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Classic Matches #2: Owen Hart vs Bret Hart, Wrestlemania X

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Hey guys, Mr.Turtle back again after an extended hiatus doing my exams, and I've decided to do another classic matches seeing as I have more spare time on my hands (currently on study leave). For the time being I intended on doing these blogs at odd times until I've completed all my exams. Expected these to be more weekly after that. But anyway . . .

Let's get on with the match . . .

Owen Hart vs Bret Hart, Wrestlemania X

Build Up:
This match began when Bret Hart and Lex Luger both won the royal rumble. As a result, they both would get a world title shot at Wrestlemania X. To decide who would challenged first they did a coin toss. However, there were some stipulations, if Bret won the coin toss Luger would have to face Crush before his shot, but if Luger won, Bret would face Owen beforehand. Obviously Luger won the toss otherwise this blog would be Classic Matches #2: Lex Luger vs Crush, and who would want that?

Anyway, Bret was scheduled to face Owen before his WWF title match, Bret's feud with Owen began back at Survivor Series of '93, when Owen and Bret were in a traditional elimination match (as a team), Bret suffered an injury (not legitimate). Owen was in the ring and ran into Bret, this allowed Owen to get eliminated. Owen was pissed and confronted Bret about it,Owen started asking for a match with Bret, Bret refused. They eventually "reunited" to face the Quebecers at Royal Rumble 1994. Bret got injured AGAIN (not legit, once again) and the referee called the match and Owen was pissed AGAIN, he then attacked his brother. Owen then began talking about Bret being selfish and holding him down, thus what led to this match . . .

The Match:
The first match between Bret and Owen was the curtain Jerker at the 10th 'mania:

I can safely say that this match is, not only phenomenal, but easily the best curtain jerker ever. A truly great match that has been slightly over-shadowed by another match on the card (Michaels vs Ramon is what i'm talking about of course) simply because of that matches impact on wrestling. In my opinion, i'd happily rate this match over that one simply for the superior storytelling involved. I think my rating for this is relatively obvious, so i'll get it over and done with. For one of the best 'Mania matches I've seen I comfortably rate this match *****.

It should be noted that this is my first 5 star rating, hopefully there will be more to come.

Owen won the King of the Ring at the next PPV (this would give him the moniker 'the king of Harts'), this eventually lead to Bret and Owen having a rematch in a cage at Summerslam of that year. At Survivor Series Owen cost Bret the title to Bob Backlund of all people when he persuaded their mother to throw in the towel on Bret's behalf. Owen the cost Bret the title at Royal Rumble '95 when he interfered in Bret's match with Diesel. Own then remained in the tag team ranks for the most part whilst Bret remained in and around the world title scene. It's a shame really Owen was world title material, shame he never really got a chance to prove it.

Anyway, thats it for Classic matches #2, i'll see you til #3. Be sure to leave a comment on my profile or in the comments, your feedback is very much appreciated .

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I agree. With crap matches like Doink v Bam Bam (if I remember correctly) I always thought Bret v Owen was the match of the night at WM10.
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I Think this match is one of the or maybe the Best match in wrestling history, Its one of the only matches that get better as time passes.... The ladder match as aged not so well compared to this match. It shows that great story telling and performance stands the test of time comared to flash and sizzle... Its like Avatar, Will that be remembered as a classic? no, Once technology advances far past James Camerons Avatar it will have aged and will no longer had the effect it had. But Movies like "To Kill A Mocking Bird" will stand the test of time cause its Great acting and story telling.

    I'm not saying the Ladder match is not a Great match but it no where near as Great as it was when I first seen it.... HBK and Hall put on a classic and it will always be a classic for being so innovative at the time, For ushering in a era and for Nostalgic reasons but Bret and Owen will always be a classic for being a amazing match.

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