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THE DES 5: Wellness Policy ups and downs

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It seems that this week will start off with some good news, so far. With Raw ratings bombing, it happens, Jericho practically becoming a foreign enemy in Brazil, and Orton now suspended for his second or third time, I have to admit I was relieved to see Cody Rhodes off the hook thanks to a prescription. I like, some of you for sure, was confused by his 'Time Off' twitter post after Over the Limit, only for him to continue working a full schedule. It seems now we know why.

I'm personally glad my fellow nerd Cody was able to dodge a bullet here since he had basic slip of paper saying he needed something for a medical issue. You can tell Cody is a nerd since was smart about this situation, he discreetly acknowledged he might be gone, but it ended up being forgotten like nothing happened.

Till now. It seems it took a while for the matter to get cleared, based on the twitter message's post date to today, but I am glad this is a story with a good resolution. Though I feel that the WWE should be aware of what their talent are taking, under doctor's orders. If the Wellness Plan is going to be this in-depth, I feel that when an athlete gets injured or requires a doctor's visit, the WWE should take the time to see what their guys are taking. "Oh Cody tested positive for this. That's okay, we spoke this doctor after he went last month and he has to take that for an infection. Everything's good."

But all is not good. Within about 15 months, people have been dropping like flies after the policy was updated, to include, among other things, synthetic marijuana. Excluding Evan Bourne's foolish in having two suspensions within a two week period of beginning and ending, that's a lot of people. Now Randy Orton is gone for two months. That's a long time to be off, especially for a guy considered to be the top face of the B-Show. While the WWE is scrambling over the ratings last Monday, their real concern should be with their talent's health.

I honestly would not be surprised, that at the core of it, the WWE is structuring their Wellness plan according to Linda's PR people. This isn't what looks for entertainment or athletics, this is what looks good for politics and how Linda's former company looks now that she is gone. On the one hand, I think the Wellness Policy is a good thing, if the WWE, or Vince McMahon wants us to take them as a serious company, you need give us reason too. Not too mention not too many guys look like Ultimate Warrior 2.0, though there are those guys people are placing bets on for who will get suspended next or should have been already.

On the flip side, I think the WWE, and this is an opinion, is adopting their Wellness Plan based on Linda's people word of what looks good or bad. "Oh, that will sound illegal to voters, ban it," "It sounds too much like something else, get rid of it," "The Republicans frown on people who use this, take it off the list." Obviously, I have no way of knowing if any of this speculation has some merit to it or not, but I would not be surprised.

Your thoughts?

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  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Honestly, it's disgusting although probably true that WWE is changing what they offer to wrestling fans to give Linda McMahon a better chance to win a Senate seat.

    I think making the Wellness Policy stricter is a good idea but if this is why then it's for all the wrong reasons.

    I agree with you thought it seems like the WWE should know better if people are visiting the doctor or going on some prescription for an injury

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