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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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What is up boys and girls? Time for another edition for Uncooked, and after having been away for 2 weeks, this blog series from yours truly should be back on a regular basis. So make sure to keep an eye out week in and week out! Now, last nights Raw was another step closer to No Way Out, so without further adieu I am going to get right into the meat and potatoes of it!

The Bad

Santino vs ADR
On one side, you have the United States Champion who has had a tiffy with ADR's announcer, Ricardo. On the other side, you have the #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. What do you do? Oh that's destroy any credibility the US Champ has been having him getting squashed by a guy who should be far from the title scene. I get Santino is a comedy act, but having your champ be beat with minimal offense, really weakens both the champ and the championship in the eyes of us viewers. The WWE could have easily given Marella/Rio 5 to 10 minutes to give us a decent match, instead of a 2 minute squash. Definitely a low point of the night imo.

Sheamus vs David Otunga
I've learned something recently. There are good squash matches(Brodus Clay's first few, Ryback's recent ones), and then there are bad squash matches(Brodus's later ones) and a bad one. To me it doesn't further anything for Sheamus, or raise the value in our eyes. I get that it's to further the Otunga/Johnny/Sheamus/Eve angle, but honestly, imo, Johnny is dull now. I don't look at him when he first came as an authority figure as a guy I despise, but rather a guy that is just annoying, and not even the good annoying that you like to hate...just annoying. This was a lackluster match in my opinion.

The Indifferent
There is none this week!

The Good

Christian vs Miz
Well first off, the match was decent, plus you give two guys who are good in the ring and good on the mic, a chance to do something in the ring. Oh wait, add on to that, Orton coming out after the match as Miz stood in the ring complaining, only to be RKOed, and this makes for a decent segment. I'm guessing it'll be Miz vs Orton at No Way Out, which I am all for. I'd much rather have Jericho vs Orton, but all things considered, atleast someone else is getting the chance to be on a PPV and it not be a surprise match.

Kofi Kingston/R Truth vs Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger
YES! YES! YES! YES! It is finally happening. Ziggler is breaking off from Swagger, and hopefully with time, off from Vickie. Could this mean a face turn for Mr. Ziggles? Possibly. To me, this segment was a win/win. You give the tag champs another win, and a moment in the spotlight, and you do something that a lot of people have been wanting.

Big Show
So instead of splitting the Show segments up, I figured I'd lump it all in to one big sum of Big Show. When he attacked Cena, I remember seeing people posting saying they hoped Show wasn't turning heel, and he was being forced to do it. As soon as I read that, I was slapping my head thinking to myself "No...that sucks...a crying big show a mean angry giant...that is awesome", and that is what we get. Seeing him spear Brodus Clay, step through the announce table, needless to say, I like this side of Show rather than the happy go lucky giant. The better question now, will Cena defeat Show at No Way Out, or will Show get the win?

Punk vs Bryan
Now I haven't had the chance to watch the Punk/Bryan match from OTL, but I heard it was epic. Now, watching this match on Raw, I for one hope this Punk/Bryan feud is far from over. I said it before, with the PPV being No Way Out, I think an iron man match would be perfect for these two! I would have to say this match, and the segments with Show, were my favorite parts of Raw.

Well guys, another Raw has come to a close, and we are one step closer to No Way Out. I'd give this Raw a 2.5/5 or a 3/5, I can't decide. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Hopefully as we draw closer to No Way Out, things really heat up. Until next time..stay Raw!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good to see you back. Uncooked has been me anyway.

    I want to see Bryan/Punk go on forever, just like everyone else. But I think they're adding Kane to the match at No Way Out...which isn't the worst, but sucks that they're taking something special away from us.

    Good Stuff as always.
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    Thanks bro. I hope they don't add Kane. I'd rather see Kane added to the WHC match over the WWE title match
  3. Nitro_99's Avatar
    Agreeing with DK, glad to see this back. What I don't get (might get hated), is why are there so many people that love Otunga? I love his role with JL but that is it. He is boring in the ring and if he gets a united states run, I will cry of boredom
  4. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nitro_99
    Agreeing with DK, glad to see this back. What I don't get (might get hated), is why are there so many people that love Otunga? I love his role with JL but that is it. He is boring in the ring and if he gets a united states run, I will cry of boredom
    I wont be hatin on ya. I agree. Otunga is better served as an authority figure. He reminds me of coach after coach stopped being an announcer and served as Bischoffs right hand man
  5. akbar's Avatar
    Agree with everything except Big Show being in the good section...I've seen him be face so many times that his big angry heel promos are totally unbelievable. I'm really hating this feud, like so much and I'm a man who enjoys most stuff and sees the positive in everything but I just can't buy into Show being a main eventer anymore.

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