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RAW Check! The Danish view - 17/01/2012

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Hello people! This is a new blog series I will be starting, where I will review each of the segments of RAW, hopefully you will enjoy!

The RAW Opener

Mick Foley comes out and says that he wants to be in the Royal Rumble. Ziggler interrupts and make a mockery out of it. Punk comes out and backs Foley up, until John Laurinatis comes out and says that Foley cant be in the Rumble

My view: I liked that RAW opened with Ziggler & Punk this week. I feel like the focus have been more on Cena & Kane in recent weeks, and that this storyline needed a little more attention. This was some of the best mic work that Ziggler has ever done, he is really improving on the mic. Although a title change at the Royal Rumble isn't likely, I feel like it could possibly happen.
This could also potentially set up for a Wrestlemania match between Ziggler & Foley. Many people don't want to see this, but remember this: Ziggler isn't gonna be in any main event this year, he simply isn't ready. And if he isnt' gonna be main eventing, he will be in some random Money in the Bank match or something like that. Foley has put over a lot of Superstars in the past, like HHH, Orton & Edge, this could really do wonders for Ziggler's career in my opinion.

Epico & Primo retain their WWE Tag Team Titles vs AirBoom

My view: The match was entertaining, for the time it had, Evan Bourne had some good moves in the match. I dont now what to think of Epico & Primo, they are good in the ring and they are from Puerto Rico, what else do we know about them? They have NO character, let them cut a short promo before the match maybe?
Well back to the match .. This match was way too short! When the titles change hands at a Live Event, which only a few people saw, we need to see a little more than this to be honest.
Since we now know that Evan Bourne is suspended for 60 days, the question is, where does Kofi Kingston go from here? I dont want him to go back to his usual midcard status, where he is just a guy who smiles and makes some high flying moves. I would have loved to see him turn on Bourne, I think they should try Kofi as a heel.
If they dont wanna do that though, he should try and find a new tag team partner to challenge Epico & Primo, make a storyline out of that?

Jack Swagger defeated Zack Ryder to become United States Champion

My view: Well, Im not a huge Jack Swagger fan, but I think he is an okay choice to be United States Champion, they don't really have anyone else. The match didn't bury Ryder, which was good. Ryder is better, when he is chasing the title, and maybe WWE realise that? He will get it back eventually, Im guessing before Wrestlemania. Actually, I also feel like Eve worked pretty good here, including the backstage segment afterwards, it seems realistic (not including the horror crap last week)

Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox defeated The Bella Twins

My view: I didn't care about this at all. None of these four divas have any business in a wrestling ring, they are just eye candy. Where is Beth Pheonix?? Isn't she the Divas Champion and the face of the Divas Division?
At least this will give WWE some exposure on Perez Hiltons website, which is good I guess?

R-Truth comes out. He is interrupted by Wade Barrett, R-Truth shows his Disney Land slideshow. The Miz attacks R-Truth, who is saved by Sheamus. Teddy Long comes out and makes an Over the top rope challenge, which R-Truth won

My view: I found R-Truth pretty funny in this segment, which was okay I guess? As soon as Teddy Long came out, I thought we were gonna get a Tag Team match, as that is what he usually does, but this time ... I guess he was in Royal Rumble mood?
Now for the match itself ... I thought it was an okay match, nothing special. I didn't like that R-Truth won, he has had a lot of momentum in the last few weeks and didn't need this. They should have let The Miz win, so that he could get a little bit of momentum back.
Wade Barrett is my personal favorite to win the Rumble, I dont want to see Orton or Jericho win as it is predictable.

John Cena vs Jack Swagger ended in a no contest

My view: I really liked the "hate" that Cena showed here, his character NEEDS som edge, and it got a bit of edge here. I liked that Kane appeared on the titantron instead of coming out, as it was a little different from the last few weeks.
The only thing I didn't like about this, was the fact that it made Swagger look really weak, they could have made Cena beat up someone else. I know it makes the most sense for it to be Swagger, because of Ryder, but Cena could have taken his frustration out on some jobber, maybe Otunga?

Brodus Clay defeated JTG

My view: I found Brodus Clay funny the first week, as it caught me completely off guard, but this week, I found it a bit meh ... I am willing to let it run for a few weeks, before I give my full opinion, I want to see how he does, when he doesn't face random jobbers.
But about the gimmick, I feel like it doesn't have any relevance or realism .. This is some gimmick that should have been done in the 80's (and it did ...) Forexample .. Zack Ryder's gimmick is relevant in todays society because of Jersey Shore. CM Punk is relevant, because we want a more realistic product. This gimmick, is not relevant at all.

Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry & David Otunga defeated CM Punk, Chris Jericho & Daniel Bryan

My view: Ok a lot of things happened here .. Let me start with Bryan's promo before the match .. I am beginning to find Bryan way more interesting as he is slowly turning heel, he is finally showing some more character. I also liked when he cowardly ran away from Henry.
I liked Jericho this week a lot more than in recent weeks. I get what he is doing, but the last few weeks, I have found it boring that a guy just stands and screams "YAAAAY" for 10 minutes, this week, it didn't take much time of the show and was done in a good way.
The match itself, was pretty good, David Otunga is improving a bit, which is nice, but I think what happened after the match overshadowed the match itself

I LOVED the promo from Punk, he has been kinda meh in the last few months (not wrestling wise, but storyline wise) but finally he dropped a pipe bomb and it looks like we could get an interesting storyline out of Punk vs Johnny Ace.

For the first time ever I was entertained by Johnny Ace, I really liked his promo, and the fact that he punched Foley, and began to show a new side of his character. I could imagine some kind of power struggle between Foley & John to become the permanent GM of RAW, not saying they should have a match together!! But they could have other guys represent them.

MVP of the show: Mick Foley! Yes Mick Foley, he did a very good job this week, in the opening and end segments, he gained heat for Ziggler and I think he should stay around for a while, that could create some interesting storyline in the coming weeks

Overall this weeks RAW was A LOT better than last weeks, and one of the best RAW's in some time! I hope it only gets better on the Road to Wrestlemania!

This has been the RAW Check! Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Slivon's Avatar
    I guess you did not see that the "jobber" David Otunga was in the main event, and "won". So in my opinion David is not a jobber.
  2. holgerwich's Avatar
    Awesome to see other danes here on the site, thought i was the only one

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