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WBC Top 5 Series #8: Top 5 Current WWE Superstars

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What is up guys!? Time for another edition of WBC. This week, Playboy Stevie defends his title of WBC Top 5 Champ, against a regular blogger on EWN, Callum. The topic, the top 5 current WWE Superstars. So without further adieu, lets get right into the champ's blog.

Playboy Stevie V

Okay so the question was presented to me of who are the best CURRENT WWE wrestlers. So, I came up with a way to define what CURRENT means, when answering this question. Current to me does not mean who was on top 4, 3, 2, 1 years ago. It means to me CURRENTLY this year, 2012.

Now who is on top of the WWE is a no brainer. Whoever are the current WWE and World Heavyweight Champion should be the CURRENT #1 and #2 best CURRENT WWE wrestlers.

Now as for the United States and IC Championship, with the exception of Cody Rhodes, who is no longer champion, has lost prestige. Santino being US champ and losing like a jobber to Del Rio is a joke. So I did not consider those championships along with the Divas or Tag Team to determine my top 5 CURRENTLY.

So how I made my decision on my top 5 Currently was based on some factors.

1. Main Event PPV status
2. WWE and World Champions
3. Match hype
4. Consistently on TV
5. Match qualities

The process I went through to come up with my list is that I placed wrestlers I might have considered in my top 5 and broke them up into list accordingly to eliminate some.

Not ready yet to be in the top 5- Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler

Floundering- Miz, Zack Ryder

Lacking constant PPV main event matches in 2012- Kane, Orton, Del Rio, Big Show

Not consistently on TV- Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, The Rock

Currently or have been injured- Sin Cara, Mark Henry, Triple H (kayfabe), Rey Mysterio (suspended too), Wade Barrett

To new to make a accurate judgment- Brodus Clay, Ryback, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro

Now my top 5 CURRENT WWE wrestlers:

5. John Cena- True Cena is not the most sound or technical wrestler, but this year he had a ho-hum feud with Kane. Then he Main Evented this years highly anticipated Wrestlemania against The Rock. He had a nice little feud with Brock Lesnar and a Main Evented a PPV against Brock. He Main Evented another PPV against Big Johnny and will be Main Eventing the up and coming PPV against the Big Show. Regardless how you feel about him he is Main Eventing PPVs and drawing sales. The kids love him; he gets it done and sells tickets.

4. Chris Jericho- He had a hyped return. He did the silent thing that received buzz from the wrestling community. He almost won the Royal Rumble, and then started a feud with CM Punk. He Main Evented Wrestlemania vs. CM Punk. He continued to feud with Punk after Wrestlemania, which was classic and personal about Punk’s family and substance abuse that accumulated to a Chicago Street Fight. The Chicago Street Fight was one of the best matches I’ve seen in a long time. True Y2J didn’t win any of those matches, but his unselfishness in putting guys over in a A+ quality matches is much appreciated and his over the top heel work is the best in the biz. He Main Evented in the fatal 4 way WHC match in the last PPV also. I know he is now suspended for the Brazil flag thing, but that’s just going to effect Y2J not being in this up and coming PPV, which hasn’t even happened yet. So I think it's unfair to judge him for being MIA just yet.

3. Daniel Bryan- YES YES YES! He came in this year as the WHC. He consistently defended it against Big Show and Mark Henry. He beat them both in a cage. He retained the title during the Elimination Chamber. The booking staff robbed him during Wrestlemania, where he lost the title to Sheamus. This pissed off fans and because of this something phenomenal happened. He is now one of the most popular wrestlers going today. His chant of Yes Yes Yes!, is said to be the new Stone Cold “What?” He get’s a huge pop. His Main Event 2 out of 3 falls PPV match with Sheamus was fantastic. His match against CM Punk for the WWE title at the last PPV was one of the best matches I’ve seen since Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat. We witnessed the new Shawn vs. Bret rivalry. The future looks bright. The only thing keeping him from being #1 or #2 is that he is not holding the WWE Championship or WHC.

2. Sheamus- He is the CURRENT WHC. He won the Royal Rumble. He won the title at Wrestlemania. He defended his title in a classic 2 out of 3 falls match against DB. He defended his title in a fatal 4 way at the last PPV. So currently he is in the top #2 cause he’s a champion, bottom line.

1. CM Punk- He is the CURRENT WWE Champion. He has held the title for long time now, to the standards of today’s WWE. He is one of the most popular figures in the WWE currently. He won the elimination chamber. He’s had classic matches and feuds with Y2J and the match he had with DB was one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen. He’s feuding currently with DB and this is nothing, but good news for us fans. He is also the new cover boy for the up and coming WWE video game. So, with that he deserves to be #1 currently.

Wow, a great blog from Playboy! Can Callum finally defeat him? Let's take a look!


Hi, this is my 2nd time on WBC and I've been asked to make a list on the 5 best current Wwe wrestlers. Making this list was fun but a challenge seeing as there is well over 50 wwe wrestlers.

Before I start I'd like to give honourable mentions to Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Cm Punk, Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes.

5. Tyson Kidd
So this pick will either gain me votes or lose me votes. But I've become a big fan of Kidd ever since his face turn. His amazing in the ring and the reason he's not higher is because I've yet to of seen his mic skills. For those wondering why I picked Kidd over Ziggler, Kidd gets to have 10 minute matches every week whereas Dolph gets put in squash matches.

4. Sheamus
I know many people dislike Sheamus but in a fan of him because unlike Cena he can have great matches. Some people think his mic skills need improving but I think they're good enough as they are. He's over with the crowd and looks like a credible champion (unlike Del Rio) and until he's booked like supercena I'll be a fan.

3. Kane
What can I say other than im one of the 20,000 Kaneonite's. This pick may lose me some votes but Kane's one of my all time favourites and there was no way i was leaving him off this list. He's great in the ring and one of the most underrated on the mic. Personally i want Kane to win at No way out and then he can have a feud with Daniel Bryan similar to the X-pac\Kane and RVD\Kane feuds (Cm Punk can feud with Dolph Ziggler now that Orton's been suspended). Side note - Kane should do the Tombstone more often.

2. Chris Jericho
The best in the world at what he does. He's so good at it that he was nearly arrested. Chris Jericho's always been one of the best in the ring and i'd very much like a Jericho\Bryan feud (Heel vs Heel) after Jericho returns from suspension. His promo skills are also amazing and like Kane and Christian he's an amazing veteran.

1. Daniel Bryan
Given the year he's had, could it of been anyone else? He's wwe's best technical wrestler and has already delivered some great matches (vs Cm Punk and vs Ziggler). As I said above his in ring skills are amazing and he's really coming into his own as his heel character. His mic skill are good and I look forward to many more great Daniel Bryan matches.

Thanks for reading.

Definitely some great choices from Callum. Who will be the winner? That is up to you the reader to decide. Be sure to vote for which blog you liked better!

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  1. Callum's Avatar
    Hi, great blog by Playboy Stevie V as always but I just wanted to point out that our criteria's are different. Mine was based on who's the best in ring and on the mic today whereas Stevie's was more based on whose on top. Just wanted to point that out to the voters
  2. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Looks that way. I read the question as who's currently the TOP superstars in the WWE.

    I love that you gave Kidd love. He's totally under used and talented. Too bad he hasn't been pushed a past his Hart Dynasty days unfortunately. WWE is wasting him, IMO.
    Updated 06-01-2012 at 01:42 AM by Playboy Stevie V
  3. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    I'm so torn, lol. Callum big ups for putting in Kidd. In recent times he's become my favorite guy on the entire roster. Puts on absolutely class matches against ANYONE. He really needs to be pushed to the top. But I will have to go with Stevie for having Punk and Cena in his. Was a really hard choice though.
  4. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    Wow this is a hard one to decide but I have always been a Kane fan and iI think Tyson Kidd id amazing. But I do also agre with Stevie. Cuz those 5 people are on top right now! Damn this is really hard. But I'm gonna have to go with....... CALLUM.
  5. ewantu2's Avatar
    I'm going with Playboy Stevie V
  6. akbar's Avatar
    I would give it to Playboy V because even though Callum's criteria might have been about best in the ring and on Mic, the fact that he didn't put CM Punk in his top 5 surprised me...
  7. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i'm voting callum
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