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Are We Spoiling Ourselves?

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Before you read this you should know that I'm an extremely objective person. I have no alignment to any form of entertainment, person or company.

I was reading a few articles today that spoke about the WWF Attitude Era and the comparison with the current WWE product and I found myself inspired to write a Blog - something I have never done in my life.

The topic I choose for my debut? What is ruining the WWE today.

I'm not going to dare speak personally for anyone else out there but I will for me. I watched the WWF AE during it's entire run and enjoyed it more than I've enjoyed wrestling in the past few years. Is that because the product was better? Possibly. Is that because the current product is PG? It could well be. But do you know what I really think ruined the WWE for me today?

Two things really;

A. I grew up and B. I started to read websites like this. Now I know you're going to groan and say, well, if you don't want to be spoiled then don't read the site and you have a point - except I'm not here to debate that. What I'm here to say is that my choice of reading these websites has ruined wrestling for myself. I remember back during the Attitude Era when I didn't read these websites and every single show had me entertained. I have fond memories of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H and Degeneration X like everyone else. Do you know what the difference was? I didn't know what was likely going to happen on RAW. I didn't know when someone's contract was running out or when they got suspended. I didn't know when someone got fired or the likely ending to the matches that were going to happen.

Now I do.

Now I read this website every single day, every single week and I read the spoilers. I know what's going to happen in bits and pieces, I know who's coming back, I know who's leaving and all this knowledge, in total truth, ruins my experience. Now I'm not going to say that I'm never coming back here again because that's not what this blog is about. I'm always going to read the spoiler sites, I'm always going to know because that kind of curiosity is human nature - especially mine. If you're going to tell me I can know the ending of Supernatural Series 8 before it even starts, I'm going to tell you hell yeah, spill.

The truth is that it would probably ruin my entertainment in the long run and that's MY doing. Do I think the WWF did a few things that were stupid and not so entertaining? Of course they did. Do I think the WWE do things that are stupid and not so entertaining? Of course they do. I don't think it's the product all the time, I think it's at least a 50/50 split.

Can you imagine how much more fun RAW or Smackdown might be if you didn't know all the details you do going in? Wouldn't it be more entertaining to not know? I honestly think it's quite possible that it would - at least for me. Alas, that's the conundrum. Would I rather be entertained without knowledge, or would I rather know? Hell, some things are predictable - look at Big Show getting fired and coming back, who didn't call that? I know I did and I certainly didn't read it here.

Whilst people are spending their time debating whether or not the WWE are the problem, to which when you look at storylines like Cole/King, you know they can be, why aren't we wondering if we're doing what the title actually says and spoiling ourselves.

As for growing up, I think that ties in to what the WWE can get away with doing without me being aware of it. Common sense dicates that with age, I likely grow wiser. The more I learn, the more I know and when they try to tell me that Daniel Bryan is a no-one from nothing indpendents, I'm bound to look sideways.

So tell me, is it just the WWE? It is just a case of the AE being better than the PG or do we ourselves spoil our own entertainment, week in, week out?

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  1. Cross's Avatar
    Although you make oneheck of a load of sense, me personally, I do not read the spoilers. And I STILL can predict who will win what matches and what happens. I knew Alberto Del Rio was going to win that triple threat match, I know anyone who has a world title match at a pay per view is least likely to loose to someone. Alotof matches in the WWE are predictable. The last Monday Night Raw, Kofi and R-Truth came out in a tag team match. Before thier opponents came out, I predicted they would be Ziggler and Swagger. And I was right.

    However, there are times WWE does unpredictable things that we can spoil ourselves on, but I never do read those spoilers. Great blog by the way. It is a topic alot of us need to think about.
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