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Wrestlemania 27: Let it rain Black & Yellow

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So going off the way things are going right now.. here is some of the main things I would love to see happen at Wrestlemania.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match[/U]
It doesn't matter who is in it... I know who I want to be my winner... Wade Barrett. Now obviously Nexus is going to come down during the match and we'll have a full out ladder match war between Nexus and the other participants in the ladder match... somewhere in the fray Wade Barrett will sneak up the ladder and capture it, with Nexus by his side... starting Wrestlemania off in a huge buzz.

[U]Daniel Bryan Vs William Regal[/U]
Regal's retirement match... win/lose/draw... he just wanted to face Daniel Bryan one time... and why not at Wrestlemania! Regal deserves it.

[U]Alberto Del Rio Vs Rey Mysterio Jr[/U]
I know we've seen it a dozen times already, but lets let this great feud end on the grandest stage of them all... make it an I Quit Match, an Ironman Match... whatever floats your boat... its just going to be awesome.

[U]Sheamus Vs The Undertaker[/U]
Heard it discussed, I think it would be a good match feud for Sheamus to have so he wouldn't be put into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match mess... Sheamus has been putting on some good matches lately, this shouldn't be any different. Undertaker will of course prove victorious as another challenger falls at his feet.

[U]Christian Vs Edge[/U]
Captain Charisma in an upset win in the Royal Rumble, if Edge is retiring soon, why not give us one Christian Vs Edge match for the World Championship. Don't know if Christian will be good to go at Wrestlemania or not, if not let's just throw Jack Swagger in there because he is awesome sauce.

[U]The Miz Vs John Cena Vs Triple H Vs Randy Orton[/U]
My original idea was just starting off with Miz Vs HHH because HHH could really teach The Miz a thing or two, but then I can't leave Orton and Cena off the card... so you know what... lets just put together a no holds barred Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE Championship. It doesn't matter who wins... preferably a face.. Miz will have plenty of times in the future to do his mania thing, but he's not on that level yet.

So with our new champion Cena, HHH, or Orton celebrating... and the crowds happy... things take a turn for the worse... because after they just brawled in a hellacious Fatal 4 Way... here comes all the members of Nexus... were talking the new guys Mike.. Husky... and the returners from injury... Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver... lead by Wade Barrett with his briefcase... and omg.. Wrestlemania is going crazy because Nexus is destroying the aftermath of our main event...

Wade Barrett cashes in his briefcase that night... and with Nexus by his side... Wade Barrett becomes WWE Champion... and Wrestlemania has gone yellow!


You can throw in some other matches, I just highlighted my main matches... but the point is... if you want Nexus to get over majorly... there isn't a possible way to get them over more than having this happen. And The Nexus' true reign of terror will begin!!

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  1. wwetna100's Avatar
    Here is how i would have it
    The Undertaker vs Wade Barrett
    NO DQ Sheamus vs Jack Swagger
    WWE Title Randy Orton vs CM Punk (Punk wins Rumble)
    World Title Edge vs Christian
    Submission Match John Cena vs Chris Jericho
    John Morrison vs The Miz
    Career vs Career Match Triple H vs Kane w/HBK as Guest Ref (Sets up a HHH vs Taker Fued)
    LumberJill Match Divas Title: Beth Phoenix vs Natalya
    US Title: Kaval vs Daniel Bryan (Kaval goes to Raw)
    Gauntlet Match IC Title: Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio vs Drew McIntyre vs Cody Rhodes vs Kofi Kingston vs The Big Show vs Dolph Ziggler
  2. Trips88's Avatar
    To much yellow if you ask me. I do however LOVE the idea of the winner of money in the bank cashing it in right after the main event. It's so unprecedented that nobody would ever see it coming!
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