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The Short Comings of WWE

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Ok so before I get to the big reveal here are some questions you should ask yourself:

1. Do you watch RAW and/or Smackdown every week? Every other week? As often as possible?

2. Do you pay for the ppvs thinking or knowing they will be crap? Did they prove you wrong?

3. Do you buy Smackdown vs RAW games every year knowing you'll only play it a few weeks and thinking it will suck?

4. Do you agree that the current product the WWE has become absolutely stupid and it was much better 5 years ago or 10 years ago?

If your answer to at least 2 of these questions was yes then I have some bad news for you. One of the major reasons why the WWE delivers so much garbage every week is because of you.

Now this isn't some uneducated guess or desire to point the finger at someone, I actually have a master's degree in telecomunications and am currently employed in a TV station and if there's something I understand is the politics behind scenes.

The WWE is like any other business and tv show, they want to make money. You've all read how Vince freaks out the weeks that ratings drop and this is because ratings mean money, the more people that watch the more money he makes. The WWE turned PG a few years ago and it was not due to Linda's political campagign, it was a business move planned out carefully to sell more merchandise. In other words think of it this way the WWE turns PG catering to children, children love toys and beg their parents for all the John Cena crap that comes out, they have no concept on money but can often get their parents to buy more than the fan in his 20's and 30's will buy. They will ask for the ppv and the John Cena shirts, action figures, posters, dvds and whatever else the WWE comes out with.

At the same time the WWE counts with the support of the old school fans. These are the people who watched the WWE in the days it was actually interesting and not catering to the kids and idiots. These loyal fans keep watching week after week waiting patiently for the WWE to go back to the way it used to be, hoping for storylines to be a little interesting and never giving up hope. I'm not saying that this hope is wrong but let's be honest Vince McMahon neither knows nor cares what we think, he wants to make the most money and he's doing it.

As tough as it may seem there are only 3 things that would force the WWE to go back to their old ways instead of giving us dumber storylines every week (John Cena shows up on tv alot for someone who doesn't work in WWE anymore and Juan Cena wtf?) and these are for a great number of fans to stop watching the show, stop buying ppvs and stop buying merchandise. Watching the show gives them ratings which means money and buying ppvs and merchandise is literally giving them your money.

I realize alot of you won't believe it, others will believe it and won't agree and probably most will believe it and agree but do nothing about it. I'm very aware that one person not watching won't make a difference or 5 or 10 or 100 so many of you will feel like you can't make a difference, but let me help you understand 2 things to end this:

1. The WWE is there for entertainment but not for YOUR entertainment. Meaning that entertainment is their goal but they really don't care how much you enjoy it as long as they keep getting your money. If it's not broken why fix it?

2. Even if you don't mean it and wish it was different the WWE is the way it is now and if you continue to support them you're just as much to blame as they are. I know you're not writters for the WWE, I know you don't want it to be this way and think you could do better and odds are alot of you could, but you won't get a chance to so rather than complain about it why not do your small part to change it? Who knows maybe if enough people do their part the WWE will realize that they're losing ratings and money and they'll do what it takes to keep their business going even if it means changing the focus group to which they cater or coming up with stories that don't insult our intelligence.

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  1. CMhuw24's Avatar
    well written very true points and well wrote.
  2. Bob Bowman's Avatar
    If people keep watching crap, it will stay on TV. I like Raw, but gave up on Smackdown. I don't like videogames and I'm too broke to buy PPVs.
  3. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    At the same time the WWE counts with the support of the old school fans. These are the people who watched the WWE in the days it was actually interesting and not catering to the kids and idiots.
    You have a master's degree in telecomunications and you just realized this NOW?!?

    This is how Vince McMahon stood in the wrestling business for so long, by moving on to the next generation of fans. The 80s to Early 90s were exactly like wrestling today. We have awesome wrestlers doing the under card while the big guys who can't wrestle go for the world title in the main event (or you think Hogan and Warrior are experts on the mat). When the majority of those fans stopped supporting them, they moved on.

    That's when the Attitude Era and early 2000s came in. Instead of long reigns, we got multiple ones. Instead of a ton of mat base wrestling, we got bloody brawls. Instead of more wrestling, we got a focus on storyline. And Cena coming back despite being fired, that's been done LONG before now. Or did you forget VKM in TNA, the dozen who were in WCW, or even Austin in WWE.

    Yet despite still doing everything the "old fans" wanted in the early 2000s, the ratings were still going down. That means Vince moves on to the next generation. This is a business and in business, pandering to your loyal base isn't going to guarantee success. Heck, TNA is an example of that. They've been doing everything that was successful in the Attitude Era, and look at their ratings.

    Another example is Nintendo. The 64 and Gamecube, which were heavily allying on their fanbase, were last place in the gaming market. The Wii targeted the demographic not used to gaming, alienating their fanbase, and became a bigger success then the last two generations and more successful then the High Definition opponents.

    This so called short coming is going to be successful to them in the long run. Because those kids will soon grow up to become the parents and introduce their kids to wrestling, and then they'll be the PWI complaining about the next generation of wrestlers not being as good as Cena, Orton or Miz.
  4. thisbigmike's Avatar
    Hahaha, telecomunications is a degree!!!!!!!!!
  5. laramfan's Avatar
    My 11 yr old son got tired of the WWE when he was 9 (Xbox provided better entertainment), my 7 yr old nephew is still a fan. With the direction the WWE is going I would not doubt if we soon see Raw on Saturday morning with all CGI superstars.
  6. Vertigo's Avatar
    Mike no offense but your comment says alot more about you than it does about anything I wrote lol.
  7. DegenX's Avatar

    The Attitude Era started in the late 90's into the early 2000's, this period in WWE had the best tv ratings ever. No way this will ever be accomplished again. The wrestlers today have no charisma, no mic skills, the storylines are gay and the PG rating makes it even worse. I'm surprised fools still watch this garbage today.
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