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Conspiracy Theory - No Way Out

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For the fourth consecutive WWE Pay Per View the main event will not involve either the WWE or World Heavy Weight Championships. The two iconic titles, the Super Bowl trophies of pro wrestling won't be the center of attention. Of course we all know this is because the WWE considers John Cena vs (Insert name of opponent here) this time the big slow(show) to be more valuable and more of a draw then the two titles. Some people may not care all that much for the Sheamus vs Del Rio match, I do because I like Del Rio. But i'm sure the majority of people excluding the age group of 5-12 would much rather see a main event between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (more on Kane later) than they would Cena vs Big Slow. I can pretty much guarantee that everyone, including John Cena fans realize that a CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan match would be a thousand times more entertaining. Having the main event be Cena vs Big Slow = Buy rate being introduced to the toilet, because I think it will be shit. (Gross!)

My big conspiracy theory is coming up in a bit!!!!! (teaser)

This whole angle with Cena and Big Slow has been painful to watch. At times its been like watching a car crash, simply brutal, other times its been like watching paint dry= usually when the Big Slow talks or even moves. Its been like watching a terrible movie or stand up comic= when Cena talks or wrestles. Nobody finds the Big Show believable as a bad guy no matter what story line you build around him. His attacks on brodus, kofi and truth were terrible at best, watching the Big Slow lumber around trying to kill time while he thinks of what to do next. The days of the Big Slow being intimidating are long gone in my books. I would even prefer Tensai over Big Slow. Anyways I think this match will make for one of the biggest "Who Cares" matches in a long time.

CONSPIRACY TIME....... I think the WWE is well aware of the fact that most fans are not captivated or interested at all in this Cena vs Slow story line. They are well aware that a match with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan would without a doubt be way more anticipated by the fans, it would be a better match without a doubt and most likely be what everyone talks about. I think this is what happened at Over The Limit. Punk and Bryan stole the show, everyone was talking about the instant classic that was their match. A match that in my mind completely overshadowed Cena's bullshit antics with Big Johnny and made the whole Cena vs Big Johnny situation seem even more ridiculous. I came away from Over The Limit thinking that Punk and Bryan is what the WWE should be, and that Cena and Johnny represents what the WWE has become. I think the quality of Punk vs Bryan legitimized the WWE again for split second only to have the main event be John Cena pouring water (OH GOD NO NOT WATER!!!!!) on Big Johnny.

So what did the WWE do to prevent Punk and Bryan from out performing/stealing the show away from the John Cena vs Big Slow feud........ They threw a 7'0" 320 lbs fork into the road. Kane. Now don't get me wrong a like Kane, I respect Kane. Over a decade ago he was my favorite wrestler. He's a great athlete for a man his size and for someone in his mid 40's he looks great and you can tell he prides himself on staying in good shape and keeping his conditioning level up. Its not so much Kane, its more of the fact that we now have a triple threat match for the WWE title.

I would take a singles match every time over a triple threat match, especially if the singles match is Punk and Bryan. Triple threat matches always seem a little bit awkward and complicated. They just seem to become a game of take out one guy so the remaining two can have a mini singles match, alternate wrestlers and repeat. (Mr. A throws Mr. B over the ropes, now Mr. A and Mr. C wrestle, switch up wrestlers and repeat.)

I'm not saying that the three of these guys can't have a good match, it just wont be great and I know we will all be left wondering.... what if it was just Punk vs Bryan. Kane has such a different style then both Punk and Bryan and I feel like he will slow them down. Their match at Over The Limit was very entertaining, it had everything you would want in a match.... fast paced, hard hitting, high flying, technical, unpredictable, dramatic.

Two guys who are two of the best on this earth at what they do and they just let it all hang out and put on one of my favorite matches ever!

As Kane became more and more involved in the Punk and Bryan feud, I had two thoughts a) Their using Kane to advance the chess match that is the Punk and Bryan feud b) I have a feeling their going to do a triple threat match, please no!!!!!

I cant possibly see a reason why the WWE would want this to be a triple threat. Everyone wanted to see how Punk and Bryan would out do their Over The Limit match. The only reason I can think of is that the WWE wants Cena and Big Slow to be the focus of the event, they want Cena and Big Slow to get the attention and steal the show and since they cant do it on their own they had to throw a wrench into the plans of Punk and Bryan. Its like having two great classical musicians playing their fancy instruments and then you throw in some head banger smashing away on a drum kit. I means drums are still pretty cool but they don't fit in with the classical musicians and they ruin their masterpiece.

In conclusion,

It seems like the WWE wouldn't know they had a good thing going if it walked right up and kicked them in the ball sack. As a fan I feel cheated!! All the shit I have put up with over the years, all the crap that the WWE feeds us, I have stayed a fan for matches like this... Punk vs Bryan. But for some reason, the WWE having watched the same Punk vs Bryan Over the Limit match that we watched decided it would be a better product if they added Kane into the re-match.

how can they possibly take away Punk and Bryan in a one on one rematch. I'm so mad about it. As fans of the WWE are we not allowed to have to much of a good thing?? Are we not allowed to enjoy a great product if Cena ins't involved?? Does Cena and Big Slow seriously deserve to be the main event?? why not just do a punk vs bryan match??? hell, make it a cage match, or a submission match, or a 2 out of 3 falls.

Anyways, that's just my opinion.

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  1. Suhayl's Avatar
    Actually, Kane is in the match, because they need to pin somebody. Then we are getting ANOTHER One-On-One match between the two. Think about it.
  2. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    An interesting perspective... and I can see the point. I'm somewhat dubious about WWE trying to overshadow Punk and Bryan, but I also wouldn't put it past them. After all: they are not the typical WWE go-to-men. They're not over-muscled and are unconventional by WWE's standards. John Cena and the Big Show, on the other hand...

    Myself, I can't see why Kane should be involved in this match. No disrespect to the Big Red Monster, but this was supposed to be a good old fashioned technical grudge rematch. Unless Kane pulls some totally insane shit out of his hat, I'm not really buying him as a solid draw for this match.
  3. akbar's Avatar
    I believe they added Kane so a good singles match between Bryan and Punk can be saved for a big PPV like SummerSlam...
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I stand by what you've all said about the possibilities of the E' saving a Punk/Bryan singles match for SS. Yet what with Aj, and Kane being thrown in the mix, the E' can throw so many different curve balls at us in the process. I'll agree, Kane being tossed into the match may have been a way to let the Cena/Show match be the main focal point on the card, yet at the same time I'm hoping for some crazy ass twist in the match.

    Either way, good blog bro.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Your fault for liking Del Rio.

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