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WWE vs TNA 1x ppv book the matches challenge

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I decided to challenge myself into booking the best show I can with both TNA and WWE talent pools. Trying to sell a huge ppv featuring TNA vs WWE. It is a bit similar to something AWA and other territories did to try to compete with WWE and NWA. For those of you who would like to challenge yourself as well here are the rules you must go by, leave your card in the comment section so I can see it, and have some fun. The rules: #1: Don't book gimmick matches plz!! If I would allow gimmick matches we would probably see crazy cards like Cena vs Roode in a cage match, monster ball match with god knows how many different people involved. Keep it simple plz don't go out of your way to book everyone. No battle royals either. #2 Every match has got to be TNA vs WWE. Someone representing their brand. Don't book fatal 4 ways or 3 ways. Keep it WWE vs TNA and not WWE vs WWE or TNA vs TNA. #3 Use active wrestlers who are actually on the show every week and who can actual wrestle. Hogan can't get in the ring and plz don't respond with some stupid Cena joke. No Hogan, Flair, Taker, Sting, HHH, Rock, and I think you get the point. #4 10 match limit we don't want to get crazy and book 15-20 matches on the show. #5 Book the top draws/superstars. Don't be some mark booking jobbers who can't even make a Raw/Impact/SD while keeping guys like Jeff Hardy, Cena, or even Punk off the show. You must use the top guys!! Almost forgot, book at least one Divas vs Knockout match of your 10 matches. Let us have a bit of fun with this!! Your goal is to get people to buy your fake show. LOL!

AJ Styles vs John Cena
-One could argue this, but I believe AJ is the face of TNA wrestling. Been there since day 1 and has been one of my favorites in TNA since I began watching til now. John Cena is without question the face of the company. Why not have the faces of each company face in a one on one match?
Kurt Angle vs Daniel Bryan-Submission, technical wrestling!! In my opinion, be the match of the night without question if my show actually happened. Kurt Angle is and has been my favorite wrestler for some time now despite his lame twitter rants. The match that decides who's the best in the world. I like Punk and Jericho, but Angle/Bryan are better in the ring if you ask me.
Mr.Anderson vs Orton-Mr.Anderson hates Randy Orton because he believes Orton caused him to lose his job in WWE. Similar to a Hardy/Edge fued in 2005.
Kane vs Abyss-Abyss has always reminded me of two characters from WWE's past. Those two characters were Mankind and Kane which is why I booked him in a match with Kane. Storyline I'd use would be Kane has been watching him quietly rise to the top of the ranks in TNA making a name for himself imitating him.
Bobby Roode vs Sheamus-This match may be the most weird of the show, but I'm going to state why I booked this match. Before Roode's new look came about he looked strangely similar to HHH. Guess what, Sheamus has the same facial hair as HHH. Terrible reason to book the match that way, but you know how it is.
CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy-Hacing Jeff/Punk on the same show with no confrontation would be a disappointment if you ask me. Who ended Jeff's last run in WWE? CM Punk!! Just natural that they cross paths again.
Samoa Joe vs Chris Jericho-You look at WWE's roster trying to find Joe an opponent is tough. I went with Jericho because they are both submission type wrestlers which would help it make a bit of sense. Punk vs Joe was considered, but who would face Jeff Hardy? Jeff is probably the biggest draw in TNA....he's gotta be on the show. Storyline I'd probably go with would be Jericho doesn't truly believe everything he has been saying such as he is the best in the world at what he does. Why can't it be true? He hasn't defeated Samoa Joe!!
Cody Rhodes vs James Storm-Debate whether to have Miz or Rhodes vs Storm, but I chose Rhodes. Why Rhodes vs Storm? Storm's history as being a redneck like Cody Rhodes father. Cody however hasn't embraced his father's roots in the business. Cody over the years has been worrying about his looks, being clean and so forth by forgetting where he came from which would probably be the storyline I'd go with.
Rey Mysterio vs Austin Aries-Why Rey Mysterio vs Aries? In TNA the X-Division is a no limits division mainly for smallers wrestlers like Rey Mysterio and other cruiserweights. Rey is a huge fan fav among the kids and Aries can be one of the best heels in the biz. Guys like Rey opened doors for guys like Aries to have a division of their own. Which probably would be my storyline heading into the match.
ODB vs Eve-Why Eve some may ask? What heel on the WWE roster draws heat like she does. Why ODB? ODB does get a strong reaction from the crowd and is a strong face. ODB and Eve are complete opposites which makes the match entertaining.

I'm certainly planning on doing an attitude era type of one. May do a 3rd featuring ROH in the mix. Hope you liked the card I booked. Welcome critics along with some praise wouldn't hurt. Just something different that I thought would be fun for several other bloggers out there who may have read this.

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  1. SHW's Avatar
    Roode vs Punk
    Styles vs Jericho
    Storm vs Sheamus
    Aries vs Bryan
    Hardy vs Sin Cara
    Angle vs Sandow
    Robbie E vs Ryder
    Bully Ray vs Ryback
  2. bigez1120's Avatar
    AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho Imagine the moveset these 2 could pull off.

    Matt Morgan vs Sheanus DNA of TNA vs Great White.

    Samoa Joe vs Randy Orton both are portrayed to have viscious streaks in them

    Kurt Angle vs CM Punk The best in the world today vs just out of prime best

    Jeff Hardy vs John Cena Top Draw vs Top Draw however much you dislike Hardy he still draws fans out. Same for Cena

    RVD "The Whole F'n Show" vs Daniel Bryan great match to watch

    Beer Money vs The Miz and Dolph Ziggler I am a tag team guy but unfortunetly WWE has all but done away with tagging. Still i see the Miz and Dolph as cocky, arrogant, and talented performers.

    Team 3D vs Big Show and Kane All these guys deserve a spot on the card

    Bueatiful People vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya love the TNA knockouts but WWE hates divas. The BP ruled the KO and Beth and Natty can wrestle.

    Mickie James vs Eve Mickie desrves to be here as well and I think can actually wrestle

    If I were to have any gimmick match on the show it would be Ultimate X match in the six sided ring!

    Falllen Angel
    Chris Sabin
    A Double
    Alberto Del Rio
    Cody Rhodes
    Kofi Kingston

    if not it would be

    A Double vs Cody Rhodes
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    I'll work on an ideal pay-per-view for WWE vs. TNA and post it later on. As a response. So be prepared GreatOne.
  4. darkrage's Avatar
    ryder vs robbie e
    kaz/daniels vs primo/epico
    matt morgan vs sheamus
    roode vs jericho
    storm vs rhodes
    aj vs ziggler
    austin aries vs samoa joe vs cm punk vs daniel bryan fatal 4 way
    kane vs abyss monsters ball match
    velvet sky vs layla
    jeff hardy vs orton
    cena vs angle
    sting vs taker hell in a cell
    bully ray vs wade barrett
    odb vs beth
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by T-Hughes35
    I'll work on an ideal pay-per-view for WWE vs. TNA and post it later on. As a response. So be prepared GreatOne.
    Looking forward to it. My next one will be ECW vs WWE/F from the attitude era. Specifically using talent when they actually had great talent before leaving. Talent mostly featured on the first ppv I'll be using for the ECW side.
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Why the strong resrictions? How long do people want to watch wrestling? When you have huge amount of can you have good ones? Even WWE went with a small amount of matches for Wrestlemania so everyone would have enough time. I'm not angry with some of you going higher, but it upsets me when you see some folks put 17 matches on a card.

    You don't want to use the stars on your show you say cuz you don't like them? Who do you not like? CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, or is it the face of the WWE you don't want on the show? It is like Peyton Manning without the Colts if you were to have WWE without John Cena.

    How many matches has HHH had this year? I'm going to give a guess here and say 1. I don't call that active at all. Sting gone for months and comes back isn't exactly active either. I wanted to book Sting and Undertaker to, but I decided to take the old guys out of this and have it be the young guys.

    As far as match types go, the selling point of WWE vs TNA should be enough. Do you really need gimmick matches to sell this ppv? Especially when one show is pg and the other isnt? In their first match likely together you are going to put Taker vs Sting in a hell in a cell match? Really? Have you people forgotten of the importance of a hell in a cell match? It is the final match that ends a long storyline between two opponents. You don't throw guys into a cage who have no beef or hatred towards one another. What would be the point in that? Use logic and a selling point being TNA vs WWE should be enough.
  7. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I think 1 Fatal 4 Way should be allowed in the Case of...

    Styles vs Aries vs Danielson vs Punk. - Seriously, these guys are 4 of the top 5 wrestlers in the world today... But I'll follow the rules

    (1) Sting v. Undertaker - Just because you said they weren't active wrestlers =)

    (2) Kurt Angle v. Bryan - I really wanted Roode/Bryan here, but felt that if this card was to come about tomorrow, this match would HAVE to be on it before Kurt aged past the ability to make this the classic we all know it would be. If I could add a gimmick, it'd be an ironman match without a doubt.

    (3) Aries vs. Punk - Promos would be epic. Matches would be epic. What's the downside?

    (4) Bobby Roode v.Jericho- Heel to heel, I'd like to see who'd get the better of who with these two working a program.

    (5) AJ Styles v. Cody Rhodes - Man, these guys would put in some damn interesting matches. I'd give them alot of creative control in building this match.

    (6) James Storm v. Sheamus - Don't know why but it seems like the Country boy, beer drinkin, Cowyboy would give Sheamus that "Good Fight" he's always looking for. Plus I could see the match ending in a draw, a handshake, and the two heading to the bar for some whiskey (Irish of course) and brews afterwards.

    (7) RVDv. Dolph Ziggler - Ziggler is the best seller in the business right now. I think RVD is damn good at selling his spots too (always makes me cringe when I see him take a big DDT and he stands on his head before folding sideways). I'd like to see who would top the other in a game of "The Worlds Best Sellsman"

    (8) Abyss v. Kane - DAMMIT I want a gimmick match here! Monsters Ball with Mic Foley as the special enforcer. There, I said it.

    (9) Tara v. Beth Pheonix - Man, I'd like to see it again only I want a feud built around Tara putting the steel plate and screws in Beth's Jaw

    (10) Jeff Hardy v. Randy Orton- The only reason I would want to see this is to hear the comments from the IWC as to the battle of the druggies. Having the match be a "drugfest" instead of a "spotfest". I just think all the negative hype would make me laugh

    (To Replace Sting v. Taker) Samoa Joe v. John Cena- I'm pretty sure it'd be the loudest "Joes gonna kill you" chant to have ever been screamed... Not because he would kill him, but because every dad in the audience would scream it at the top of their lungs.

    Honorable Mention
    Eric Young v. Santino - Comedy or not, this match would be entertaining as hell. Imagine the promos for it. I really wanted this as my # 10 but couldn't leave Orton and Hardy off the card.

    Kaz/Daniels v. Epico/Primo- Man these are two of the best heel tag teams in the business today. I'd love to see them clash.
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