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Rock Returns!.....In 2013?

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This is my second post here on the website. We all received news that The Great One MIGHT be returning in 2013. Just to clear up, I'm here to bash the Rock by all means. I am thankful for his past run with the company. Was it what I wanted? No, it served its purpose. I don't see Rock absent until 2013 but if he is then that means the door is open wider for the likes of Punk, Cody, Sheamus, Del Rio, Bryan ect.

The Rock is speculated to return on 2013. A lot may disagree and are very disappointed. But this is how I see it. If the Rock does stay absent until 2013, this is a sign that he will be finishing up his obligations with ALL of his movies so that when the RTWM comes around he will be free to wrestle at the RR, EC & WM and my become full time. this depends on how who he faces and how the storyline plays out. He said that he wants another shot at the WWEchampions. If he wins, he is full time "definately." and You think WWE will let the championship pass by this year around. They did at this past WM but at WM29. That's just my point of view on it. Now, who will he face? Good question. It could be Cena or Brock. The only two that could be beaten by the Rock and still have the same credibility as if they have never Been beaten by him. But, in all, I really do not disagree with him being absent until 2013. Either way, I wil be entertained.

So, inconclusion, I hope you enjoyed my blog. Nothing amazing IMO but just wanted to cash my chips on The Rock returning in 2013 Topic. Leave some feedback and let me know what you think. Thank you.

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  1. TeamDrama's Avatar
    I meant "I'm not here to bash the Rock"(Typo).
  2. SkilletBoi's Avatar
    the rock will never be back full time.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SkilletBoi
    the rock will never be back full time.
    Wouldn't doubt it since he wants to be WWE champion again. Probably not all the house shows, but be on Raw every week while being champion.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Who do I want the Rock to face at Wrestlemania? If I could pick anyone on the planet, that one guy would be HBK!! If not him and I had to choose between Cena and Lesnar. I'd say Cena so he could win this go round. He should have won last go round.
  5. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    Well who knows when the rock will return because he said "THEY" want me to return in 2013 so which mean WWE wants him to return in that year but I think he might come back sooner than we think. To me it really doesn't matter because everytime The Great One returns he does electriefies the crowd not like these boring ass roster we got today.

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