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Classic Matches #3: TLC I The Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz

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Hey Guys, Mr.Turtle here, and back, with a new blog! After not posting in a LONG while. Reason being that i'm lazy, but rather than calling myself that i'll just blame it on school work . . .

Anyway, i figured now would be a good time to do the (not-so) anticipated Classic Matches #3! The main reason being that i don't have much else to do (except important coursework) and i figured this would be a good way to alleviate my boredom (and the fact i'm too lazy to do my coursework). But enough about me . . .

Let's get on with the match . . .

The Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz, Summerslam 2000

Build Up:
Arguably the concept to TLC I began way back in 1999 (nearly a year before), thanks to the stellar tag team ladder match between Edge &Christian (who i'll now abbreviate to E&C to make this blog less wordy, yes i am aware this explanation makes the blog more wordy . . .) and The Hardy Boyz for Terri Runnels' services, which are treated in high regard. Seriously any misuse can lead to you ending up in court, just ask New Jack (yay! Outdated reference).

Of Course this match lead to both teams slowly getting over, which enabled the Hardys to put on a tag team tables match with The Dudley Boyz which was also warmly received. With the help of these matches, all three teams fought against each other (for the belts) at Wrestlemania 2000 which was a triangle ladder match . . . technically. This match is often regarded as the first TLC match because of it's other use of weapons, instead of just ladders (which, of course, were tables and chairs).

The, actual, first TLC match began it's build up when the Hardys interfered in an E&C/Dudleys match for the tag team titles, attacking the champs (E&C) with a ladder. Subsequently, the Dudleys, wanting to get in on the action, powerbombed Edge through a table. This caused E&C to attack Matt Hardy with steel chairs in retaliation. Afterwards, with each team associated with a weapon of creative writing's/their choosing, "retired" Commissioner Mick Foley announced the first ever TLC match at Summerslam 2000 . . .

The Match:
And here is the match, in all it's glory . . .

Man was this match crazy, you can really tell tag teams were on a hot streak when this match happened, and some would argue they haven't been as hot since, although the brief (but wonderful) late 2002 run from Edge/Mysterio, Angle/Benoit and The Guerrero's could dispute that (see: Classic Matches #1). The whole match is just so incredibly fun and enjoyable to watch (just like most of WWF's 2000 run) and about as good as a TLC match will ever get. Granted it was spotty, but it was a good kind of spotty, not the bad kind like you'd see at a CZW show or a teenager's face. Anyway for consistent fun, and the (official) birth of a stipulation, i give this *****.

This wouldn't be the last time this teams met, with Wrestlemania X-Seven providing the showcase for the much anticipated sequel to this match. All teams got solid runs at the tag titles throughout this time. Eventually, however, the tag division got devalued into nothing more than a card filler (at times) and all three teams broke up with Edge, Christian, and Bubba/Bully (after the second time, bringing up the Dudleys first break up in WWE is blasphemy) being the main stars (you could add Jeff there too . . . I guess), forming title runs in both WWE and TNA. TLC got diluted too, thanks to it being used more constantly throughout time, and eventually as a ppv. Which devalued all stipulations really, but hey, at least first blood, on a pole and the Duchess of Queensbury rules matches were left unscathed.

Well guys/galls that's Classic matches #3 in the bag (or on the internet, whatever you fancy), be sure to leave feedback on how i can improve, and also what i should do next! But until then, i'll see ya next time (which if you go by my history is probably gonna be in about 10 months).

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