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Sudden Impact: TNA Debuts, LIVE

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Hey wrestling fans. The Saviour here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all Impact Wrestling, All the Time.

Tonight, TNA debuted their summer long stretch of live broadcasts. Lately I've been very high on TNA, and very low on the other guys. We'll have to see if TNA brought it on their first live broadcast of the summer. In the spirit of bearkg's Uncooked blog, I'm going to break this down with Good, Bad, and Indifferent. I'll also throw in a few things I'd like to see moving forward.


Brooke Hogan's Debut

Honestly, I don't know why anyone is even remotely surprised by this. A lot of "Hogan Knows Best" focused on her. They brought her in to WWE for a segment with Randy Orton. Her career didn't take off the way she wanted, or her family and fans hoped. It was just a matter a time before she piggy backed her Dad, and made a career in the wrestling biz. I'm okay with it. For now. What I really hope, is they keep her limited and not pull another Karen Jarrett.

TV Title Match: Jeff Hardy vs Devon

This match had potential. It was good to see TNA stick to their guns and not try and make us believe Robbie E won the vote. The fact that Robbie E and Big Rob interfered just killed it. However, one thing that can be said is, it's really one of the only real feuds going on in TNA. So, I'm going with indifferent. I do hope Devon ends this Robbie E thing and gets a meaningful feud with Gunner or Crimson or someone.

Sting as the #1 Contender for Slammiversary

Slammiversary seems to be a special milestone for Impact Wrestling. Ten years now and all that. I'm not sure Sting challenging for the title is the best move for a big time PPV like this. Not with so many other big draw contenders who could easily produce a much better match...Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, just to name a few. I guess it could be worse though. Which is why this is in the indifferent category, instead of the bad. What should have happened in Bobby Roode vs AJ tonight, or at Slammiversary, and if necessary, bring Sting out at the end of the PPV.


Bully Ray/Joseph Parks Segment

I'm a fan of the story line. So why would I put this in the bad section? Simple. We saw it last week. Bully Ray called him in. He hesitated. Bully says he wants to fight. Then Parks grips him up and Bully says, "Touch me and I'll sue". Yawn. I liked how they gave Joseph Parks this little bit of an edgy, demented side. But the last two weeks, they made him look like a bumbling idiot. Loved the story line in the beginning. Don't like the direction it's going now.

Lots of Missing Talent

I said it last week, and I will continue to stress this point. They cannot have an episode of Impact Wrestling without Samoa Joe, Magnus, Crimson, or Gunner. They are very important parts of your product. Even if there's no real story line for them, they need to be there. And not just as lumber jacks in the beginning of the show either.

They also didn't feature one Knockouts Match, or even a Knockouts Segment other than Madison Rayne. That's poor.

Finally, the way they ended the show completely sucked. It had okay realism to it with the angle and the way Dixie Carter came out and it seemed like it was shoot style, but just to cut it off like that. I didn't find it too enticing. Again, I don't hate the angle, but obviously, it can't be revealed that they're having an affair...however they're both acting guilty as all hell. I see a terrible ending to this, it's gone on way too long. Christopher Daniels has been in Kazarian's head for months and months and they're still just at the tip of the iceberg? Come on already. AJ should be used much better than this.


Lumberjack Match: Sting vs Bobby Roode

Very entertaining match. Great ending that had people on their feet. I love how it was done too. Now Bobby Roode looks a little more vulnerable. He is human and can be beat, after all. So his win over Sting at Slammiversary will look much more impressive. Sting looks great in the ring for his age. A great opening to the first Live episode of the summer.

Gut Check with Joey Ryan

I think Taz replacing Flair is a good thing. Taz is a little more "with the times" than Flair. Plus, Flair's mic work has deteriorated with his age. It's a shame Joey Ryan got the No vote. After seeing him this week, I like him. I wasn't big on him last week, but he's cool in my book. What I would really like to see is them make a story line out of this with him. Maybe have him destroy all Gut Check competitors until he forces TNA's hand or something. Hopefully, this isn't the last we've seen of Joey Ryan.

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels...The Match

I'll tell you what. AJ always seems to be in the best matches. I can't wait until I go back and watch more TNA from days gone by and see him in more of his hay day. What a great match and the ending was even better. Kazarian interfered and it looked like AJ was gonna gets screwed, but he pulls it off. Great match. Great action. Unfortunately, the great ends there....for me anyway.

Austin Aries vs Chris Sabian

I am a huge, HUGE fan of A Double. Very much in the same context that I'm a fan of the "yes" guy from the other company. A Double is my DB of Impact. I also like Chris Sabian. This was a very good match, and I know they can put on a better one. I hope they battle at Slammiversary, in a much longer match that showcases even more of what the X Division should be. I also want to see a better X Division. Sign like 2 or 3 flyers from Mexico, 2 or 3 speedsters from Japan, 1 or 2 indy guys that fit the bill, and Joey Ryan. There. Divison Stacked. And it probably wouldn't be too costly to do either.

I'm very interested in seeing the ratings in the new time slot, plus, no spoilers to destroy it. I hope they gain a lot of momentum and really fire off. The crowd was good. The action was good. I want to see more and better.

I hope you all enjoyed this week's Sudden Impact. If you watched it, let me know what you think.

Be Safe Everyone.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    The missing talent thing is time issues. WWE has a second show so that is why it is not a big deal for them. I don't want them to shorten matches just to have more people involved. (Also besides the KO's title they got all the men's titles some air time which is great)
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I actually tuned in last night. It's funny watching TNA with the gf, she randomly goes on rants about certain stars she has seen before in the WWE. She pointed out a few things last night. One being that; the stars seem much more alive, than the stars of the E'. Almost as though they were happy to be performing in front of a live audience. .... Hell! If she noticed it, I certainly did too. That's the one thing the E' seems to lack. I'll agree with wrestlingfan66513, TNA needs a 2nd show. They cut down the length of last nights matches, and merely had time to showcase any of their talent off. Either way Savior, thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Looking forward to next weeks'.
  3. Proudfather222's Avatar
    Nice blog! Was it just me or did Brooke look bad, I mean really bad. She looks as old as her mom I don't know what she is doing but I'd rather look at Karen any day she is fine fine fine!!! I think Brooke had work done while she was experiencing on drugs while she was catching some sun. Wow she looks bad!!
  4. Proudfather222's Avatar
    Oh and also is it just me or did Tazz let himself go. Seriously he has always been the short somewhat chunky type but damn he looks like he will have a heart attack. I wanted him and the guy check guy to get into it but I doubt Tazz would have been able to get back up. Wow it's a shame he must really like to eat, I never noticed it before because he just sits behind the table commentating.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    @wrestlingfan66513...I fully agree. A second show is needed. I think I actually blogged about that a few weeks ago when I broke the ice with my TNA-focused blogs.

    @proudfather222...Yes, she did look pretty bad. I really hope they limit her camera time. And yes, Tazz definitely let himself go. I liked how he broke away from his usual commentator style though, with his gut check segments.
  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    Dk, gratblog bro. I normally don't watch tna but with my usual tv schedule opening up since most shows are on a summer hiatus, and with tna going live, I thought id take a look. I honestly enjoyed every segment except for the brooke hogan one. Im excited to se what they do next week with impact
  7. A.Jay's Avatar
    Like the blog and if I could would like top point somethings out. AJ was the longest running champ in TNA before him it was Sting. Roode can add another notce on belt by beating Sting and in a title match, they had feuded for months and now are using that to help put Roode over. Sting is still a big time wrestlers who can wrestle more then once a year. His match with Roode set the stage for the PPV. Nothing wrong with sting being called the man he has earned that right in TNA. If anything Devon should not be the TV champ let alone have the 3 guys that just challenge for the world title dumb down to the TV title. This where the young talent should be.

    TNA needs a second show but the question is will people watch it? Most of the reaction Ive read has been hard on TNA and that's wild beacuse they are doing better now then the past 2 years.

    If they are having a hard time in month then people should worry but for now let's hope and see what they do
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