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Undertaker-Triple H III ideas

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This is my first blog so I'm a little nervous. I have been watching wrestling for about 26 years. I just love it...and this time of year is our elite time when the stars are supposed to align and give us the best show of the year.

There is a lot of talk going around about the rumored Triple H - Undertaker III match at Wrestlemania 28. Some people want to see it...some people don't. Some people feel anyone facing the Undertaker is an attraction...doesn't matter who.

At Wrestlemania 17 - Undertaker and Triple H fought a regular one on one singles match...which grazed the surface of being a street fight due to the ridiculously long ref bump that occurred. This match featured Triple H coming into his own as the #1 heel during the height of the attitude era. Meanwhile, Undertaker is in his full on babyface American Badass character. The match was very good. Of course Undertaker won clean by pin fall after the last ride. However, as I said, due to the referee being knocked out for what seemed like 5 or 10 minutes...Undertaker and HHH fought outside the ring, into the crowd, with had a "street fight" feel to it. Anyway, very solid match on what is widely recognized as being arguably the best WWE pay per view of all time.

At Wrestlemania 27 - 'Taker and HHH did fight in a No Holds Barred Match. Some people didn't like it. Some people loved it. It wasn't a technical masterpiece. Some people referred to it as a spot fest. However it is regarded, it wasn't forgotten or boring. I loved it. It was a very emotional match and I actually had moments during the match where I really felt this was it...Triple H is gonna do it! Of course, 'Taker made HHH tap to Hell's Gate and moved the streak to 19-0.

Undertaker has now fought Kane, Shawn Michaels and Triple H twice each at Wrestlemania. How do you have a 3rd match with the same opponent? How do you get people interested in watching Triple H challenge to beat the streak for a 3rd time? A re-match is easy. Both HBK and HHH successfully generated the interest needed for one of the biggest attractions of the year: Ending the Streak. I thought about ways to have this match that would generate the most interest. Not to mention, there is talk of this being the end of the or lose...this would be it for him. I don't believe that. I think he comes back against next year...I really don't see why he wouldn't. But for arguments sake and the fact that it is a real possibility...going for 20-0 needs to be special. How do you generate that special feel to a match that is being done for the 3rd time?

A one on one contest between Hunter and Taker is out. Street fight, No Holds Barred, Last Man Standing can pretty much be ruled out as well as they basically have already happened...almost twice. The fans that want to see this match are going to enjoy it regardless. My hope is the WWE will be able to ignite interest in those fans that would prefer a different/new opponent this year. If this is Undertaker's proverbial last Wrestlemania ride, you don't want his 20th and last win to be a so-so match. It needs to be special.

One way to do this would be to have a Hell in a Cell match. Triple H has been in 8 Hell in a Cell matches in his career. Undertaker has been in 11. They rank #1 and #2 regarding number of Hell in a Cell matches in WWE history. In many ways, the Hell in a Cell match is synonymous with Triple H and Undertaker. They have never faced each other in this match one on one (they both participated Armageddon 6 man Hell in a Cell match in 2000). But a personal one on one HIAC match between these two would have a whole new feel. Put that match at Wrestlemania 28 with the streak on the line and the possibility of it being Undertaker's last match and you have a winner. If they do this, they need to jump in with both feet. They need to not have restrictions…the hell in a cell matches of the last couple of years have been "not on par with the previous versions of this match" to put it lightly.

With that said, due to the Hell in a Cell pay per view, the WWE doesn't seem to like to put Hell in a Cell matches at any other event. The last time it happened was 2008 when Undertaker and Edge matched up at Summerslam. So, it's questionable whether or not they would even consider breaking that "policy" and putting a Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania. I wish they would, I don't care for the "gimmick pay per view's" as a whole but that's a whole different topic.

So considering that a HIAC match may be off the table, I thought about another possibility. And one idea came to mind. Undertaker vs Triple H in a Lumberjack match. The lumberjacks being the Undertaker's Wrestlemania victims during the streak. Right now, WWE could make this work.
Wrestlers that could definitely work this match as a lumberjack -

Jimmy Snuka, Kevin Nash (Diesel), Kane, Big Show, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Edge and Shawn Michaels. There is no reason Kane, Show, Orton and Henry couldn't be apart of this match as a lumberjack, and still have their own separate match at Wrestlemania. That gives you 8 lumberjacks right off the bat.

Wrestlers that seem possible to work this match as a lumberjack -

Batista - We know there is talk of his full time return. It seems possible that he could be open to even a 1 time showing to be apart of such a legendary event. But if the plan is in the works for his big return later this year, they might not want to kill that interest by having him appear in a secondary role at Wrestlemania. So this is by no means a definite.

Ric Flair - There is already a strong possibility of him being at the HOF ceremony. I know this one is a long shot - but it's not completely off the table.

Jake the Snake Roberts - I think he could do this. We saw him return to WWE for a segment a few years ago. He is still working. I believe he is on good terms with Vince. Jake could seemingly make this event.

King Kong Bundy - Seems like a possibility as well. I really don't know his standing with WWE/Vince though. So not sure about this one.

A-Train - Like Bundy, I don't know his position with WWE/Vince. Not sure if he'd be in consideration. He's the one spot that really isn't needed though, because the match at Wrestlemania 20 was basically Undertaker vs Big Show and A-Train and Big Show is already a strong representation of this match.

Sid - Like Bundy and A-Train, I don't know his standing with the WWE. He is still alive and there has been rumored talk from time to time of him returning to the WWE at some point. So we can't rule it out.

Wrestlers not possible due to the fact that they are...well...not with us anymore - Big Bossman, Giant Gonzalez

So if this match were to take place...that would give us 8 strong possibilities to working the match as a lumberjack with another 6 not completely off the table. Honestly, working the match with 8 would be decent enough if done correctly. You'd want more than that. Some people may feel that this match wouldn't be a good idea unless ALL streak opponents (with the exception of Gonzalez and Bossman) were involved. I could see that argument.

Also, there are other factors to consider. Of course, money being one major issue. You have some big name potential participants here. I don’t know if WWE would shell out that kind of dough to pull something like this off. My initial thought would be that there would be strong opposition to that. And there are some major ego's/stars that would be in consideration as well…would guys like Flair, Sid, Bundy, Nash work a match like this where they were basically secondary role players? I don't know the answer to that but it could pose another problem with putting this together.

I think it's worth a discussion by the powers that be. You have 8-14 "streak victims" standing at ring side...watching and starring at the Undertaker...Undertaker starring back at those that have stood up and sat down. The lumberjacks would be highly partial to Triple H. All of them wanting to see the streak finally end. Since Triple H himself has already failed twice, I don't think any of the lumberjacks would feel upstaged by him. It would be more a fraternity of the Undertaker's victims standing united, backing and cheering for Triple H to finally get the job done. Triple H wouldn't need to turn heel for this to work either. There is tremendous respect for the Undertaker amongst the other wrestlers, so it I don't it would need or have the feel of a bunch of heels against the Undertaker (so we can eliminate the Yokozuna-Undertaker casket match mess from out minds…it wouldn’t be like that). I really think this idea could work and be something new and different for Undertaker-Triple H III...I think even the most jaded fan would be intrigued by this idea.

Of course...Undertaker should still find a way to wind up on top and extend his prestigious streak to 20-0.

No matter what happens...if Triple H and Undertaker are to meet a 3rd time, I will be excited for that to happen. I just hope WWE finds a way to put a twist on this 3-peat to add some special flavor to it.

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  1. blink's Avatar
    I loved both ideas!
  2. niafv1's Avatar
    I agree that Undertaker and Triple H should fight in a Cell but it would be impossible in any stadium as there would be nowhere or time to prepare it and take it down. It wont be able to be brought down from the ceiling(im guessing the stadium will be open in Miami) and cant be made on the spot like a cage.
    For the second idea, its a good idea but it would take away some of the seriousness that they want from the match. I could see something like that happening before Wrestlemania though.
    Overall good blog and welcome!
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Love the idea. I had something similar. More like the Taker/Yokozuna casket match reference you made.

    HHH vs Undertaker. No Holds Barred. HBK as special ref. Kane comes down and lays out the Undertaker with a chain or something. Leaves. HHH covers him. Taker kicks out. Nash comes down and Jacknifes him. He leave. HHH covers, Taker kicks out. Edge comes down *he'll be there for the HOF*, spear or something that won't be too risky to his neck and back. HHH covers, Taker still kicks out. Finally, HBK lays Taker out with Sweet Chin Music. As HHH goes for the cover, HBK lays him out as well. Puts Taker on top of HHH, counts to 3. Everyone lives happily ever after.

    I know it seems like a lot of craziness, and highly unlikely. But that's my imagination at work.

    Good Blog.
  4. matt1tude's Avatar
    i dont like the idea of a 3rd match with hhh, 2 were fine but a 3rd makes no sense. For a 3rd to make sense how about going like this - hhh x2, hbk x2, kane x2, all 3 have gone up against taker twice so why not have all 3 of them face him in a fatal four way maybe even in elimination style. also there could be some kind of numbered promo involved. with taker having ties to the number 666. there's 3 opponents going for the streak a 3rd time (3+3=6). each of them have failed twice (2+2+2=6). Kanes WM's were 14 & 20 (14+20=34) hhh's were 17 & 27 (17+27=44) hbk's were 25 & 26 (25+26=51) add them together (34+44+51=129) then (9-2-1=6) and there you have 666.
  5. Phillyraines's Avatar
    thanks everyone for the feedback! I figured the lumberjack idea was far fetched...really close to impossible to pull of because of all the intangibles. Just wanted to get the idea out there and see what people thought. I agree the HIAC is probably unlikely too...I didnt consider the make of the stadium but thats a good point. Sucks - cause I was holding out hope for that one!

    we're most likely going to get the HBK involvement somehow as a few people said. With those 3 involved - 3 legends like that - i'm sure it wont be a disaster. I'm looking forward to it - assuming of course that they go with that. I read in a few spots that the way Triple H reacted on RAW - doesnt necessary confirm that this is the WM match for sure. We'll see in the coming weeks.

    Its so hard to pull off a 3rd match of this kind when 1 guy has won the first two.
  6. Shaft2012's Avatar
    What about a handicap match: the undertaker Vs. DX, with triple H career on the line??? I think that the only way that ths match shine is to make HBK part of it, and what´s better than DX against the streak???
  7. DBOR's Avatar
    A Lumberjack match is a very interesting idea and the way you describe it would be huge. It could be so big that it would overshadow the Rock/Cena match. Thank you for this post. Great food for thought!
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