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My response to "An Attitude Era fan...Who came back."

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This started out as a comment, but the blog I was commenting on pissed me off so much that my comment basically ended up being longer than the blog itself, so I felt no one would bother reading so I made it into it's own blog.

And my comment was....

I have to disagree completely with you on Cena owning Shamrock, Severn or Blackman. Unless you are going on mic skills, and mic skills alone. Those guys could perform in the ring way better than Cena. And the fact that you said Cena owns Austin (Austin at almost any point in his career) is laughable at best. Even if you want to go by crowd support. Take ANY Cena pop in ANY situation, then go back to the "Invasion" angle when WWF was getting whooped in the ring and everyone wanted the "old Stone Cold" back and he came back from the bar whooping ass with a pool cue. Once the glass shattered the crowd went absolutely nuts. The closest pop to that is when The Rock was introduced as the host of WM27. And even in the ring, Austin could work in the ring better than Cena.

And McMahon/Helmsley promos that last forever and go nowhere?(See any Johnny Ace promo from today). Vinnie Mac could heel circles around Johnny Ace if he was passing out $100 bills to the entire crowd. I challenge you to name one faction in current WWE better than DX. And the fact that you ended your blog stating that the belts are all now meaningless made your entire rant to be exactly like you say those belts are now, meaningless. How can you say PG era is better than Attitude era when you claim the prize they are all fighting for has less meaning these days? And yes, Cena could whoop Chyna, that was a bit pointless to say. Yes, the Attitude Era had some dumb shit happen, but the PG era surpasses them in the dumb shit category by leaps and bounds(anonymous Raw GM, anyone? Lawler vs. Cole?). How many times did a 100 lbs female dominate Chyna in the ring? Because it used to happen every week with Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix in this era, when it is quite obvious to everyone in the crowd, fan of KK or not, that it was absolutely absurd.

Please, PLEASE, name one single moment in the PG era that made your jaw drop and say "What the fuck? WOW!" like when Undertaker threw Mankind off the cell. Or when NAOs threw Cactus Jack and Terry Funk off the stage in the dumpster.

I agree that there are plenty of matches these days, but back then, there were as well. You're going to tell me Owen Hart couldn't go in the ring? Really going to tell me Shamrock couldn't go? Although Bryan and Punk are talented wrestlers, Kurt Angle is hands down the best technical wrestler to ever step foot in a WWF ring. What tag team today could handle the New Age Outlaws? The APA? The Brothers of Destruction? The Dudley Boyz? The Hardy Boyz? Edge & Christian? What heel faction now is better than The Corporation? The Ministry of Darkness?

And when you say the Attitude Era would have killed for a Kofi Kingston? You act like he is being shot to the moon in this era. He gets put in random tag teams that make no sense, the piss poor excuse for tag belts get put on partner of the time, they have a boring reign, then it's done. I like Kofi, and wish they would do him more justice. He is by far the most athletic superstar in the company today, but don't go saying the AE would have killed for him when the PG is only 1 step above burying him.

Yes! better than What? Really? If you listen on Raw, the Yes! chants are dying down a bit unless Bryan is out there doing it himself. What? still happens damn near every raw, and in case you haven't noticed, Austin is never there. WHAT? I SAID AUSTIN IS NEVER THERE!

It's also funny to me that you say the AE was full of catch phrases to get a pop, then you continue to say they would kill to have a guy who every single time he is out claims he is "the most must see wwe superstar of all time" and that "I'm the Miz, and I'm AAAAWWWEEESSSSOMMME!" Again, I like the Miz, but that sure as hell seems like a catch phrase to me, and that's the bottom line.

Stone Cold never did what he thought was good for WWF? How about turning what the WWF made a stale boring character, into the Texas Rattlesnake with one of the most legendary promos of all time. In case you missed it "Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!" Yea, he may have left because of a disagreement on where the creative direction was headed, but your boy Cena is all about standing up for what you believe in, at least his character is.

You're really going to say that Austin and Undertaker didn't have chemistry in the ring? That statement made me want to vomit on my laptop, the only thing holding me back from doing it was the thought of having to type this response on my phone.

And you can stop requesting that we all GO BACK AND WATCH, because WE DO! I regularly am on YouTube watching old matches. And I NEVER finish and say, man, that was...what did you say...Matches were often chaotic spot rests, sporadic offence, odd psychology or none at all, talent often seemed lost in the ring, sluggish and relying on gimmick matches to crutch the contest. Really, no gimmick matches these days? Hmm, I guess Kane and Cena weren't just in an ambulance match, Punk and Jericho in a Chicago street fight, they never have MITB matches. And it's not like they now have entire PPVs named after these so-called gimmick matches of the AE. I guess I dreamt watching the Hell in a Cell PPV, I guess I should lay off the weed if I'm dreaming up entire PPVs.

I hope I'm not the only one that laughed when you were bitching about Kurt Angle being slapped around by a guy yammering on about "ruthless aggression" maybe him not wearing jorts kind of threw you off and you didn't recognize him, but, THAT WAS CENA! You know, the guy you basically labeled the best ever in all caps and bold letters.

MATCHES ARE BETTER... don't be fooled. Ten years ago, raws matches were largely shit and two minutes long. Did you not just watch Raw last night? The US champ was squashed in less than a minute, and Sheamus dismantled Otunga just as quickly.

Your blog, was at best, a pile of hot steamy garbage. Your blog was worse than you claim the matches were back then. Maybe it was lacking some catch phrases for cheap pops.

I was, like you claim to be, a fan of the Attitude Era. A REAL fan of the Attitude Era. Not just someone who saw a Raw once, then King of the Ring a year later while flipping threw the channels and decided to start watching. I watched religiously every week. Watched every Raw, PPV, even the weekend highlight shows. I'm a fan of todays product as well. But if I miss a Raw on accident, or even a Smackdown(mostly on purpose) I don't get upset. I watch NXT and Superstars online. I check this website more times than I can count every day. No matter how bad, corny, or down right laughable this product gets, I defend my fanhood to the very end against anyone who wants to give me shit about it. But I've sat back, gritted my teeth and bit my tongue while people on here try to downplay the Attitude Era. I guess your blog was the straw that finally broke this camels back. You turned Stunning Steve into Stone Cold Steve Austin if you want to relate it to wrestling.

Let the debates end here. Punk and Bryan, love them both. But they can both put on wrestling clinics until Bryan wants a burger and Punk needs a beer. I'll gladly watch it because I love pure wrestling. But this era will never be the Attitude Era. Blame it on internet spoilers, social media, WWF being WWE, the company going public, Linda wanting to play politician, whatever you want. The Attitude Era was better.

I'll end with this. The Attitude Era is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be and that's the bottom line if you smell what The Resh cookin' and may it rest in peace. And for those of you who are not down with that, I've got 2 words for ya...SUCK IT! HAVE A NICE DAY!

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  1. Johnny G's Avatar
    Fricking awesome blog dude couldn't have said it any better myself
  2. latreal23's Avatar
    Hold up somethings fishy sunday call. 1. You say you first watched wrestling in 98 when you were 12 so that would make you born in 86 so explain to me how you loved 80s wrestling when you only were 4 when the 90s came?
  3. Sundaycall's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by latreal23
    Hold up somethings fishy sunday call. 1. You say you first watched wrestling in 98 when you were 12 so that would make you born in 86 so explain to me how you loved 80s wrestling when you only were 4 when the 90s came?
    Born in late 85 big son, but, like young fans today who can watch the attitude era through YouTube, I had friends and cousins who already had a massive VHS collection of late 80s/ early 90s stuff. Such a different time.

    Very fishy
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