back the Attitude Era wouldn’t help either. The AE would not work in this day and age. We now live in a world it’s all about being politically correct, and to not be offensive in any way, shape or form. That’s why the WWE is rated PG nowadays – it’s the safest ground to be on to appeal to the largest audience possible. Like it or not, the 18-30 male market is no longer the target audience – it’s the moms and dads, and their kids. That could be a reason why we don’t enjoy it as much as we used to.

The talent that is there now, and the guys and girls who are learning the ropes (be it through the development territories or the independents) are what the WWE should be focusing and relying on. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a considerable knock to the WWE with suspensions and injuries. Now, while there will always be a place for the likes of The Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cole Steve Austin etc., they should never be the answer to solve any problems. Use them to help develop story lines, and to help develop the talent, but that’s it. Don’t have them as the focus anymore. No more main event status for you. We thank you for all your hard work within the industry, and God bless you for the strides you have made to help make wrestling what it is today, but your time is done. It’s now up to this generation, and the future generation to take the relay baton and run with it.

And what better time than now for this generation to step up. How fantastic would it be to see Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes take full advantage of this? Or any other talent, for that matter? Miz, for Christ’s sake, here is your chance to stop jobbing! If/when the suspended or injured guys come back, don’t make it a certainty that they get their spot back too. You’ve got this chance, so take it and if the returnees get arsey because they lost their spot – fuck ‘em. The developmental guys and girls should also see this as their chance to be promoted to the main roster. When Cody and Dolph become Main Eventers, there will be some spots opening for others to fill.

The answer is not looking back at what was – it’s looking forward to what could be.

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  1. TheBritishInvasion's Avatar
    great blog! rather enjoyed it keep 'em up :P
  2. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Very thought provoking, indeed... There are quite a few guys I'd like to see get some shine - Rhodes, definitely, but how about Alex Riley finally getting himself in order and really getting big?
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Benny I agree with you about too many fans are focused on going backwards but I disagree with you that the Attitude Era can't work now. Go ahead and ask an advertiser on WWE if they would prefer that their ads reached an 18-45 year old demographic or the older and younger groups around that. They would tell you it's the 18-45 crowd.

    I don't agree that being PG broadens your audience and in fact, I think it does the opposite. I was watching the Attitude Era when I was 10 years old and I loved it. It got me to switch from the PG WCW to WWF but not because storylines were about sex. I tuned in because it seemed like anything could happen I mean the BOSS of the company was getting beaten up by some guy called Stone Cold then they came out and arrested him. Then there was this match where The Rock fought Mankind but this other Big Show guy came out and interfered.

    Is that anything they couldn't be on TV in the PG era?? Absolutely not. Which is exactly what people forget about the AE. The greatest parts of it weren't anything that was all that inappropriate. Austin hanging up the Undertaker on his symbol and having a buried alive match at the PPV. Rikishi falling off a cell into a truck. The awesome tag team division with Edge and Christian pretending to be masked wrestlers Los Conquistadors Uno and Dos since they were banned from trying to win the titles as themselves.

    The difference was it was exciting and you didn't know what was going to happen. It was big picture you were wondering all show is Stone Cold going to make it back to the arena for the match?? Is The Rock going to lose the title to Triple H because McMahon guarandamnteed it? How is the Corporation going to cheat this time?

    The more provocative stuff (well besides the hotness of the women wrestlers and ones who could actually go like Lita) like Val Venis the Pornstar, Mae Young and Mark Henry, The Godfather, etc etc probably attracted a certain crowd and fed into the anything goes idea but I don't think that's what drew viewers and young fans like my former self to the show.

    Nothing is exciting anymore and PG hides that fact by saying well it's for kids now. No, it's just that kids are probably going to watch anyways so we'll exploit that and the slightly older crowd who liked the unpredictability of the past are going to turn on something else where they can get entertainment. Kids have always tuned in. PG makes it easy to be safe and not have to write any major storylines or have big moments on your show. People act like Cena would have been a midcarder in the Attitude Era and while I don't like Cena there's nothing about him that would have prevented him from being as successful then as he is now except the booking on him wouldn't have been as horrible making every match of his go 1. Cena gets crap kicked out of him all match 2. Cena comes back at last second 3. Cena wins!

    You mention the announcing. That died when King stopped being a Bobby Brainesque heel. Michael Cole is decent but his heel announcing isn't on everything he says so it doesn't have the same effect.

    Lastly, you tell The Undertaker, Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H etc to not be in main events anymore. Well, trust me, the WWE would absolutely LOVE that and in theory I agree with you. The WWE would be extraordinarily happy if they could 100% count on The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler in the main event of Wrestlemania for the WWE championship to get 1.2 million buys. That R Truth vs. Cody Rhodes in the Raw main event would boost ratings. None of these 4 and most of the current WWE wrestlers aren't at that level yet. THAT is why you bring in The Rock. THAT is why you bring in Brock Lesnar. They are proven to bring in ratings and bring in PPV buys and if WWE has a choice between making more money or making less money then they are going to choose making more money every time.

    True, maybe if they worked in creative a little harder developing storylines to get wrestlers over with a crowd and build new guys on that main event level they wouldn't have to bring in the big guns. But that's not what this era is about. PG is about being safe, being cautious, being lazy, and profiting anyways.
  4. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    ramblings of a madman you say?XD ramblings of a good future blogger i agree with most of it good debut
  5. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Awesome first blog. Effortlessly written,and making me long for more. Your thoughts and rants were views I share aswell. Keep it up bud.

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