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5 wrestlers who should turn heel\face

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5 wrestlers who should turn heel/face

The Miz

His careers gone down hill ever since he lost the wwe championship. A face turn would definitely freshen up his character and at this point is definitely needed. Someone had an idea (a while ago) of adjusting his catchphrase to 'that would be awesome' which would be a great way for The Miz to play to the fans. Although anythings better then The Miz jobbing to the Funkosaurus.

Zach Ryder

I hate his current character. Its a boring cheesy gimmick. I'd love to see him turn heel. He could cheat to win one of the midcard championships and then cut a promo explaining how he saw an oppurtunity and he took it. He could talk about his days as an Edgehead along with Curt Hawkins. He could then say how he learnt alot from edge and the most important thing he learnt was to take each and every oppurtunity.

They could even bring Edge back as his manager. He'd also need a new ring attire (black trunks maybe), a new finisher.

Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger

They've both been in Vickie Guerro's stable for ages now and its now a matter of who makes the turn and when? I think wwe might suprise us and turn Dolph Ziggler face. He's good on the mic and great in the ring. I think wwe could book him as the underdog in the feud but Ziggler pulls out the victory in the end before going onto the main event. I'm not sure how his gimmick would work as a face but in sure it would work.

Kofi Kingston

I want see Kofi Kingston as a heel just to see how he does. We know he's good in the ring but he hasn't cut enough promos. As Knox has said many times his theme song would have to be 'Kingston' by Sean Kingston (I think that's correct if not in sure Knox will correct me) as it was made for Kofi.

Santino Marella

My last pick may of come as a suprise to some of you. First of all im not talking about the comedic heel Santino we had before although I was a big fan of Santino at that time. Id like a serious Santino who attacks people for fun.
The Iwc desperately wants John Cena to turn heel but if we're hones we know that's not going to happen anytime soon. Santino gets a bigger pop then Cena at the moment at the moment and I'd like to see the reaction a (serious) heel Santino would get.

As always thanks for reading and I look forward to reading the comments below

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  1. indysteve1563's Avatar
    Zach will never get the chance to be a heel; as it were, he wasn't getting much TV time as a face. Besides, it wouldn't be very believable.

    The Miz? Same as Zach. But the difference being that he just isn't that popular at the moment. The only reason he is in WWE at all is because of his reality TV past.

    Santino? As the saying goes, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." He brings ratings as a face.

    Kofi? I can't see him becoming a heel, especially since his tag team partner (R-Truth) is a face himself.

    Dolph is a work in progress (seems like he's always a work in progress). Swagger, I do not know that WWE Creative (a contradiction in terms) really has anything for him of substance. Seems like there is a holding pattern developing with this pair.
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I was thinking last night that a face turn for Ziggler would do wonders for getting him over. Have Vickie turn on him pulling the Swagger puppet strings. Could help both guys actually. Zach as a heel was blah at best. He just needs a new gimmick. I'd turn Bryan face but edgy... I'd turn Christian back to heel because he's genius in that role. I'd turn Orton back to heel but he bores me either way.
  3. Joseph Douglas's Avatar
    I feel that Santino should be future endeavered.

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