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WWE Classics OnDemand The Monday Night Wars Review 5/12/17

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We Start Off with the RAW IS WAR intro.

Segment #1: Hart Foundation Opening Promo
The entire Hart Foundation come out with the leader Bret being Wheeled out in a Wheel Chair (Bret Hart was Awesome in his Wheel Chair Heel Act).... Bret Hart talks about how he would take these men (The Hart Foundation) in the mouth of hell to fight the devil. How He (Bret) Would trust these men (The Hart Foundation) to breath for him and have their Hearts pump his blood for him. Bret Then Runs down the Entire Hart Clan, Bret Then talks about Stone Cold not being a hero and how digusting Americans are by cheering him on. Then I openly laugh when Bret talks about Steve Austin attacking him while he was in a Wheel Chair and how helpless he is (Wow I miss Bret)... Bret Hart teases a shocking announcement but he is annoyed with the fans negative response (I think they were expecting more heat on this segment cause the booing was nothing like Bret was trying to make it, I mean No where near Vicky Guerrero Heat), So he asked The Hart Foundations to wheel him out.

This is a Good segment, Bret seemed a little uncomfortable but it was still pretty good. I love The Hart Foundation, To me they are the greatest Group/Faction in Wrestling history. You can have you Horseman, Your NWO and your DX and just give me some Hart Foundation and I'm a Happy man. Good segment. WATCH

Match #1. Ahmed Johnson vs HHH: KOTR Qualifier
Ahmed is one intimating black man, If I was a wrestler in the 90's and had to face him, I probably shit in my pants, Piss on the shit in my pants and go to my hotel room and hide under the bed.

Ahmed gets some sloppy offense in, I never noticed how sloppy Ahmed actually was. That was the Worst Scissors kick I have ever seen. Ahmed also does these really high pitch screams when he kicks that I think only me and dogs could hear.

Ahmed spends most the match with his accidental thong. I don't remember one Ahmed Johnson match where his Underwear wasn't in his Ass. Its like his Asshole just sucks the Wrestling trunks right in.... Enough about Ahmed's Asshole. HHH is in jobber mode here and is barely getting anything, Jerry Lawler says Ahmed would make a terrible king cause I quote "His head looks like a Milk Dud and the crown will just slip right down his head" haha Wow Lawler use to actually be funny. Why cant he do that anymore? Instead of the crappy jokes he reads on the internet..... HHH gets DQed after Chyna interferes on his behalf and hits Ahmed with a chair. Ahmed is not effected by it and Chyna and HHH high tail up the ramp. But Ahmed and his Accidental Thong follow them up and beat on HHH while Chyna trys to stop Ahmed by putting a chock hold on him. WINNER: Ahmed Johnson by DQ

This was harmless, Nothing great or redeeming but nothing horrible enough that you would fast forward thru. Nothing but a squash here that ends in a DQ but it is a KOTR Qualifying match. Which is stupid cause Hunter loses the qualifying match but in the end he ends up winning the King of The Ring. WATCHABLE

Segment #2: Steve Austin Interview
Steve Austin Walks down to the ring, Vince McMahon is the ring awaiting Steve Austin.... Steve Austin runs down the events of the night before at IYH, Austin says its a matter of time before he wins the WWF Championship (Man was he ever right). Austin is carrying Bret Harts crutch from last night as a memento.... Steve Austin then talks about killing a snake and how the best and easiest way to do it is to cut the snakes head off, Austin then says that Bret is the Head of the Snake that is the Hart Foundation and if he wanted to he can take Bret Hart out in a second but he wants to have fun with it and he wants to start by cutting off the Ass of the snake and if the Hart Foundation has a Ass its gotta be Brian Pillman. Steve Austin talks about how he carried Brian Pillman thru the bush leagues (YESSSS WCW reference) and Steve Austin makes his challenge to Pillman.

It's a Steve Austin interview about the Hart Foundation, So you dont need my review. WATCH

Match #2: Scott Putski vs Leif Casidy
We start off showing Hall of Fame Footage of Scott Putski's Father The "Polish Hammer".

WWF at the time was trying to start a Light Heavyweight division to counter WCW's red hot Cruiser Weight Division. The WWF thought that Scott Putski and Brian Christopher were gonna be the men to take the LH Division to the heights of WCW's CW Division but I think we all know how that worked out, Scott Putski is known as the guy who suffered that disturbing leg injury on live tv and Brian Christopher is Known as the guy who was the tag team partners with the guy who does the worm. Not the Success the WWF hoped for.

The match is basically 5 mins of Jim Ross trying to get over Scott Putski with his usual school sports stats. No matter how hard Poor old Ross trys, It is blantly obvious that Scott Putski sucks, I dont care how many footballs he cauught or how man yards he ran he is just BAD, I mean Really BAD. The crowd is silenced thru the whole match like they were in a library or something. I really cant wait till this match is over, Putski hits a German Suplex and he gets the 3 count, YESSSSS. WINNER: Scott Putski

There is no reason to watch this match unless you are Scott or Ivan Putski. So unless you are a Putski or in to Visual punishment then avoid this match. FAST FORWARD

LOD is in the lockeroom, Hawk cuts what seems to be a drunken promo about beating and abusing small domesticated animals. Huh?. Well that is weird.

Next its LOD vs the NOD

Match #3: LOD vs NOD

LOD is out first, Then the Nation of Domination make their way to the ring. PG-13 is out singing NOD's theme. I loved their entrance, I always hated Savio and crush in the Nation of Domination.... The deal of this match is the Nation of Domination get to choose any two members to face the LOD and they choose PG-13, PG-13 act as if they are scared to death, Savio and crush force them to the ring and the LOD destroy them and end it with the Dooms day Device. WINNER: LOD

The Match was not worth watching but if you fast forward it you will probably spend more time trying to get it to stop at the exact end of the match then it would for it to be over. TOUGH IT OUT

Segment #3: Mankind/Paul Bearer Promo
Mankind comes out on the entrance ramp with his eerie music playing. Mankind runs down the Undertaker for burning Paul Bearer's in their match at IYH Revenge of the Taker. Mankind then brings out Paul Bearer who's face is bandaged all over except for his mouth and eyes. Paul Bearer gives Undertaker one more chance to join him or he will Tell Undertakers Big Secret (Kane).

Not very well done, Not Mankinds usual Promo goodness here and Paul Bearer was Paul Bearer. I would say to Fast Forward but this is the beginning of the Kane Character so it does have some value. WATCHABLE

Now we begin the WarZone

Segment #4: Faarooq Interview

Faarooq makes his way to the ring and Vince is there with his microphone. Vince Mcmahon congratulates Faarooq for being the number 1 contender for The Undertakers WWF championship. Faarooq is not happy and cuts a angery black man promo and ask Vince McMahon When was a Black Man ever WWF champion? then ask When was the last time a Black man got a chance at the WWF championship?. Faarooq says the WWF is racist and he is not gonna handle racism with phone calls and marches he will handle it by swingign his fist and kicking his feet and calls The Undertaker WWF's White Savior (Priceless, Faarooq cuts a stellar promo).

Haha Undertakers WWF's White Savior. Pretty good promo by Faarooq.

Match #4: The Undertaker vs Savio Vega
Undertaker with his usual long entrance here. Savio Vega awaiting Taker in the ring... The Match was Savio Vega doing crappy looking kicks, Is Savio Vega wearing Pajama Jeans? Wow how ahead of his time is Savio with his Pajama Jeans. The match is just your average, crappy Savio match on Raw. Undertaker gets the Choke Slam and a tombstone and The NOD runs in and causes the DQ. The NOD stomps on the Undertaker and whips him with a leather belt. WINNER: Undertaker by DQ

Boring match, Really no reason to watch it. Dont bore yourself and do your self a favor and skip this. FAST FORWARD

Match #5: RVD vs Jeff Hardy
Yes you heard me right, ECW's Rob Van Dam on Raw while being a ECW talent and he is Facing Jeff Hardy. This is Jeff Hardy as a jobber, Not the Hardy Boyz Jeff Hardy, This is the Jeff Hardy trying to get a job in the WWF.

Jerry Lawler gets the mic and runs down ECW and RVD does the same and calls WWF the Big leagues, Jerry Lawler gives RVD the moniker "Mr Monday Night".

The Match was Jeff Hardy selling his ass off and making RVD look like a million dollars. RVD ends it with the Split Leg Moonsault. WINNER: RVD

This is freaking Jeff Hardy as a Jobber and RVD making a surprise debut on WWF TV. Very cool match to see knowing how far these men came. WATCH

Segment #5: Goldust/Dustin Runnels In Depth Interview

This is attempt to get Goldust over as a Face and a family man, To try to get Sympathy cause of his relationship with his father and I will say it failed miserably. This segment took the Mystique and aura away from the Goldust character. Goldust was winding down and losing it edginess but This Segment basically killed the Goldust character. I think this kind of 3 piece in depth interview worked wonders with the Mankind character but did the opposite with the Goldust Character. FAST FORWARD

Segment #6 Undertaker promo
Undertaker is in the boiler room, He speaks briefly about Paul Bearer and talks about the Nation of Domination. Undertaker says he never won a match with his Physical state he won all his matches mentally. Undertaker Says he will go to hell and get the most vicious demon to help him in his match at King of The Ring against Faarooq to combat the Nation of Domination. WATCHABLE

Match #6: Fatal Four Way Tag Match
This is a Elimination Tag Team match, You get pinned, You and your partner goes back to the locker room. The contestants are.
Bulldog & Owen
Furnace & Lafon
The New Black Jacks
The HeadBangers
We start off with Owen and Lafon, Owen and Lafon have a good move counter move exchange, I loved when these two men in the ring. Furnace & Lafon and Bulldog & Owen could of had some amazing matches if they let them really feud.... Lafon gets eliminated when when he makes a mistake and nails furnace and receives a Lariat from Windham and gets pinned, Raw goes to Commercial and when They come back, During the commercial break The black Jacks were eliminated by The Headbangers with the help of Phil Lafons outside interference. We are down to two teams, Bulldog & Owen and The Head Bangers. Bangers gets a pin on Owen but Owens leg was on the rope, The ref tells the HeadBangers that the match is still on. Headbangers go for a double team, it gets reversed and Owen hits a Spin Wheel kick and Bulldog with the Powerslam on Mosh and Bulldog gets the pin. WINNER: Owen & Bulldog

Decent match, I expected better and seemed rushed. Owen and The Bulldog do a good job of keeping this together. WATCH

Segment #7: Bret Hart Promo
Bret hart gets wheeled out after the match and tells the Hart Foundation to go to the back he wants to do this alone, The hart Foundation dont wanna leave him but Bret says he needs to do this on his own.... Bret Hart calls out Shawn Michaels, Shawn comes out and stares down Bret. Bret does his usual America is violent and selfish, Bret says Shawn is like all americans being cocky, Arrogant and thinks he is better than everyone else and he is not. Bret Hart tells Shawn that he shouldn't be concerend with How much Bret Hart makes or if His Father and Mother are sitting in the front row, Shawn should be concerned with if he believes deep down in his gut that he is as Good as Bret Hart.

What the Fuck? they didnt Show the Awesome Super Kick to Bret Hart in the Wheel chair? Why? Why?????.... Bret Hart semmed a little off here, slurring in his words and pausing. Bret wasnt yet comfortable in his heel roll as he would become. It was akward at times. Still a ok promo and a important one at that. this would of been loads better if they showed what happened when it went off the air. WATCH

Nitro Starts off with Savage coming down to the ring saying his leg is 100% and bragging about how hard he slapped DDP. Just a real short Savage promo before Nitro starts. Things are a little rushed cause its a 1 hour Nitro tonight.

TV Championship Match

Match #1: Ultimo Dragon vs Juvi.
Dragon walks down to the ring while a prerecord message from Regal plays for the TV audience (I miss those prerecord promo squares). Regal cuts a really good promo, Talking how he don't do fancy flips but he does wrestle and he is gonna go back to his old miserable self. Classic Regal.

Match begins, They start the match off fast paced and it honestly never slows down. Really good back and forth action, No one had the match in their control for more than a few moves. I love Ultimo Dragons offense and I love those speeding left and right kicks leading to a jumping spin kick. This what you expect from a WCW CW match, A lot of great high flying and innovative spots. Sonny Ono interferes and Dragon takes advantage with a jumping kick over the top to the outside with a kick to juvi, Dragon sets up Juvi for a top rope Rana and connects, Dragon Sleeper and Juvi is tapping. WINNER: Ultimo Dragon

Best match of both shows so far. Very rushed, Wish they gave them more time cause they seemed gamed to have a good match. These two men were in their prime and motivated at this time, So it was always a pleasure seeing them in the ring especially the Dragon. WATCH

Segment #1: Ric Flair, Rowdy Piper and Kevin Greene Interview.
Greene is first as he tells Mean Gene what he is gonna do to the Wolf pac and says he is gonna break his foot off in the Outsiders ass, Flair Gets the mic and screams "Meeeeeeeeaaaaan Geneeeeeee" Flair does his usual shtick, Gene turns his attention to Piper, Piper then says that the Wolf Pac calls him a dinosaur, Well he is a Dinosaur and he is a T-Rex and he is Hungry. Wolf Pac (Nash, Hall and X-Pac) appear on the big screen as soon as Piper says he is Hungry and Halls says "Hey Piper, Hey Piper, Hey Piper, Your Hungry? Well we got a All you can eat Buffet Right Here!" haha Wow that is a Burn. That saved this crappy segment. X-Pac ask Ric Flair if he knows what his old lady does every morning when he is away, Then X-Pac says "Shes leaving my Hotel Room". Wolf Pac talking about how they dont respect Flair and Piper or tradition.

This was going down the toilet till the Wolf Pac saved it. WATCH

Match #2 Mongo vs Dean Malenko
Malenko is the US champion and he has a title defense against Jeff Jarrett at the upcoming WCW PPV so Jarrett is accompanying Mongo at Ringside.

Poor Malenko, He has to go out there and face Mongo, This is a match between one of the best Technical Wrestlers in wrestling history (Malenko) vs the worst technician in wrestling history ( Mongo). Malenko trys to make a decent match here but Mongo is so uncoordinated. Malenko gets some pretty good wrestling moves in but Mongo just uses brute strength to over power Malenko. Jeff Jarrett interferes and Distracts Malenko, Mongo from behind attacks him and picks Malenko up for a power slam and knocks the ref out of the ring by accident. Mongo has Malenko pinned but there is no ref, Out comes Reggie White, Clotheslines Mongo and hits a splash, The Ref comes too and Malenko pins Mongo to end this crapfest. WINNER: Dean Malenko


Terrible match and Reggie White run in made it much worse. I feel sorry for Jeff Jarrett and Malenko for having to be apart of this. I dont know why WCW thought people would wanna give $40 dollars to see washed up Football players wrestle. FAST FORWARD

Match #3: Wrath vs Scotty Riggs.

This is Wraths Debut, Scotty is out first and we get that so bad its good American males theme. Vandenberg comes out with Mortis, Talks to the camera and builds up Wrath, Red lights go on and we get Wrath making his way to the ring.

This is basiclly a squash match. Scotty Riggs gets a couple of Jobber Drop Kicks then Wrath destroys him and ends it with a Urangi Suplex.

After Wraths win, Sub Zero opps I mean Glacier stares down Wrath and Mortis from the entrance ramp. WINNER: Wrath

Mortis was such a awesome character, WCW should of took advantage of it. I liked Mortis more than Kanyon. This match was a nothing match with no historical value. My advice is to listen and laugh at Scottys Riggs theme and entrance then Fast Forward this son of a bitch. FAST FORWARD

Match #4: Hugh Morrus & Konnan vs Alex Wright & Ice Train
Konnan and Morrus are accompanied to the ring by Jimmy Hart and Wright and Ice Train are accompanied to the ring by a much fatter and less annoying Teddy Long.

Ice Train gets double teamed, Train switches around and is in control and tags in Wright, Wright Show boats a lot and pisses off Hugh Morrus by slapping him and runs and tags Ice Train, Hugh Morrus goes to flip Train in the ring over the ropes but train just staggers on the top rope trying to climb over, After 3 attempts it starts to get embarrassing and finally Ice Train is in the ring. Train then trys to tag in Wright but he fakes a knee injury and leaves while Train gets double teamed. Morrus goes to the top rope to moonsault him but realizes he is too far so he jumps down and gives him a standing elbow drop, Konana gets the tequila sunrise and Ice Train submits.

Alex Wright makes his way up th entrance way and says Everyone knows he is the greatest Then tells all the girls to look at his body and eat their hearts out. Then he precedes to do the Das Wunder kid dance (GOLD). WINNER: Konnan & Morrus

I liked the ditsy dancing heel Alex Wright character. The dance was so freaking funny. I liked it when it was meant to be stupid and silly but when it was supposed to be sexy in his face run it was so annoying.... Match was crap, No reason to watch it. Alex Wrights heel tactics are not enough to make this watchable. FAST FORWARD

We cut to the back where X-Pac, Nash and Hall attack Piper in the locker room and leave him laying. Piper sits there screaming as he gets attended to.

Segment #2: Stings and Eric Bischoff Main Event Interview
We have Eric Calling out Sting. A fake Sting Walks out and No one is buying it.

Eric ask the Fake Sting if he has been compared to Hulk Hogan all his Career, Fake Sting nods, Eric then ask If he has been told that he will never accomplish what Hollywood Hogan Accomplished in his career, Fake Sting nods, Erich then ask If he knows deep down he will never measure up to Hollywood Hogan and The Fake Sting nods again.... This brings out the Real Sting, Sting comes down to the ring and fakes a bat hit to the Fake Sting and he goes to protect himself, Sting hits him with a fist instead and SCORPION DEATH DROP! Perfectly done. Eric Bischoff runs thru the crowd and we are out for this 1 hour Nitro.

Eric Bischoff is annoying as usual in this segment but Sting does his usual awesome run in as he did all thru 1997. WATCH

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I had forgotten about that Hardy v RVD match. Funny thing is, Hardy still can't wrestle. This was also back when ECW was trying to get RVD over as an arrogant heel.
  2. Dubs's Avatar
    I agree with you on the Dustin Rhodes segment. Trying to make him a family man didn't pan out too well and hurt his character as Goldust. He should have never turned heel in the first place to be honest.
  3. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Goldust came into the WWE as a heel. It's how he got over.

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