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Cena Vs Barrett: The Future

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So I was impressed with RAW last night and the Nexus looked good. I wouldn't shun them away quite yet if I were the WWE. Here's what I was thinking of last night...

Alright so Cena Vs Barrett.. somehow they should let Barrett get the win, Cena is forced to join the group.

Now let's get real, if that happened, would the fans accept it? Would Cena accept it?

Well my storyline could make them accept it.

It's the night after Hell in a Cell on Raw, the fans are in shock and awaiting to see what is going to happen when Nexus w/ Cena make their grand entrance.

The following could happen in several different ways, but lets just do it like this: I'm thinking... got a huge match to start off Raw. No.1 Contendership... John Morrison Vs Edge in a match. Nexus doesn't like it... they want to be in on the title match. They storm the ring during the match at some point(typical WWE hehehe), and Cena is slowly walking down the ramp behind the Nexus... reluctant. Nexus would disrupt the match and just have their way with Morrison and Edge... Cena once again not doing anything.

The Nexus all hit their finishers and the spotlight turns to Cena as they want him to give The Attitude Adjustment to John Morrison. Cena refuses, not wanting to succumb to the beatdowns that Nexus does.

Wade could get on the mic and say that if Cena doesn't comply that he won't have a job in the WWE because Nexus holds Cena's contract after beating him at Hell in a Cell. Cena walks out.... the crowd is in awe... Cena leaves the building...


Later that night... or next week... Nexus could once again start a beatdown.. except its such an even fight.. no one knows whos going to get the advantage. Nexus is just brawling with the top RAW stars... all of a sudden... It's JOHN CENA!!!!!!

Cena storms the ring... who's he going to attack? Wait a minute... he just gave Randy Orton the FU! Cena begins to clear house as only SUPERcena can and he stands tall with the Nexus.. still a bit reluctant and Nexus is happy.


Cena explains his actions... says... he can't just walk away from the business. He swallows his pride... and says if joining the Nexus is his remaining link to the WWE.. then so be it.


So now Nexus is powerful.. who's going to stop them with Cena? And they have gotten Cena over as a heel.


Triple H makes the save and runs Nexus out of town with the sledgehammer and some superstars..

now were all set for Survivor Serises.. Nexus and Cena Vs Triple H and his superstars...

Here you could turn Cena back face if his heel run wasn't working out... or you could continue to develop Cena as a heel..


Anyways just my thought for how to get Cena over with The Nexus as a heel and build some interesting matches for the future.

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  1. Kid_Gangsta's Avatar
    thats an okay idea, but id rather see Cena and Hunter team up to fight Nextus, but have Nxt go over. That would make Nxt go over HUGE. But knowing Cena and HHH that will never happen
  2. Hesterica's Avatar
    For me, that is a good storyline. Problem is it does nothing for Nexus individually...I want them to start building their stars and not as a group. I have high hopes for Justin Gabriel.
  3. CDave3's Avatar
    They wont get rid of nexus, I see wade winning but cena not really turning heel yet. So Nexus will be telling cena sorting things to do, but cena wont do them so nexus will kick him out of the group.
  4. Murphdogg4's Avatar
    Nexus is done, they have had plans for months now to end them in october.
  5. djsoulslayer's Avatar
    I think we could very well see John Cena become a part of Nexus and HHH be the man to step up and lead the charge against them.
  6. casanova999ca's Avatar
    why not have nexus take over cena and hhh and sheamus and dibiase and a few others join them and then at wrestlemania we have a nexus vs. the streak match gauntlet style undertaker vs. the best at his yard of yards and see what happens.
  7. niafv1's Avatar
    After watching the ending of RAW, i have a bad feeling that the whole JBL-HBK 2008/2009 story may be played out again by having:
    Bragging Rights: Cena AAs Barrett and Orton, Orton gets up first and wins via RKO.
    Survivor Seires: Cena intentionally gets DQd in the Survivor Series Match
    TLC: Cena wins an All or Nothing TLC Match to end the feud.

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