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AJ Styles to WWE?

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A.J Styles is arguably the best in-ring talented wrestler of this century. He is the only TNA wrestler to rank in at #1 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated annual "PWI 500" list. He is known for his off-the-wall wrestling skills and his Styles Clash. AJ Styles has been with TNA since the start of the company. He's one of the last TNA originals who are currently "surviving" through this "Hogan Regime".

Many wrestling fans believe that A.J will die down with the assumption of a predestined fall of TNA. Some also believe that before TNA's final years, A.J will already throw in the towel and unite with TNA's rival, the WWE.
However, some are skeptical about whether or not the WWE will use A.J in a correct way.

"Besides A.J's sick wrestling skills, he really has nothing else," some might say. I agree that AJ is bland when it comes to character but this doesn't lessen his chance of becoming a great superstar in the WWE.

In the current days of WWE, wrestling doesn't count anymore. In my opinion, WWE is wrong for their push in mic skills. After all, the WWE does stand for "WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT" .

A.J's mic skills aren't horrible though. His mic skills are better than Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre, and Jack Swagger. All AJ needs is a character. Even though John Morrison is popular, he has no character.

A.J could possibly replace the WWE's version of Jeff Hardy. A.J is a risk taker, a stuntman and all he needs to be is a fan favorite. And if the WWE wants to train his character, take him to FCW for 1-2 years so he can develop his character. Not everyone started off with great characters. Even the rattle snake himself didn't, as you all remember the ringmaster. But whatever they decide to do to him, they should not change his wrestling name.

Most of the EWN community plays on the words "true wrestling fans" very often on this website. Well if you all are "true wrestling fans", then don't criticize AJ for his mic skills when his wrestling is superb. I mean after all, "true wrestling fans" love "wrestling".


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  1. Xpacfan's Avatar
    AJ Styles to the WWE: YEAH RIGHT! He's the face of TNA and I really don't ever see it happening nor the "inevitable fall of TNA".

    But to play devil's advocate, I'll entertain the idea as if it were possible:

    The WWE would do AJ Styles the same way they've done R-Truth, Monty Brown, Christian and all the others who found success in TNA...stick him somewhere on the middle or lower range of the card and not give him the push that he deserves. Like you said, its no longer about in-ring skill...hell, I think you gave WWE too much credit to say that its about mic skills because no one as of late on the roster is really all that impressive in that arena. It seems to be all about who caters best towards the kids and kisses the right person's ass *cough*Sheamus*cough*
    Updated 11-16-2010 at 11:06 AM by Xpacfan
  2. Grinchin's Avatar
    He was in wwe once, he got beat by the Hurricane, after doing ALL the classic AJ maneuvers we have seen through the years.
    Updated 11-16-2010 at 02:56 PM by Grinchin (Want to add something)
  3. drumgod's Avatar
    AJ going to WWE would be like HHH going to TNA... Just aint gonna happen..
  4. jethro's Avatar
    that would be interesting,I hope WWE acknowledge AJ in ring skills...those 'internet sensation' such as CM Punk,Bourne,Kaval and Bryan has been treated nicely in WWE,being a jobber or not,been shown on live tv everyweek is good enough for them.(unfortunately for Colt Cabana)
  5. Gansher's Avatar
    Well Bryan is in the midcard right now with a title. He really doesn't have a character! If the fans go behind Styles the way they stood up for Bryan when he was released, he'll find success without a doubt. Other than Velvet Sky, AJ is the reason I watch TNA...
  6. trasler's Avatar
    If AJ Styles and WWE were both clever it could be pulled off pretty Awsome...AJ would just have to make sure that when signing he had it in writing that he is garentueed a WWE title run and a decent paycheck.

    Considering how shit the Roster is, the whole Jericho 'Save Us/WWE' means more today than ever. the best way to introduce AJ would be to do the same kind of countdown that Jericho had, everyone would be expecting Y2J, then when AJ Styles name shows up it would be the biggest shock in recent Wrestling history. When Jericho does return he has a perfect storyline fued ready for him aka Styles stealing his gimmick.

    thats my idea anyways
  7. niafv1's Avatar
    If people want to see WWE get back to anywhere near where they were 5 years ago, AJ really shouldnt leave for WWE. TNA is as close a substitute to WWE as you can find, even though they are no where near WWEs level and AJ, after the Hogan/Bischoff disaster ends, should be pushed as the face of TNA. A roster monopoly for WWE would not do any good for wrestling.
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