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UFR 1 - Hardy vs Hardy Feud

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Hello and welcome to the first UFR Blog. UFR stands for Underrated Feud Recap. Each week ill look at a feud I consider underrated and look at the build up, the matches and promos around it.

Each week ill invite 2,3 or 4 regular bloggers on to voice their opinion on the feud before finally deciding if it’s overrated.

This week I’m looking at the Hardy/Hardy feud which took place in 2009.

Heading into the 2009 Royal Rumble pay-per-view, Matt was attempting to regain the ECW Championship from Jack Swagger, while Jeff held the WWE Championship. After Matt lost to Swagger, he interfered in Jeff's match with Edge, hitting Jeff with a steel chair, and allowing Edge to win the WWE Championship.

Matt Hardy explains his actions
Matt Hardy/Jeff Hardy Confrontation

Matt was then granted his release from Ecw and resigned with Smackdown so he could feud with Jeff. Matt hardy cut a promo stating that finally he no longer had to share the spotlight with his brother. He claimed he was responsible for everything that had happened to Jeff including the Pyro accident, being attacked in the stairwell and his house burning down amongst others. Jeff responded to this by attacking Matt. Matt announced the permanent disbandment of the tag team, and that he no longer considered Jeff as his partner or brother. All of this led to a match at Wrestlemania.

They faced off at WrestleMania in an extreme rules match where Matt Hardy won with a twist of fate with Jeff’s head in the chair.

WM25 Promo and Match

They then had a rematch on Smackdown which was a Stretcher Match, which Matt won again this time after Jeff missed the Swanton Bomb. After the match Matt kicked the stretcher which proceeded to roll down the entrance ramp.

Then finally at Backlash the feud came to an end in a I Quit Match which Jeff won. He duct taped Matt to a table and then climbed a ladder ready to jump, to prevent this matt apologized and quit although Jeff decided to jump anyway. This ended the feud.

So that was a recap of the feud, now for the opinions. This week I’ve invited Bearkg88 and Renevious to give their opinions on the Hardy/Hardy feud.

Me: As a big Hardy mark I thoroughly enjoyed this feud. I thought Matt played his heel role well and his promos were decent. I thought the build up for this feud was great and had something the feuds of today are lacking. A good story. Now you may argue that them being brothers made it much easier to create a good storyline but that doesn’t take away from this rivalry. Onto the matches, I enjoyed all of the matches, my favorite being the Extreme Rules one, which in my opinion was the 2nd best match of the night (behind HBK/Taker). The other 2 matches in my mind were good too. In my opinion if this feud had taken place a 2 years later then it would have been more memorable due to WM 27 being an awful event. So to me it was an Underrated feud which fell victim to bad timing. It didn’t help that it was overshadowed by the great feud, which was Hardy/Punk.

Renevious: I really did enjoy this feud because even though the Hardys were one of the great tag teams, I think they worked really well against each other too. I never bought into Matt as being a believable, or marketable rather, babyface. Jeff was always so much more over with the fans by leaps and bounds. As well as they complimented each other as a team, Matt's short-comings in the ring were much more obvious when they were apart. Having them feud was a great way to keep things interesting and fresh in a time where there was not much a tag team division left, while still having them both in the ring at the same time. I also was a huge fan of the fact that Matt beat Jeff at WrestleMania 25 fair and square. Now, it was an extreme rules match, so fair and square is a bit of a moot point, but you get the idea. Also, that match showed what these guys really were capable of when they're just given free range to play off of each other. There's always an additional level of chemistry when you have guys (brothers) who have known each other their entire lives. Matches and promos just seem to flow a little better and tend to seem a bit more real. Bret and Owen were essentially the measuring stick for that type of feud, and I strongly feel that Matt and Jeff did a great job of following up. That match also holds a special place to me for personal reasons. I was lucky enough to be in attendance for WrestleMania 25, so I got to see all of that go down in person. Obviously, HBK v. Undertaker was the match of the night, but I think too much emphasis gets put on that match, and not enough goes to the masterpiece that was the culmination of the Matt and Jeff Hardy feud.

Bearkg88: So I was asked to give my thoughts of the Jeff/Matt Hardy feud from 2009. Well here is what I can say, just from memory. The feud,, was lackluster to me. I've been a wrestling fan since 2002, and with feuds that stuck out HHH/HBK, HHH/Batista, Jericho/HBK, Lesnar/Angle, Show/Eddie, Eddie/Kurt, and such, I can remember certain details and aspects or matches that encompassed the feud. With this Hardy/Hardy feud, I honestly don't remember much. Until Callum told me that the feud went three PPV's long, I had totally forgotten that aspect. Interesting thing, I watched the ending of the I Quit match between them which I believe was the blow off match for the feud, and personally I didn't like the ending. I think this feud could have been so much more than what it was. Jeff was at an all time high in the WWE, and this could have been one of those feuds that people still vividly remember today, instead of being the flop that history has it in the books as.

Thanks to Bearkg88 and Renevious. In Conclusion I think the Hardy/Hardy feud was an underrated feud which would of been better a year or so later.

I think Wwe should of pushed Matt as a main event heel after this feud as he had a whole lot of momentum going for him which the Wwe failed to capitalise on.

Thanks for reading and remember to leave your thoughts on the feud below. Also i'd appreciate feedback on this blog and whether you think its a good idea. If you have a better name then feel free to suggest it. Finally, if you enjoyed it then feel free to suggest feuds you consider underrated below.
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  1. nrb6304's Avatar
    This is great! I love this so much!! I may not be a regular blogger, however, I am the Co-King of the BTB along with No1Eddie, and I would love to participate in this man. PM me!

    As for the feud, I won't lie, I never once got into the Hardy/Hardy feuds. Either one. I just for some reason never thought "Man I'd love to see Jeff and Matt fight!" I think the best thing for The Hardy Boyz was back in 07-08 when they'd team up every now and then but really concentrate on their singles career.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    i'm a huge fan of both...I have followed this feud with lot of enthusiasm...

    THIS is BY-Far one of the best feuds of this decade....n it lived upto the mark of Harts feud (I mean bros feud)

    Matt n Jeff,both have played so well...esp Matt's promos were really good....that is one of the best feuds I have seen in the recent past...E should make such feuds now....

    n Callum bro,I'm liking this concept of inviting ppl to comment abt a specific topic...

    Keep It UP bro!!!
  3. akbar's Avatar
    -I like this concept...
    -Agree more with Bearkg88...
    -Don't think this feud was really underrated, it was abit boring but it had potential and maybe if the writers done some more sharp work it could have been better...
    -Keep it up callum, this is some great work...
  4. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    This is a really cool concept, and I wouldn't mind getting in on this once in a while

    As for the fued, I really like it. You really see the emotion that both Matt and Jeff were putting into it, and they delivered well in all there matches.
  5. CGBigMan's Avatar
    cool idea guys
    Hardy v Hardy was one of those underated Mania matches for me
  6. The Piper's Avatar
    Their WM match had seious cringe factor to it, hS Me gripped to my screen, I loved it.
  7. The Piper's Avatar
    Their WM match had seious cringe factor to it, had Me gripped to my screen, I loved it.
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