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Top 10 moments in No Way Out history!!

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Heading into the No Way Out ppv, no one is talking about the history of No Way Out which saw a lot of great moments. Glad to see its return. Point of this blog is to look back at some of the Biggest moments in No Way Out history.

1.Stone Cold's return 2003-I know some may think this is lame to be the #1 moment, but this was his return from taking his ball and going home. Almost gone a whole year. His return was big for me because all of us WWE fans missed him. Hated hearing the promos taking shots at Austin during that long absense. The crowd was tremendous as was JR's announcing. It brought laughter, happiness, and relief that Austin has finally returned.

2.Eddie wins the WWE title 2004!!-Eddie working his way up the ladder finally winning the big one. Joy, happiness, and tears were shed the night Eddie defeated Brock Lesnar in San Fran.

3.HHH retires Cactus 2000-What a Hell in a Cell match they had. It probably is the biggest win of HHH's career defeating Cactus in the Cell. Cactus put him over like he has done to several wrestlers in the past which includes Orton, Edge, Rock and so forth. Mick still considers this his retirement match even though he has had several more over the years including the main event of Wrestlemania 2000.

4.Angle/Taker 2006-Put on probably the match of the decade when they took on each other in the main event. It was supposed to happen at Wrestlemania according to Kurt. He was supposed to end the streak in 2006, but Vince had other plans. Doesn't change the fact that match was amazing.

5.NWO at No Way Out 2002-It alarms me a bit today that they returned to cost Austin the Undisputed title spraying NWO on his back. I thought that night that Austin vs Hogan would be at Mania that year. It didn't happen which disappointed me. During Rock/Hogan promo to set up their match, I was saying no...I want Hogan/Austin at Mania. Ruined that moment for me with Rock/Hogan in the ring. Scott Hall vs Austin? That was a huge downgrade from Hogan no disrespect intended.

6.Orton defeats Rey Mysterio 2006-I was stunned that Orton defeated Rey for his main event world title match at Wrestlemania 22. Ended up throwing him in there without having to win it back or win a wildcard kind of tourney. Still a shocking moment o.

7.HHH defeats Austin 3 stages of Hell 2001-Austin returning from neck surgery winning the Rumble to losing to HHH. Didn't really understand why they decided to have Austin lose a bit of momentum heading into Mania that year. Still had a memorable bout o.

8.Cena era begins defeating Angle 2005-Finals in a tournament to see who will face JBL at Wrestlemania 21. Angle/Cena probably had Cena's best match that very night. Cena is put over and later becomes not only the WWE champ at Wrestlemania, but the face of the company.

9.Rock/Hogan 2 2003-Yea it was pretty lame main event because of the way it ended, but Rock/Hogan 2 in the same place as the previous Mania. Perfect scenario, but a terrible ending.

10.Rey Mysterio and Eddie win the WWE tag titles 2005-One of Reys fav moments was becoming a tag champion with Eddie. They became the first tag team champions ever to face at Wrestlemania. Which they did have a great Wrestlemania match. Eddie's last Wrestlemania match also. Defeating the Bashams to do so....

There you have 10 moments in No Way Out history.

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  1. Jerichoholic-NL's Avatar
    no JBL vs Big Show? :P

    that Choke Slam was sick
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jerichoholic-NL
    no JBL vs Big Show? :P

    that Choke Slam was sick
    I thought the majority thought the match was lame and silly which is why it was left off the list.
  3. Peterjb1980's Avatar
    I don't have a favourite moment but I'll tell the one mement that I always remeber. Has to be the 2002 nWo. I'm sure like me you's all thought back then that we would never see them on wwe again after all those years with WcW trying to put the WWe out of business. But As Saying Gose Never Say Never !.
  4. Johnny G's Avatar
    think the 8 man tag from No Way Out 1998 should get a mention all the men had a decent story going nto the match and coming out off it apart from savio vega who was thrown in at the last minute but Stone Cold, Owen Hart,l Cactus Jack & Terry Funk vs. Triple H, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg & Savio Vega should get a mention

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