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Triple Threat Top 5: "The Top 5 Calls Of Michael Cole's Career"

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Greetings community,
Before I begin, I just want to say that I after watching iMPACT Wrestling this week, I am relieved that the show is now LIVE and will be going LIVE throughout the rest of the summer. It’s great for the show, long overdue, and it will be better for them in the long run.
I am very excited to debut this new “entry series” where you will not only here my thoughts, but the thoughts of some other fellow bloggers as well.
In some ways more than others, it’s been done before. This however will be my own fun and unique twist on certain topics. I call it: “The Triple Threat Top 5.”
It is a list of three different ‘Top 5’s’ that will be listed. In the end, you the readers can decide who had the better list.
Edition One: “The Top 5 Calls of Michael Cole’s Career.”
For this entry, I have invited two of my favorite reads from this website. ‘DK Wrestling Savior.’ and ‘Knox.’ I enjoy reading their work, and I encourage you to check them out if you haven’t.

Now, on with the lists. Knox, we’ll start with you:

Knox: “Let me begin by saying I'm a true "Cole-Miner" so this is an honor.

5. Cole's Official Heel Turn
This was pure gold. Cole was tweening, he was basically a heel on NXT but a face on Raw but this promo was his official heel turn after he cost Jerry Lawler winning the WWE Championship. Skip to the 3:25 mark of the video. My favorite part is when Cole say's, "You had to be Jerry The King Lawler, one more time"

4. Cole Wins Slammy Award
Funny moment, the only real memorable thing he did as a face.

3.Cole Interrupts Divas Match
This was funny, I loved it but he did trash the divas. No wonder they get bad ratings. Great segment though.

2. Cole Returns to NXT
This was his best promo, his return and the way he hugged Punk at the end was priceless. Cole truly is gold.

1. Anal Bleeding
I think the look on Jim Ross's face and the the way Booker reacts sells the moment but the seriousness of Cole saying "Anal Bleeding" was amazingly done.”

Thank you Knox. DK Wrestling Savior, the floor is yours:
DK Wrestling Savior: “Michael Cole is, unfortunately, the current and endless voice of the WWE. While I’m not a fan of Michael Cole, at all, he wasn’t always as annoying and Twitter pushing as we have all come to know today. He definitely has had moments where he showed true passion behind his calls, much in a JR’esque style. Here is my top 5 list, in descending order.

#5 – Masked Kane Returns

The reason I pick this, is because he took somewhat of a break from his usual annoying self, to really sell the shock of his return, and the “Fear” behind the new look of the returning masked Big Red Monster. The “Oh My God” statements fit very well with the scene that is being created. And I do credit Michael Cole for doing a good job adding to the shock factor of Kane’s return, with his call.

#4 – Goldberg Spears Brock Lesnar - No Way Out 2004

This was another great call by Michael. I like the energy that went along with the big pop when Goldberg emerged and took down Brock while the ref was down. There was a great mixture of shock, surprise, and excitement in his call. And Taz added the right amount of back up calling to it. This is a situation where it was actually good to hear Michael Cole take the lead in the commentary.

#3 – Eddie Guerrero Cheats Kurt Angle - Wrestlemania XX

Kurt Angle had Eddie beat. Eddie loosens his boot and then wraps Angle up in a package and locks his feet on the ropes. That all went along with Eddie’s style of Lie, Cheat, and Steal. And that’s what he did. Michael’s call for it fit perfectly, cheering him while acknowledging his cheating tactic. There was some drowning out from Taz, but Michael did do a good job leading that call to go along with the huge Eddie pop for the win.

#2 – The Miz Cashes In Money In The Bank – Monday Night Raw

In the peak of his heel character build, Michael Cole was becoming very annoying. He also developed that great love affair with The Miz. And while many think the Miz is and was a complete joke, the focus here is Michael Cole’s commentary. When he countered the RKO into the SCF, Michael had a call here that had excitement and the call really fit the moment. Jerry Lawler's disbelief added to it, but Michael did a great job in the lead spot here.

#1 – Brock Lesnar Superplexes Big Show – Smackdown

Michael Cole made his best call here. I love the energy behind the call, and the bleep out indicates great placement of a swear word which added a much needed shock factor to go along with the event that went down. This is a great Smackdown moment, and a great moment where Michael didn’t disappoint.

There’s my top 5. There may have been more and better calls, but as I stated earlier, I’m not much of a Cole fan. I find him roughly just a step above Todd Grisham or Kevin Kelly in terms of pecking order in wrestling lead commentary list. But with all of that aside, he has had moments where he brought the action in the ring to life.

Thanks for reading. Be Safe…and Vote For Me.”

Thank you gentlemen. Now it’s my turn. For my list, I’m going to go back to when Michael Cole had tons of energy when he was on the mic. Back to the golden days if you will. (No pun intended about his fairly fair hair.) I’m talking about the go-tee, fun loving, energized Michael Cole that actually delivered and got the job done. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my Top 5.

T-Hughes35: “In the year 2008, WWE decided to put Michael Cole over as the new voice of the organization. It was met with mixed reviews, but it was worth a shot I thought. He’s been that way ever since. Nowhere near as good as J.R., but when he does his job right, he delivers. I thought of my five favorite moments that Michael Cole called, and here they are. Enjoy:

#5: WWF SmackDown 2002: “The nWo’s Public Apology”
In this clip, the New World Order delivered a rarity to us fans. AN ACTUAL APOLOGY! This was after they attacked The Rock in the ambulance on RAW and left him for dead. Michael Cole does an excellent job selling this segment. So well, that even HEEL Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler agreed with him. Genius.

#4: WWE WrestleMania XIX: “STREET FIGHT: Hulk Hogan vs. Mr. McMahon”
This is one of my personal favorite matches of all-time. I really liked the story behind this build-up, and Michael Cole’s story telling was excellent to go along with it. It made it that much special. Cole and Taz had good chemistry together, and this match was a prime example of that.

#3: WWF SmackDown 2000: “Austin Blows Up the DX Express”
The reason that I chose this clip is because Michael Cole showed the excitement of an avid wrestling fan when we witnessed one of the best moments in SmackDown history. Golden.

#2: WWF RAW IS WAR 01-04-99: “Mankind Wins His 1st WWF Title.”
The match that put everyone’s *** in their seats. Thank you Tony Schivoane. This by many critics is Michael Cole’s best call, but I think there was one better. Like this one, it was a PPV quality match-up on FREE TV, and it took place in 2002.

#1: WWE SmackDown 09-26-2002:
“NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH: Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero”
This is easily the best call of Michael Cole’s career because he actually calls it like it’s a five star classic. For once he took a page out of both Jim Ross’s and Joey Styles’ playbooks and called it down the middle. Brilliantly might I add. This is the moment that shows you, that Michael Cole can actually call wrestling matches to their full potential.”

Well that’s it ladies and gentlemen. Three different Top 5 opinions on Michael Cole’s best moments. Whose list was better? Leave your comments down below and tell us your thoughts.

Special thanks to Knox and DK Wrestling Savior, and follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35.


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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    It's like seeing my top three middleweights battling it out right in front of me!!! @ T-Hughes35, thanks for the awesome blog topic. Sick concept and loved the topic. I may not be the biggest Cole fan, but he does deserve credit, when he's actually doing his job right. First and foremost, this is a tough call. All three of you layed out Coles' best moments in my opinion. Knox had a great list, but I was stuck making a decision between Savior and T-Hughes. ...

    For the win; I'm giving it to T-Hughes. It was a tough decision, but the clips you chose really accented Coles' skills as an announcer. Your number one pick kind of put you over.

    Either way, awesome blog battling to all three of you. Hell I'm looking forward to hearing more!!! Rematch clause should be invoked!!! LOLS
    Updated 06-02-2012 at 11:23 AM by PhEonYx
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    Damn T-Hughes, you made these things harder to vote for by adding another person... These were all great, but after five minutes of racking my brain on who to choose, I'll go with DK
  3. akbar's Avatar
    -The small writing is really annoying...
    -The criteria really has to be stated at the start of the blog so I know how I'm going to judge the list cos Knox looks like he went comedic moments while DX went for his commentary effect to the moment etc...
    -From the title, DX seems to have the list that interests me so he gets my vote.
    -I like this type of blog series and would love participate one day...
  4. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    The reasoning behind the small text is because of my computer.
    When it came to the criteria, it could've been a match that he called, a moment of his, a moment that he called, or an interview that he did. The best of his career.
    I apologize for not making that clear.

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