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Dean Klebonas

Top 5: Who should return to WWE Today?

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I decided to start a series of posts call Top 5. Today I'm going to name 5 people who should return to wwe.
5. Batista

Batista is one of the most remembered stars in WWE. He was a great superstar. If Batista was to return to WWE, I could see him easily being a champion. Also, Batista is amazing in-ring and on-mic. He would do great back in WWE.

4. John Morrison

Right now, there are some posts on ewrestling news that John Morrison is thinking of going over to TNA... NO! Jo Mo would do much better back in WWE. Nothing against TNA, but a superstar like Morrison... I just can't see him doing anything in TNA. If I were him, I would try to get back with WWE.

3. Big Daddy V

I Have always been a gigantic Big Daddy V fan. In WWE right now, there are no big guys. Big Show, in my mind, is nothing. Kane is doing OK, and Mark Henry WAS the best monster. If Big Daddy V came back, he and Henry would be a great tag team, or like he said in an interview on ewrestling news, him and Kharma would be great and bring back mixed tag.

2. Boogeyman

Here's my one problem with WWE right now. There is nothing new and unpredictable or scary anymore to get me on the edge of my seat. Boogeyman has the type of appearance that could do a lot to benefit WWE. Boogeyman is unpredictable, scary, exciting, and he is also a great in-ring competitor. He would do great in WWE.

1. Jeff Hardy

This one, I know is gonna be argued. A LOT. Though Jeff Hardy is doing good in TNA, TNA is not as big as WWE. WWE is Jeff's home and I know so many fans just watch TNA to watch Jeff Hardy. If Jeff Hardy was to go back to WWE, he could please himself, along with all those people who are just itching for a Jeff Hardy WWE return. Also, there is a lot more at WWE for Jeff, so I think he would do a lot by going over to WWE.

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    granted this is your opinion, but I don't like your choices. I agree with Batista, Morrison, and even Hardy...but Boogeyman and Big Daddy V? Really? I'd rather kurt Angle come back to the WWE or Mr Anderson or MVP over either of those two.
  2. Mr Punk's Avatar
    Instead of Boogeyman and Big Daddy V I would pick Bobby Lashley and RVD but I like the other picks.
  3. Hurtts101's Avatar
    I agree with bearkg88. Of them all, I think Morrison is the most likely to return. Possibly Batista, though most likely in a role similar to Rock's and Lesnar's.
    While Boogeyman was an "intersting" character, I think most would agree his inring skills were lacking. I also feel his age conspires against him. Same with V. Though with Albert back, anything is possible.
    I think Jeff enjoys the easier schedule TNA offers to leave for the E anytime soon.
  4. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Not a bad list but I disagree with your reasoning for why Jeff Hardy should return to WWE. Personally, I think Christian got the shaft when he returned and I'd be worried if I was Hardy. In TNA, Christian showed he could be a legitimate entertaining main eventer and when he comes back to WWE he wins the title but holds onto it for a hot second before dropping it again and has not gotten the kind of push he deserves. I agree I think Hardy should go back to WWE if he can for sure be in the main event scene.

    On John Morrison, I think he's the exact kind of talent built for TNA and not for WWE. Highly entertaining move set and a high flier but with questionable talent on the mic. Of course WWE would rather brush him aside than work with him on that...which is a shame because he has an amazing look and great in ring ability.

    Nice pick on Boogeyman though. WWE didn't do anything with it (and he got suspended for wellness policy violation) but he made you interested to see what he was going to do. It was old school gimmick and it worked.
  5. Shaz11's Avatar
    Good blog, but I disagree with Big Daddy V.

    I'd prefer Bobby Lashley anyday. Still, it was a good blog.
  6. Sam Axe's Avatar
    Marty Wright is too injury prone... and is nearly 50 years old.
  7. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Tbh I don't really like this list. I love hardy, he is an amazing talent but he blew it, plain and simple. He would be the biggest thing in wrestling if it weren't for his own actions. I'm glad he cleaned up his act and found a home in TNA but he does not deserve a shot in the 'E again. Not really sure about V or Boogeyman either. They weren't that great in the ring. Boogeyman had an interesting character but was wasted and the bloke is up there in years as well. Morrison again is a guy who I like but he doesn't feel like the type to make it to the top. An upper mid card guy, yes, constant mainevent guy, no. Even in TNA I can't see him with the big one. Maybe if he went overseas or in the indies and became more of a ring technician it would benefit him. Batista is one I do agree with just based on his history. Multiple time world champ, high profile feuds with some of the best and just has that overall intimidating look and demeanor. However I've seen him lately and he is a ot smaller than he was in the 'E.
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