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The Musings of a Duck. Episode 2: Eat. Pray. Push?

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With the fine month of May finally drawing to it's conclusion, I felt I part deux of my 'Musings of a Duck' was needed.

For those who haven't read my previous blog, this is where I look at what's been on my mind recently, both wrestling and non-wrestling wise. So let's do this!

1. Silly Superstars
This past week has been dominated by the ill-doings of Chris Jericho and Randy Orton. The two, ironically pegged to do battle at No Way Out in a couple of weeks, were suspended due to misdemeanors now well known to all you EWN'rs.
Whilst of course this is bad for WWE, for us internet fans, could mark a chance for someone to make a name for themselves. And whilst speculation is rife as to whom will make the leap forward, I believe it is a battle of two superstars; Dolph Ziggler and The Miz:
  • Whilst Dolph Ziggler is due for a major push, there are a couple of things that I believe will prevent him from doing so in the near future. First off, the WWE would need a face to take the spot of Orton. Ziggler needs time to turn face, and even when he finally manages it, the obvious feud is with Jack Swagger. Realistically, that should take up a month at the least, and if it were to drag on any further, Orton's return would be imminent. I don't think the timing is right for him.
  • This leaves The Miz. Whilst it seems as though he has been on the back-burner since Survivor Series, this could be the perfect chance for him. There are a couple of scenarios that I like here. Firstly, he could simply feud with Sheamus after No Way Out, or the one that I'd prefer, turn face due to John Laurinaitis' constant ignorance of what occurred at Wrestlemania. And I still want to see a proper feud between him an CM Punk...


2. Punk'd
From what I've been reading these past weeks on this website, more and more people are saying that the 2012 CM Punk is different to that of summer 2011. Some people are saying he's a sellout. This is the absolute largest bag of baloney I have heard on here.
The man used our outcries as a way to gain a lucrative contract, so what? Everyone would have done the same as him. Furthermore, without him, Raw would be more monopolized by Cena than it is now. At least it's more of an Oligopoly with Punk around, and with his success, the likes of Bryan and Ryder were able to succeed - arguably when they would have been destined for mid card city without him. The whole landscape of the WWE has been altered this past year, mostly due to the effort Punk has put in. So silly people of EWN (you know who you are), from me and the majority of people - SHUT UP.

3. Where the 'WILD' things are
Phew now I got that off my chest, I shall digress to something less serious. The past week or so, one of my friends has made me rejuvenate a new interest - Nigel Thornberry-isms. For those who don't know who he is, here's the scoop; Once upon a time there was a program for children's TV called The Wild Thornberries. This was the adventures of a family who travelled the world looking for rare animals. The daughter Eliza was able to speak to them. However, what got my attention was her father - Nigel Thornberry. With a stereotypical British explorer accent (voiced by Tim Curry), Nigel was hilarious for his one liners, especially, 'Blargargh'. I seem to watch the same video every day in order to get a laugh, so here's a gift from me to all of you. Enjoy.

4. Summer of Sport
The 8th of June starts the two month period of which will be one of the best summers that a sports fan could ever envisage. This includes the European Championship, Olympics and Wimbledon.
The European championship should be fun. And whilst I believe Germany will win it, they have serious competition from the likes of Spain, Netherlands and France. Of course I'll be rooting for England and ROI, however. Whilst there have been issues of possible racism during the Championships, I truly believe that won't be an issue, and we all will be able to remember what should be on show here - and that is the talent of football on show.
I am more excited though about the Olympics though. First off, yes I do have tickets - I am going to watch the Volleyball on August 2nd. As a keen volleyball player, having played it at University level, it seemed a no-brainer to apply for those tickets. As for watching it on TV, my favourite event is Swimming (obviously being a duck and all). There is an atmosphere that goes unmatched and the level of talent on show is remarkable. In particular I shall be cheering on Rebecca Adlington - she was brought up near where I live and she is one of my guilty crushes!

Top Girl

5. Crazy B****
On the subject of weird crushes (now I'm starting to sound like a pervert), I have to give credit to AJ. Whilst being unbelievably hot, she has managed to play her character brilliantly. She gives me that weird vibe, and is bringing an extra 'umph' to the Punk/ Bryan storyline. I am certainly looking forward to where all of this goes in the foreseeable future.
And for the record:

  • Hot woman on TV = Hot
  • Hot woman on TV + Weird Vibe = Very Hot
  • Hot woman on TV + Weird Vibe + Nerd/ Geek = UNBELIEVABLY HOT

That's it for this edition of Musings of a Duck. Thank you for reading, and remember to leave a comment, subscribe to this channel and you can go back and read the other episodes (Best Ryder impression) and take care... QUACK.

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  1. B-ri's Avatar
    Good blog man! Agree fully with your point on CM Punk and it's nice to see another blogger from the UK!

    PS I reckon Germany will win it by a mile, I hope England & ROI do well, since we aren't there.
  2. cymru96123's Avatar
    The Wild Thornberries <3

    Great blog, makes good points and it isn't all serious. I'm also saying Germany to win.

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