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Gazman Savage

Thank You Ultimate Warrior!

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With out doubt I have alot to thank Mr Hellwig aka Warrior because if it was not for him I would have never been a wrestling fan today.
Do not get me wrong I have read all the debates on the guy and to be honest some right and some wrong but thats for others to debate.
In the UK the wrestling scene was dire and in bad need of updating so was thus slipping off the tv schedule but thankfully sky stepped in with the WWF but this was still not catching my eye with Hogan going through Cena like moves and just over dominating the scene.
But one day I sat there and flicked channel to catch a WWF show half way through and was stunned to watch this nutter run in to pumped up music and crush this guy, then finish him off by lifting above his head, but then to cap it all he legged it out with not even a nod to the crowd which sent the every one wild and had me hooked totally.
Now I loved the energy and even when giving an interview the Warrior was utter nuts, making no sense at all but it just added to the whole character.
Now in the journey up to his legendry win over Hogan I got to learn my love of real wrestling and admired the real talent like Ted Debiase, Curt Hennig and Tito Santana plus a few more but I still loved this painted nutter with his energy madness even loony tune behaviour.
Now sadly another thing I would learn is that WWF/E would be great at ruining something that did not need fixing and they would morph Warrior in to a wannabe Hogan and I found myself drifting away from wrestling but not fully but enough to be a casual fan with no real hunger to follow the story lines.(Just watch the Papa shango feud)
But with out you Warrior I would have missed Randy Savage or Rick Rude plus some awesome Tag Teams like the Harts or the killer Bees.
I returned to being a wrestling addict sometime later when 3 things happended for the next great era in wrestling that had a guy come into the ring as breaking glass sounded and like the Warrior trashed the wrestler then left with hardly a nod to the crowd then this duo uttered the words suck it but in the opening shots of war hogan turned black and white.
Just as Punk broke down the wall of Cenation, Warrior made Milk, Prayers and vitamins seem tame so thus the crack in Hulkamania appeared that was followed by the Undertaker and HBK.
Warrior was not the best but opened doors for me and today I type this in my Punk T shirt and having watched Daniel Bryan vrs CM Punk a few times from the last PPV so perhaps just perhaps its not that bad when a limited wrestler is the top star for a while and a young kid gets hooked on wrestling because its the first step in understanding a great art form.

This Blog is Dedicated to wrestlers who should have been WWF champions.

Ted Debiase
Roddy Piper
Arn Anderson
Scott Hall
Curt Hennig
Ricky Steamboat
Jimmy Snuka

Plus never mention the Warrior WCW travesty

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  1. Renevious's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Cobb
    I liked Warrior and I believe he brought a lot of attention and fans to WWF. Don't know if the Warrior WM story is true where he held up Vince, but if so he's a dick to fans. Threatening to no show a highly advertised match that people paid tickets and bought PPV's for is a selfish move.
    That was for Summerslam '91 bro. I don't know if it's true or not, but it was definitely for the Match Made in Hell with him and Hogan against Slaught, Adnan, and Mustafa. Either way, you're right about the attention he brought. I don't care what people say about the kind of person he is. I still remember being a kid and almost losing my shit at how happy I was when he beat Hogan's punk ass fair and square for the title. That will always be one of the most memorable moments in wrestling history.
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