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Trick's View: Why the Attitude Era Worked So Well and The Failing PG Era.

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Let me start off by saying, if what you read offends you or if you disagree strongly well guess what.... I don't give a sh*t! This is my opinion and what I've thought about for a while now. You may agree with what I have to say and some may be annoyed because I probably will ramble on like how I am now. Well that's just because the World Wrestli(whoops) I mean the WWE is just pissing me off now. (God forbid we say the word wrestlig on a wrestling show.) This is my first ever blog I have written so bare with me. Now let me drop a pipe-bomb.

About 20 years ago I watched my first wrestling match (and just to let you all know I turn 22 this year so I've been watching my life). It was the Wrestle Mania 6 main event between the Ultimate Warrior and the Immortal Hulk Hogan. As a kid the Ultimate Warrior I guess was my favorite because of the colors and blah blah blah. But it wasn't until Wrestle Mania 12, was where I got hooked. As a 5 year old my mom told me she bought it for me on ppv because it was the return of the Warrior. But at the end of that night, I didn't care about that match. Because of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. The first match where I actually sat down and watched all the way through, my eyes glued to the tv. Ever since then wrestling has been my favorite thing to watch.

Throughout the years wrestling has evolved kinda like how it was with my life. The older I got the more attitude it got and so on. So I grew up with it. Then about a year and half later the attitude came full circle. The dawn of a new era that was gonna be so in your face that you didn't know was going to happen next. To me the Montreal Screw Job started was we all know and love as the Attitude Era.

The Attitude Era was the best thing wrestling has ever gave us. But how?! How could something be so violent, sexual, and just flat so mature be so huge? Well any normal person would say BECAUSE ALL OF THOSE SELL!!!!!! At that time in the late 90's everything was about sex and rage! Look at who was popular in music then, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Kid Rock, etc etc. Music that made you wanna kill someone (Go to woodstock 99' and make everyone's life a living hell their). Jackass debuted on MTV that year as well as the Soprano's, & Family Guy. The Matrix, Fight Club, and Entrapment. All shows and movies either having to do with violence, offensive behavior or sexual themes. The Attitude Era was just plain golden at the time involving all of them. But let's go to wrestling reason's to why it worked so damn well.

The superstars of the Attitude era were amazing and may never happen again. We got Stone Cold Steve Austin, a beer drinking bad-ass that doesn't give a damn who you are, he will kick your ass. The Rock, a cocky, arrogant, larger-than life character that was so damn good on mic that you wanted him to just keep talking. Mr. McMahon, the huge heel that without him this would have never have happened, why? Because of Austin vs McMahon but we will get to that a little later. The Undertaker, we got introduced to a more darker creepier character that would formed a group called the Ministry of Darkness and he would then almost possess other wrestlers to join as if the Undertaker turned into the devil in this era. Mankind, a fear-less wrestler that would stop at nothing to put on the most brutal matches you will ever see. DX (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Chyna, Road Dogg, & Billy Gunn), arugeably the most popular stable in wrestling history, (Besides the Horsemen of course, but hey I wasn't alive then so DX for me.) A group of degenerates running around not giving a sh*t what rule they break. Kurt Angle, the dorky arrogant Olympian, who thinks he's better than everyone else (he kinda was). Shane, Stephanie, and Linda McMahon; Vince's brat of a son, daddy's little girl and Vince's disapproved wife, they were labeled as TV's most dysfunctional family. The tag teams, then we had the New Age Outlaws, the Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian, & the Dudley Boys. Four very popular tag teams of course but it's the Hardys, E&C, and the Dudleys that stand out because of the Tables, ladders and chairs. And of course the Divas. Sable, The Kat, Ivory, Terri, Jacqueline, Debra etc etc. Every time would come out we hear the King yell out "puppies!" and who didn't we like sex and boobs who doesn't?

No matter what wrestler there was every one of them had a rival, they had some story to why they hated each other. We had the Hardys vs Edge & Christian vs the Dudleys, some of the most crazy, just the most acrobatic stunts you will ever see. They were crazy! Triple H pretty much became the ultimate bad guy in 99'. His rivalries with Austin and Rock were epic. But the two that stand out in my mind as the best of the Attitude have to be between The Rock vs Mankind and Stone Cold vs Mr. McMahon. The reason I don't have The Rock vs Stone Cold is because The Rock was pretty much working for McMahon, so technically speaking its still Austin vs McMahon. Exception: WM 17. Anyway Rock vs Mankind were just great because it brought to life the Rock's character. These matches showed just how brutal but yet funny this guy can be. Very dark and very twisted. From the empty arena match, to their ladder match on Raw, the one match that stands out is the "I Quit" match from the 99' Rumble. So brutal and if any one has seen "Beyond the Mat", then it just makes it more brutal to watch but yet... It shows that Mankind will do anything to put on a show and he is bad-ass for that. Now Austin vs McMahon will go down as the best rivalry of all time in my book. I don't really wanna talk about it a lot because everyone already has and you know why it's the best in my book.

The groups just made everything better because let's face it, if this was real we all go to groups and watch each other's backs. DX was one of the first groups to form and they were the young guns that didn't care about rules or regulations they did things there way and sometimes in a very funny way. The Corporation, it was almost like a government or mafia trying to control everything and if things got out of hand, they beat the crap out of you and leave you. Ministry of Darkness, probably one of the coolest, most original, creepy just down right one of the most awesome stables ever in the WWE. Their leader The Undertaker would around a possess wrestlers to get them to do what he wants them do. Then we had the Corporate Ministry, ​combining the Corporation and Darkness to find out that Mr. McMahon was the higher power all along.

I'm gonna say anything but just the fact it didn't matter where they were at...they were f*cking nuts every where!

The Attitude era worked because of it's brash attitude. We had Mankind fall through a cell, Sable having nothing but hand prints on her breasts, DX trying to invade WCW, Stone Cold throwing a beer bash or just plain kicking his bosses ass. Telling people to "suck it", giving the finger, saying "your gonna turn that son of a bitch sideways and sticking it straight their candy asses!" It worked because that's what people like! We like ATTITUDE! But then again...society was way different than now. But does that mean a great product like WWE has to change to?

PART 2 of my blog....

Why change something so great to something so eh, ok at best?! Now instead of having attitude we have wrestlers like Santino, Hornswoggle, :l Brodus Clay (which may have been a good character if Rikishi or the Godfather never wrestled), & Great Khail. Then we got these guys Randy Orton, John Cena, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Big Show, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, & The Miz. All of these wrestlers are committed to doing the same 5 things ever single match. Some of them I actually like, but how do go from guys like Mankind, Austin, Rock, Taker to these? They are all the same! Where's the characters? In other words where's the personalities? Where's the f*cking gimmick? The only wrestlers that I can think of off the top of my head with at least or personality or gimmick are: CM Punk, I mean damn he started a revolution last year and he could very well bring back attitude to the WWE. (hoping). Dolph Ziggler, probably one of the best wrestlers of this generation! Daniel Bryan, at first he was boring too! But then the "YES!" came. Just a simple little word changed him and the crowd is fun with him. Chris Jericho, maybe he shouldn't count but he's different from the Attitude form. Cody Rhodes, if the WWE isn't careful with him he will wind up like Dibiase. Hopefully the feud with Christian will help. Christian is another one who maybe shouldn't count because of the Attitude era. Wade Barrett, a rising star who I hope can gain back momentum when he returns. Kane made himself interesting again because he put back on the mask.

It's really pretty sad that the WWE can almost go from a full roster of exciting stars to a roster with about five wrestlers that have a personality. (not counting Y2J, Christian and Kane). I mean WTF! Hopefully Antonio Cesaro or Damien Sandow can save us and hopefully the WWE doesn't ruin them. Which brings me to my next topic Zack Ryder and Drew McIntyre. How do two guys with such potential, that can draw heat and pops just get ruined by dumb story lines that just ruin the character pretty much for their career. They both almost need new gimmicks now because WWE ruined them.

If the WWE really wants to improve well then bring back the sex, blood and attitude it really is that simple and you have the two most perfect wrestlers to lead the company into it...CM Punk and....John Cena. For f*ck's sake turn Cena heel and bring in the attitude! I would say it would bring ratings but honestly who knows. You can't blame ratings on Cena or Punk. You can blame it on the internet and DVR's. I mean they brought back the Rock and the ratings stayed the same. But yes your ratings will drop if you push the god damn BIG SHOW against John Cena a feud we saw TEN F*CKING YEARS AGO! Show, I'm sorry your time is up! Retire and move on. Just dumb to put Show and Cena as the main event when I think people would rather watch Punk and Bryan. But Show vs Cena?! ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME! That's terrible WWE! Then take the belt off of Bryan in 18 seconds at WRESTLE MANIA!?!?!? And give it to the boring Sheamus! Sorry I can't stand Sheamus.

The internet ruined wrestling! We didn't have it back in the day so we couldn't see spoilers or bitch about wrestlers. Wrestling fans are probably the most annoying and most hard to please fans in the world. CM Punk was becoming the next big thing and people gotta bitch about it when they wanted someone different than Cena. Wrestling fans will never be happy now that we have the internet. (Off topic for a min, Never go to! Your freedom of speech will get taken if you speak your mind. They run that website like children. They can't take it if someone puts them in their place like how I did one day so blocked me hahaha. They probably can't take the heat because they were the nerds in high school that got shoved into lockers.) But anyway don't be a bully be a star

I just don't understand how this company fell so far. But Punk was half right, this company will be better once Vince is dead. Hopefully then Triple H can put attitude back into the company he helped just by telling people to "suck it!" I just don't understand what's holding them back from the great violent place of what wrestling used to be.

Thank you if you read all of that! You can follow me @TRICK1042 and if you all liked it I'll post more. Thanks
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  1. K2Jelly's Avatar
    This blog seemed

    If you want to compare two eras together, fine, but the problem I have with this is that you only seem to hype up the AE, bringing up all of the positives and not the negatives, and demoralizing the current era. I didn't see one positive thing brought up about the current product and I would have liked to see you comparing both eras when you bring up both the positives and the negatives.

    Anyways, I don't think that bringing back debauchery into wrestling is the way to go. I believe the main problem with the current product is the lack of character, as you said. But the ones who DO have gimmicks, like Marella and Clay, can't be taken seriously as credible champions because of how goofy they are. Once we see the wrestlers actually have some personality to them, despite their wrestling ability, it should create some interest. Another problem I see is storylines. Creative needs to get their booking straight but again, blood and gratuitous amounts of violence just won't cut it. It'd be like painting glossy, transcendent paint over a shabby house. It looks a little better but despite the cosmetic makeover, it still looks exactly the same as how you started. Also, the tag team division SERIOUSLY needs to be invested into. Now I'm not here to say that the AE era was the best thing ever but it's certainly better than what we have here today though not by much.

    The AE era didn't really have wrestling as the focal point but rather debauchery. It was fine but disregarding wrestling for flashing and dick jokes wore out its welcome for me. You've got to admit that we have plenty of great wrestlers and spectacular matches, even from the low card talent.
  2. TRICK1042's Avatar
    Looked a little too far into it and to be honest you don't need to look at the negatives from the AE era bc it would almost be irrelevant just do to the fact by how successful that era was. Now this era has been so eh, it's hard to talk bad about it. You can't honestly sit there and say the PG-Era is better than the AE era.
  3. K2Jelly's Avatar
    I didn't say it was. And I did look into it a lot because I believe that when an era of wrestling is compared to another, that both the pros and cons are compared in order to get a full picture of each era. THEN, a final comparison should be made.

    I really think that that sort of in-depth analysis should be considered in these type of blogs because it shows that you're unbiased and able to be flexible.
  4. Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik's Avatar
    I agree with most of the points in this blog, and as title suggests, its more about why AE worked and PG is failing, rather than a comprehensive comparison of both the eras. AE has worked because it has a good mix of great characters with outstanding attitudes involved in great storylines leading upto matches where great stories were told. I don't think we need to have ECW kinda violence or sex etc, but a more realistic approach to the matches instead of having people hit each other with water bottles to see them collapse. That's like watching a new movie in Scary Movie series.
    While CM Punk and Bryan etc are talented and are re-revolutionising wrestling, I must say they need more character instead of just being a generic wrestler, which they're slowly seem to be developing but need more fire to it. They're extremely talented, I don't deny that, but people watch pro-wrestling for the overall product with good storylines and action and CHARACTERS. If it were plain wrestling, imagine we'd have never loved AE and craved for more of it so much as we do now. I don't know or care about half the roster today. Even when I go through weekly reports of Raw and Smackdown, I just scroll down through to reach parts where I read some Punk or Jericho or Bryan or Cena or Santino. What happened to the rest of the guys? Honestly most of us don't care because they're all the same. They lack that differentiating aspect. Another thing missing today mostly is chemistry between the roster inside the ring and outside it. The reasons why Rock vs Austin or Rock vs Mankind or Mankind vs Taker still stand out, is they had excellent chemistry not only when they wrestled but also when they weren't - when they were merely cutting promos or would have a stare down or when they would face each other backstage. Even at WM27, when Rock and Austin came face to face you couldn't take off your eyes and notice the mutual respect, the heat that they had in the past as the characters and the brotherly love they have for each other in reality. Current era lacks it. The current product might be suitable for whole family opposed to AE, but unlike other family-oriented programming on TV, it lacks the energy, the chemistry and the characters to have the viewers choose their product over other products on TV.
  5. TRICK1042's Avatar
    Thank you! That was the point I was trying to get across but I may have said it differently.
  6. FunkyKong's Avatar
    You can't keep doing the same stuff because eventually it won't be interesting anymore. That's why the Attitude Era had to end (or at least one of the reasons)
  7. Jerichoholic-NL's Avatar
    I agree what you said in the part where it was that time where sex and rage was populair.

    Now when live in this emo-world where music sucks, teens are addicted to those iCraps, some strange teencults like Emo. a lot of kids are pussy's (and kills themselfs), we can't fight anymore on school, economy is bad, new TV-actors are lame and the same old ''hottie for women'', tv-shows for kids are lamer.

    If there is one thing i would change my life it would be born in the 80's, because the 80's and 90's were the best damn century's in my opinion
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