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WWE '13 Leaked Roster and DLC Predictions

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I know this may be a bit early but since the roster for theWWE ’13 video game has been “leaked” online, many have questioned if it is legitor not.

To view the leaked WWE ’13 roster, view the link below.


Also, it’s been 100% confirmed that a total of 77 superstarswill appear – being a mixture of current WWE superstars (38), Attitude Erasuperstars (32) and Divas (7).

About the roster, there are a few interesting things that havebeen crossing my mind that I’d like to touch upon.

THQ have confirmed that rather than have their Attitude Erapersonas be added as alternate attires, they will be different character modelsaltogether. At first I was quite angry, since we now get two of Big Show,Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Christian, Rock, Kane, Mark Henry and Triple H.
These roster spaces could have been used for current WWESuperstars that are missing from the roster such as Drew McIntyre, (theever-in-demand) Uso Brothers, Michael McGillicutty, Ezekiel Jackson, TysonKidd, and Yoshi Tatsu and so-on.
On a personal note, I’m shocked that William Regal isn’tfeatured as both current and Attitude Era character, even though he has been anNXT announcer recently. Here’s hoping.
But since the Attitude Era is returning in a big way in WWE‘13, I think this could be great. It will feel like two WWE games in one,although it’s a shame about some of the characters I mentioned be excluded fromthe WWE ’13 roster.

The Divas roster, also, is disappointing. Even though whenWWE Divas did model scans for the game many, many months ago, the small rosteris quite bad. Instead of Natalya and AJ, we get Alicia Fox and the recentlyreleased Bella Twins.
Fear not, as THQ have confirmed that another Divas DLC Packwill be released shortly after the game comes out. Last year, the Bella Twins,Alicia Fox, Trish Stratus, Kharma and Vickie Guerrero all made it into thegame. There is a HUGE chance that Natalya, AJ, Layla, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes andVickie Guerrero could all make it into the game as part of DLC.

Speaking of DLC, there is a few WWE Superstars have beenconfirmed to appear in the game by one source or the other that don’t appear onthe leaked roster.
Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) has confirmed that will appear inthe game and as part of his return to WWE, Tensai has also had his charactermodel scanned for the game.
In this year’s featured “Attitude Era” story-mode that hasbeen confirmed for the game, a source confirmed that the storyline will featureCM Punk will lead an Invasion of Attitude Era superstars against WWE and – asyou guessed it – Punk’s arch-nemesis, John Laurinaitis.
Big Johnny’s character model was also featured this pastMonday Night Raw, were he was featured on the fake cover of WWE ’13 video game.
Also, rumour has it from a very good source that Rybackchants have been put into the game. Brodus Clay JUST made it into the game lastyear Ryback may be the same this year.

While I believe the WWE Leaked Roster to be somewhat legit,here’s who I predict to be part of various DLC packs to come out after therelease of the game:

Downloadable Characters:
John Laurinaitis
-- To be featured prominently in the game as main antagonistto CM Punk and Attitude Era grapplers. Rumour has it that THQ are currentlyworking on his recent “People Power” attire he wore at Over the Limit againstJohn Cena.
-- Strong rumours are that, before he debuted, Tensai hadhis character model scanned for the game at WWE HQ in Stamford by THQ.
-- Confirmed himself that he is in the game.
-- With the all-but-confirmed rumour that Ryback chants havebeen included in the game, expect him to just make it into the DLC packs.
Paul Heyman
-- Paul Heyman recently visited WWE HQ in Stamford, well before his TV return, to docommentary on the upcoming CM Punk DVD. With Lesnar confirmed to be in the gameat very early stages of production on the video game, it is very possible thatPaul Heyman could have been included. A “General Managers” DLC Pack with BigJohnny could be possible.
New World Order
-- I know what most of you must be thinking, but give me amoment to explain a few things. Point ONE: In this video (( fan points out that an nWo T-Shirt is seen (faintly) worn by a fan in thecrowd. In all previous WWE games, whenever a fan character model in the crowdis wearing a t-shirt it is always of a WWE grappler who is included in thegame. Point TWO: Kevin Nash, even though he hasn’t been on WWE TV this year(yet), still made the roster. This could mean that going with the whole“Attitude Era/Monday Night Wars” theme in WWE ’13 (if you go to THQ’s WWEwebsite, they mention in a small article about the features of the game thatyou will relive the “Monday Night Wars”) that the New World Order could invadethe WWE in the storyline. Point THREE: Kevin Nash could simply have alternatenWo attire. Point FOUR: With nearly ever single member of D-Generation X (barChyna) from the Attitude Era (even Mike Tyson is in!) in WWE ’13, WWE and THQcould finally give us the proper Invasion storyline, and a DX vs. New WorldOrder storyline we have all been waiting for! Point FOUR: Hulk Hogan’s TNAcontract allows him to have merchandise deals outside of the company – this ishow Hulk Hogan appeared in both Legends of Wrestlemania and WWE All-Starsgames. Hogan, Nash and Hall could return!

Another interesting piece of news about WWE ’13 is the WWE Announcers.Jim Ross confirmed that WWE ’13 will feature various commentators. Before I getahead of myself, this could mean a few things. ONE: you can select 2 or 3 teamsfor the first time in a WWE game: Attitude Era’s Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross,current WWE’s heel Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, or even all 3 men at onetable. With Booker T excluded from the leaked roster, he could be included alsowith Michael Cole. TWO: When you play the Attitude Era storyline or/and selectthe classic Raw is War arena, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will commentate. Thiscould be much like the old WWE games where you selected a RAW arena inExhibition; you had (for example) JR and King, and JBL and Michael Cole whenyou selected SmackDown.

In terms of managers, I’d actually expect Ricardo Rodriguez,Hornswoggle and Rosa Mendes to be included as non-playable managers for thegame. Ricardo was only confirmed last year when Alberto Del Rio was confirmedfor the WWE ’12 game.

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  1. rhyno535's Avatar
    Still not 100% confirmed, but i have seen the list and im a little disappointed about that if they have the Attitude Era they should include The Hardy Boyz who were a huge part of it. I would also like to see Val Venis and Rikishi who also was a big part of the Attitude Era.
  2. OneTimePosterShorry's Avatar
    Where's Alby? Pretty fishy how he's not even on that list yeah so real.
  3. blink's Avatar
    They usually never release the wrestlers like this. Usually has a big thing on their website where they reveal a character a day up to the release day. Plus with such glaring omissions such as the funk-uh-sore-us!!! I just don't know how legit it is. But I would expect all of those to be in the game anyways
  4. King Scrapper's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by blink
    They usually never release the wrestlers like this. Usually has a big thing on their website where they reveal a character a day up to the release day. Plus with such glaring omissions such as the funk-uh-sore-us!!! I just don't know how legit it is. But I would expect all of those to be in the game anyways
    They havent released the roster on ign like this since SVR 09. They release it on the game's website now. Every week they reveal a handful of superstars up until the release. I dont think this leaked list is accurate at all. I smell BS.
  5. Guest's Avatar
    I don't think it's very accurate, some new stars are missing and a few popular AE stars should be there.I'm expecting more Divas - Natalya, Layla, AJ, Tamina, Ivory, Sable, Jackie.I hope we get lots of managers too!
  6. Sage's Avatar
    what id like to see are the tag teams, brood, apa, hardys ect, and a few single guys like blackman, the hollys, ect
  7. baby-boi's Avatar
    Here is my issue with the roster. WWe needs to go big or go home. They don't need to half step. Most likely, they will leave out anyone that they have a problem with.(IE: They have DX WITHOUT CHYNA.) If they are going to have an Attitude type game, they shouldn't leave out any key players.
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