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WWE's master of the mic list...

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IMO jbl way lower . Santino and the Miz might belong on there someday I am not sure they belong there today. Also I am not sure what spot, but CM PuNK and Hogan should both be higher.
Any list of allegedly greatest talkers that does not include Bruno Sammartino (which smells of pettiness) has zero credibility, never mind debating the positioning of those on it.

And, BTW, the Captain's surname is spelled "Albano".--SWManor

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Here is my comment..this would have been better as a thread topic than a blog spot....
  2. bartish2's Avatar
    i saw santino & miz and laughed, then i saw cena and laughed even more
  3. akbar's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure you said the exact same thing in my thread...
  4. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    wow there needs to be a limit on how short blogs can be, because all this is is a topic

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