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Plan Simple Streoids!

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[FONT=comic sans ms][B] Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am so excited this week beacuse I have a high possiblity of being in the blog wars. It is very exciting, but today I will be talking about streoids. This blog may raise a lot of eyebrows and many of you may think that all my blogs are going to be controversial. Telling you the truth, mt blogs are meant to entertain and I love the feedback I get either postive or negative. Well enough about that, let's talk about this drug that has been pushing buttons in the Wwe for quite some time. While let's start the show!
I really wanted to right this blog beacuse Randy Orton was suspended. I was shocked as of many of you were. Wwe top star has been suspended for a second viloation of the company. As we all know, one more would make Orton a future endeavor. The question I want to ask is why doesn't Wwe want to tell the reason of Orton suspension. While, I might not be a Wwe advisor but he probably took streoids.
Many performers take it. Jeff Hardy had bulked himself a few times, two others died from it and many others take for no reason at all. Performers take it to be the top guy or show that they have something. I was shocked that many competiors take it but look it is a competive sport and you have too be at the top of the moutain.
In my opinion, being an athelte is dangerous. Yeah sure you might get few scrapes and injuries, but the serious issue is streoids. Many of these sports take a toll on competiors. So many take it and still they drown into controversy beacuse of it.
Is there any good effects of streoids? Hell no, any human can see it. You see a bulk guy from the back say " While you do get Buff." Come on is it really worth it. After taking streoids, your people strudle ( many eyes peak at this word) will get small. That's one side effect and others may be psychological effects, the fuction of the liver may be effected and other side effects. While I know I am not a doctor, really only getting the side effects of streoids on Google.
Many of my favorite competitors have been ruidened because of streoids. The only person to blame for there wrongdoings is themselves. Many others like myself would say their entertaining us. Like I said before joining sports is very dangerous. While that's my blog and root for me during the blog wars! Oooh yeah one more thing I love the feedback so comment. One more thing, if anyone makes a counter blog I will challenge you to a blog war hosted by the people!!! No I am not The Rock :p

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  1. 82Tucker's Avatar
    I give you credit on your attempt at making this a top blog but it's painful to try and read. Your grammar is awful and your spelling is abysmal.

    I'm not being picky just offering advice for future attempts.
  2. tchocky360's Avatar
    "Wwe top star has been suspended for a second viloation of the company."

    You didn't write WWE correctly, you spelled violation wrong and didn't even manage to say what he actually violated. A violation of the company? The company's what?

    I get from the blog you were excited to write this, you want to be in a blog war.
    If you're not going to read over what you write, before you publish, and correct basic errors that this attempt is covered in, you're not going to do as well as you would like to.
  3. Gazman Savage's Avatar
    Steroids have perhaps caused more deaths and damage in this sport compared to any other and the fact nobody was charged for it is a miracle. just to quantify that steroids are linked to suicide and change of character can also be added to the numerous deaths from heart disease.
    Wrestling wanted bigger and bigger guys in the ring to an extent it was no longer a sport but a freak show of body builders plodding around the ring. I think the best example is Scott Steiner who was in one of the best tag teams ever but was god damn awfull in the nWo.
    Keep writing dude as it was a good read and got your message......
  4. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Deer god!!!! Teh bowlded komic sanz needs too stop!
  5. CenationRulez1097's Avatar
    While tahnks guys for the comments. Hopefully you we read my next blog which is called " Let's Ty Smething New"
  6. RasslinGOOD's Avatar
    I'm not someone who will bitch about people venting on a blog, but damn...

    At least try to spell the title correctly.

    Are you by any chance dyslexic? That would explain a lot. Not meant to be mean, just seriously asking! :-)

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