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Kyle Fitta

WWE Needs To Recognize Ziggler Has “IT”

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WWE Needs To Recognize Ziggler Has “IT”

Dolph Ziggler made his TV début in a stable called the Spirit Squad. The Spirit Squad were a group of male cheerleaders who were over-the-top and obnoxious. The wrestlers involved in the group were Kenny, Micky,Mitch, Nicky and Johnny. A number of fans thought the Spirit Squad was a horrible idea, but were despised by the fans and booed in just about every town they went to, so they were doing something right. Even though the stable was getting over, the WWE decided to lower their credibility by humiliating them, losing one-sided matches, and getting beat up by one wrestler in a 5 on 1 fight until they finally disbanded.

Kenny, later known as Kenny Dystrka, was the leader of the Spirit Squad and was supposed to be the one who was going to receive a big heel push after the squad disbanded. That never worked out, however, due to many factors, with the biggest one being his inability to distinguish himself to the audience. He was never over with the fans as ababyface or heel and the crowd wasn’t sure at how to react tohim.

Even though Nicky, now known as Dolph Ziggler, never had an important role in the Spirit Squad, he was able to still remain in the company (which is something none of the other wrestler in the stable were able to do). After the Spirit Squad disbanded in 2006, Ziggler went to OVW for two years until he made his début on Smackdown in 2008. Ziggler worked hard in the ring, on his promos—and, moreimportantly—learned the psychology behind knowing what the crowd wants or doesn’t want.

Ziggler has now divided himself from the rest of the heels in WWE by putting time into developing his character and talking ability to substantial pinnacles. He has also learned the fundamental principles of how to properly work a wrestling match by knowing when and why to do a spot, the realism of psychology, in addition to learning how to blend his athleticism with the fundamentals as well as using his athleticability as an attribution to telling a compelling in-ring story.

The overly gifted wrestlers distinguish themselves on their own no matter how poorly their utilized, and Ziggler has done just that: He’s been able to sustain his heat and credibility in spite of WWE giving little care in the world about him throughout his career. He’s done everything he’s needed to alarm the WWE he’s ready for the main stage, but they’ve never given his an opportunity.

I’m not saying that Ziggler needs to be facing John Cena for the WWE title in3 months, but they need to put him into a program that has effortinvolved in it where he’s able to showcase how much talent he truly has. A lengthy, well-thought out feud with Christian for the US beltis what I’m talking about, or any program that shows off hisability to talk on the mic and wrestle.

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Updated 05-29-2012 at 07:29 PM by Kyle Fitta

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  1. jethro's Avatar
    Ziggler,master of selling
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't believe that. He's been in the company for 6 years. He has certainly paid his dues. Meanwhile, Barrett has half the talent Ziggler does and hasn't been around long, but they're ready to put the belt on him. Like I said, I don't believe Ziggler is ready for the world title right now, but he needs a good program with someone so he can showcase his talents. One of the biggest problems with the WWE's midcard is their midcard titles have no merit. As a result, a lot of guys that aren't main event worthy but a serviceable midcarder are lost in the midcard shuffle. Another problem with the midcard is even-steven booking. A lot of times one guy will beat the other and then the guy will get his win back and that will be the last time they face each other. Even-steven booking elevates nobody.
    Updated 05-29-2012 at 10:10 PM by Kyle Fitta
  3. butch magnus's Avatar
    You forgot what he did before the squad!
  4. azzh316's Avatar
    Mark my words: Ziggler will become this generations Ric Flair. I said it first.
  5. scribblerking's Avatar
    Wow! All the love for the #heel lately? I do agree and have actually said before he reminds me of Ric Flair and has what IT takes to make it to the top. I would actually love to see Dolph reach the top level and even gain the WWE or WHC belt...then as champion make a decree he would never wrestle John Cena ever because he does not like sick of him and thinks him undeserving of yet another chance at a title run as long as he is holding the strap...ahh a man can dream...
  6. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    A blog about Ziggler and yet, there's no comment from his biggest fan, DK..... wow!!! =P
  7. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Muzza_H16
    A blog about Ziggler and yet, there's no comment from his biggest fan, DK..... wow!!! =P

    Waiting on it.... LMAO
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