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Sexton Hardcastle

Brogue Kick Who...ligan?

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I feel the need to share my thoughts and feelings regarding Sheamus, his career thus far, and his current role and future in the WWE.

Now I'm not a big fan of Shaemus, and never really have been, so I apologise now if my comments come over as rather negative, and welcome anyone reading this blog who is a fan of his work to let me know where I've got it wrong. Maybe I'm being too harsh, I don't know, but here I go.

Titles & History & Drew McIntyre

The World Title was put on him at the fatefull TLC in 2009, on the same night Drew McIntyre also won the Intercontinental Title. This was after less than 6 months of first officially being on WWE television and was quite shocking at the time, much like the botched finish against Cena in their tables match to win the belt. Sheamus's push has continued unabashed since this first high point while sadly for Drew his career has well and truly nosedived. For me the only high point in the The Chosen One's career since was a particularly spirited performance in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match in the 2011 PPV of the same name, where he got a few pops and maybe even a little chant if I remember. So why has Shaemus's career flourished since and Drews gone so spectacularly backwards? I'm not going to go into the reasons behind Drew's demise as this blog is about The Celtic Warrior, I'll talk about him in another blog. But if rumours are to be believed its Sheamus's relationship with Triple H that gets him preferential treatment and a sustained push in the federation.


He seems to have been given the green light to display his almost superhuman strength on regular occasions. Sheamus has been afforded the opportunity to kick out on one counts where others would almost be pinned if not actually pinned. He does this on multiple occasions during matches and it makes the match seem less 'believeable'. This does nothing to heighten my interest in Sheamus as a performer, but serves to bury his opponent. I remember this happening in a few matches against Christian, and it made the matches less interesting, and made me annoyed with Sheamus, and his obvious favour with the management.

He destroyed Daniel Bryan in less than 20 seconds at Wrestlemania. Fortunately Daniel Bryan has managed to overcome this setback is and on the way to becoming established as a full time main eventer, something I applaud the management for.

I think Sheamus needs to learn that you can appear tough without making your opponent look weak in professional wrestling, it just requires talent. By making your opponent look strong you actually make yourself look even stronger when you win, and Sheamus wins a lot of matches. But instead of doing this the powers that be feel the need to make him squash people, and it harms potential other main eventers of the future. Maybe he's learning to 'play the game' from non other than the Cerebral Assassain himself?

Moveset & In Ring Ability

It appears Sheamus has been allowed a rather large moveset unlike others on the roster, due to his special treatment. He's got four finishing moves (Brogue Kick, White Noise, Celtic Cross, Cloverleaf/4 Leaf Clover Submission) and gets to use numerous other power moves including the Irish Curse Backbreaker, diving shoulderblock over the top rope or from the top turnbuckle, ten stiff chest blows over the ropes, Mr Kennedys old finisher plus power slams, clothslines, superplex's and more, the list goes on........ Don't get me started on him chanting 'brogue, brogue, brogue' before his very stiff looking Brogue Kick, it is just unimaginitive and very 'me too' and confirms that to me that he's very manufactured.

I suppose he is competant enough in the ring but certainly not in my top ten of current performers. He fails to excite me and I can't remember a truly stellar match featuring him, and for a three time world champion thats just not good enough. I'm going to go as far as to say his best of three falls versus Daniel Bryan was probably the best match I can remember him ever having, either that or the wrestling masterclass showstealing Wrestlemania 28 opener........

Stiffness. Sheamus is by far the stiffest wrestler in the WWE. He gets away with some painful looking stuff in the ring, and again this leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It's almost like he does it because he can get away with it, and not get repreimanded for it. Some of his Brogue kicks look genuinely painful, as do his chest blows, and clothslines too. If I were to launch a career in the WWE he'd be the wrestler I'd wish to face least! Well, him or Cena.

Look & Character

I'll give him his dues, he does look unique, with his extremely ginger hair and beard and almost translucent pale white body. He is also extremely large and unnaturally well defined, just the look favoured by upper management. He almost seems, dare I say it, enhanced, and you tend to feel certain elements of the roster can get away with it, unlike many others including the recently suspended Randy Orton, a genuine main eventer and excellent performer. But Sheamus has got that 'main event' look, due to a combination of his size and distinctiveness, and thats to his credit.

I also have to give him credit for actually becoming a genuine main eventer, someone who looks like (and currently is) a world champion, and when he hasn't got a title he's never far away from it. But does he only look like a main eventer because of the special treatment he's received? How much of his success is actually down to genuine talent and not because he and Tripper pump iron together. I'd suggest that there are a whole host of other performers who if having been given the same push as Sheamus could be doing a much better job than him in the spot as one of the top faces of the company.

My other issue with Sheamus is that he doesn't suit being a face. He just looks a little too angry and evil, qualities that make him much better suited to the heel character he used to play. His stiff wrestling style also lends him more to being a heel too. My fear is that with the full marketing machine behind him Sheamus will become an almost Cena level face, an extremely boring one at that, for years to come. You'll have noticed his name change from the Celtic Warrior to the Great White in an effort to make him more marketable. He does get a decent pop now, I wonder how well his merch sells? By the way I find his latest piece of merchandise, the Brogue Kick Hooligan T-Shirt, just a bit poor.

His promo's aren't great, and almost trying to steal the yes yes yes chant in one of them made me just cringe. Like I said before, I find him a bit unimaginitive and he's a bit dull. Definitely duller as a face. Sadly can't see him turning heel again anytime soon.

Royal Rumble

Got to be honest, it annoyed me he won the Royal Rumble this year. I'm just not a fan. Sorry to mention this. I'd have liked the Miz to have done it as unlike Sheamus his star has appeared to have fallen recently, and he now no longer resembles a genuine main eventer, and winning the rumble would've given him a boost. But they gave it to Sheamus and it was wasted on a joke of a match at Wrestlemania....

In Conclusion

Maybe a lot of my criticisms are unfair as it isn't he who makes the booking decisions, and everything he does must be green lighted otherwise he wouldn't do it. So maybe my issue is with the management who continue to push and book him in a certain way. If he wrestled a bit more like the previous resident Irish toughman Finlay, who was a great technical wrestler as well as a smashmouth specialist, and learned to cut better promo's, I may develop more interest in his character.

Whilst I respect what Sheamus has achieved in the short space of time he has been in the WWE, the overriding feeling for me is that its been handed to him rather than genuinely earned, and means I don't respect him as much as other more recent champions. Wrestlers such as CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, hell even Mark Henry.

Undoubtedly Sheamus has a bright future in the WWE, as bright as his beard, but he's just not for me. Let's hope Barrett can get the monster push I feel he fully deserves upon his return, and hope he starts hanging around with HHH

Please post your opinions below, and thanks for reading my blog.

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  1. McRoubs's Avatar
    I agree with you here on pretty much everything. Sheamus needs to be a heel and shouldn't be the face of the Anti-Bullying campaign because it's ridiculous. All Sheamus did when he first arrived in WWE was utterly destroy and bully people. Remember what he did to Jamie Noble? That was insane. That powerbomb he gave to Jamie Noble on the outside was wicked hard. Noble had to piss someone off in order to deserve that.

    Sheamus is a very stiff worker. He's almost as bad as Goldberg was. I loved Goldberg though. He was a perfect buildup character to fend off the evil NWO back in the day. I like Sheamus too, but he needs to be a heel. His promos are pretty bad.

    Speaking of Goldberg I'm sick of people chanting Goldberg when Ryback is wrestling. They're nothing alike. Just because he dominates matches doesn't make him Goldberg. I'm glad they gave him back his Ryback gimmick cause the one he had on NXT was terrible and he wasn't Ryback in Nexus, more like their enforcer, but I like this Ryback gimmick.

    Back to Sheamus. I also agree it was a huge waste to have him beat Bryan so quickly at Wrestlemanie. Honestly, what the hell was the point of that? It couldn't have been to put Sheamus over as a dominant force because they do that every match he wins basically. Maybe Bryan pissed someone off and he was in the dog house. I don't know. But every match Bryan in is a classic almost and that could have been something special.

    Sheamus did go on that long losing streak when he won the king of the ring...I think around that time though I read around all the sites he did piss someone off and was in the dog house. I know it's not related, but remember when they had Sheamus job for Sin Cara? Really? Sin Cara? That guy should be fired he's awful.

    It is a shame that Drew's career is pretty much sinking and over with though. That guy got great heat as a heel. He was totally over, but for whatever reason they're wasting his talent. Just like Swagger and Ziggler. I am so pissed Ziggler hasn't been put at the main event level yet. That guy can make anyone look good. One of the hardest workers I've seen in a long time. Ziggler needs to be at the top NOW.
  2. stynesy's Avatar
    Nice blog. Well laid out and argued.

    However I must disagree on a few points. The first is the 'enhanced' comment. He is no Mason Ryan and can often look a little chubby around the middle. Yeah, he looks strong and toned, but personally I wouldn't say enhanced. Plus, without the evidence, it's a little unfair to say. But I can see why you'd think that as he is rather built.

    Completely agree on the Cena comparison. I would hate to see Sheamus turn into a wrestler who gets his arse kicked for 15 mins and then hits a Brogue kick and we all go home happy. It's silly and unbelievable. But I think Sheamus matches at the moment do give the opponent a decent chance for offence and he sells really well while they do it (ref to the 2 out of 3 falls match you mentioned).

    Finally, I like the kick out on one thing. And I feel the more wrestlers should do it. Why should a clothesline after 2 mins nearly hurt a guy so much that he can't lift a shoulder? Again, it's silly. It shows how a match progresses and how each wrestler wears down the other. I suppose it would work better over 15-18 min match and might look suspect on a 3 min RAW match which could be why you aren't a fan, but I don't want to put words in your mouth.

    All in all, nice blog and nothing like a bit of friendly debate and rebutal!
    Updated 06-01-2012 at 09:10 AM by stynesy
  3. ewantu2's Avatar
    If the IWC where bookers every main eventer would be a heel lol.
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    First off, good blog bud. I enjoyed the read beginning to end. I share all of your views, and believe first hand that if it wasn't for backstage politics, Sheamus would not be the star he is today. His mic skills are mediocre, and despite him being more entertaining as a heel, I question his rise to the top. Yes, at times I wonder if he merely has been a filler until Barrett returns, yet in the same process having those two men feud, would be rather interesting. He seems to have a young Triple H mentality. Despite having the "physique", Sheamus lacks the one main thing that so many others DO have, CHARISMA.

    Again, I enjoyed your blog. Cheers bud.
  5. jethro's Avatar
    I agree I don't like the part Sheamus kickout at 1,but his match with Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules was nothing but great,because Daniel able to put Sheamus on a clinic.What I like about Sheamus though is that he used 4 or 5 Finlay wrestling moves,I don't think he steal it but pay respect to Finlay.
  6. replacethebass's Avatar
    Good blog!!
    I have to say that I am a fan of Sheamus, but you are dead on in many respects. His current face character is weak, and I mean really weak. This whole great white nonsense has gone on far too long and I had hoped that after Wrestlemania that a heel turn would be in the making, but alas the persona has become staler than ever. I'm not sure how well his merchandise sells (I think i'm not alone here) but surely the WWE would be better served by having him as a heel in order to have some sort of top level heel for the faces to feud with (not withstanding Brock and Jericho as they'll be off soon). In my opinion this face persona could have been salvaged if they had run with the brief occupy angle and had a team HHH vs team Laurinaitis storyline but who knows why creative dropped that so quickly after making such a deal about it initially.
    As you said the kicking out after a one count is really hurting his matches and I think he could take a leaf out of Ziggler's book about selling as well.

    I do have to disagree on a few points however.
    I think that his stiff wrestling style is not a negative thing at all. The brogue kick is one of the few finishers in the WWE at the moment that makes you really feel for the person on the recieving end. I think that and the rest of his moveset lends an air of believeability to matches, although as I said he really has to get better at putting over his opponents moves.
    Also i'm not sure if the cloverleaf counts as a finisher as I think he has only used it once.

    In regards to his promo work I have to say none of has been particularly entertaining since he turned face (apart from that christian potato incident), but as a heel his promos weren't half bad. I enjoyed his promos in the build up to TLC against John Cena and I feel that he had more imput into what he was going to say then, nowadays all he does is stereotypical Irish anecdotes and call Daniel Bryan and Johnny Ace and arse.

    I think he's put on a few good matches as well, The end of the rumble match with Jericho was great and he had another fantastic bout with Jericho not too long afterwards (these are just the two most recent that spring to mind)

    All in all he needs a heel turn quick. I think he could be a face again in the future but there should always be an element of a heel to his persona ala edge

    P.s. You're right that new t-shirt is awful!!
  7. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    If the IWC where bookers every main eventer would be a heel lol.
    completly agree

    sheamus,cena,cm punk apparently everyone has to be a heel. I think sheamus is being built like a cena maybe because they want to turn cena heel and need a replacment, someone has to sell the merchandise.
    and i doubt hanging around with hhh gets you straight to a main event I heard an interview with hhh and he said that he didnt think sheamus was the guy until he saw how dedicated he was he was. at the beggining of his career he didnt miss a show apparently he was at every tv taping from raw to superstars even though he was in ecw. you just have to show vince and the top guys you are willing to break you back for them
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