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WWE in Brazil: Fans and faith

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Hi there, everyone! MissingNO appearing for the first (and probably only) time. I decided to do this blog after returning home from Sao Paulo, back from the controversial house show where the fan favorite Jericho got his suspension (If you haven't heard about it yet, there are lots of headlines, be sure to check!). Before you group me together with all the Brazilian Jericho haters that surfaced after the flag incident, I want to make it clear that I love Jericho for what he's done. That way of drawing heat made clear which are all the hypocrites and parasites that showed up that night. I'll be sure to comment it further down, but this blog isn't about politics, the state of E (trademark), or nationalism. It's about US, fans, and what this show meant to me. I predict it will be a little long, and probably sickening redundant, but bear with it, please.

I've been a fan for barely a year and a half. Really. When I was a kid, I faintly remembered watching wrestling on TV with my dad, but he always changed channel because it was... well, weird to him. Last year, in college, a friend sent me a Rey Mysterio fight, and I can't even remember the opponent. I just remember that I felt like a kid again, watching wrestling all hooked up, but there was no dad to change the channel. I got into RAW, Smackdown, NXT, whatever was on my way and this year was my first Wrestlemania... I was hooked up, so it was no surprise when I decided to accompany him to RAW live in Sao Paulo. I wanted to see those guys live.

It was one heck of an adventure. My hometown is small and we left to the big Sao Paulo while there was a problem on the subway lines, my mom and sister (who came along) were sick, we had little money... and in the end, the show was postponed to the day we would be returning home! We had to stay in a hotel in a horrible neighborhood, pay a (huge) extra fee to change the plane ticket. When we all reached the hotel, I kept asking myself... was it worth it? I've been a fan for only a year, what the heck am I doin' here? It took me the next day to answer. YES! YES! YES! (D.Bryan quote).

Getting to Ginasio to Ibirapuera, we (me and my friend) saw some other fans standing in line to buy Punk and Cena shirts (because that was barely all merchandise). They were chatting about the card announced, chants, the low amount of merchan... of course, we got into the conversation. The first thing my friend said was 'I feel at home'. Coming from a place where we only know two or three more people who also like wrestling, talking naturally about it to almost ANYONE was... odd. And great. I was starting to feel better about all troubles we've been through.

The waiting time to the show was fun. We talked to a lot of people. Even IN the stadium, we met other 'guys and gals' who talked so happily, even after having all signs confiscated. Our places were SIIIIIIICK (near enough from the ring to run to the grid) and everyone chanted all the random stuff anxiously (they had to calm down; even Benoit and the Screwjob were stated). But then, I started feeling weird about being there. I was barely a fan and everyone... they were saying ROH, TNA, obscure wrestlers, long time feuds, attitude era, incidents, flops, things from back to Wrestlemania I! I knew SH*T! I felt little. Why, you ask me? (Actually, you just want me to stop writing...)

Because I've been anxiously waiting for this live show to happen, but what about THEM? 10 years of being a fan and maybe, never seen those guys live, even once. Some probably thought they wouldn't have other opportunity (since 2007's show) and they probably should be 100 times more nervous than me. If that show was cancelled, they would be 100 times more heartbroken than me... you get the picture. I was listening to all the talking and thinking about this when it all started. But then, it all vanished.

What happened in that ring was MAGIC! From the time we saw a slap on A-ry's tight that left a mark from all his fingers, from the bizarre GTS live, not helped by the camera's angle. The sound of bodies hitting the mat, the loud bangs, Ziggler making his own soundFX... it was all as I pictured from the TV, only 100 times better! The crowd reacted just as it should, with so much passion that on Punk x Jericho, we were hoarse and tired. I noticed people even TRIED picturing McGuillicutty as a face, but... there is no way one can chant THAT name (and people chanted Mr. Perfect'). I got to slap Kofi's hand and touch Punk (I heard someone slapped his butt). It felt like magic would never end and I was so surprised when I looked at my watch and read 23:30. MAN! It passed in a second!

The show was awesome, with good matches and funny promos. Just enough to make a RAW Supershow few people would nag about. And after all, I was there, forget the inferiority complex. I was renewed! I wanted to be half the fan those people I met were... I wanted to be a true fan. Endure patiently as no other show comes, watch all PPVs and shows, storylines, get to know the classics. I want to talk to them from the same level. I already behaved... hmm... humbly, if I can use this word. I never dare to comment what I don't know a THING about, but I want to have the knowledge, the guts and the faith everyone I met has.

Faith: I chose this word because it's strong. Because you must have faith to believe in wrestling for as long as you guys have. No matter if you love the WWE, TNA, ROH, BWF (Brazilian Wrestling Federation), I admire all of you for your love. Please, I ask you to keep the MARK comments aside. As someone said already, we are all marks deep down. I like that little war between attitude era fans, pg fans, cena marks, cena haters, punk lovers, Rocky-isn't-gonna-leave-us again, Ziggler-is-the-new-best-thing... but remember, you all like the same thing. And even when I read all the bad comments about 'last-night-RAW', I know some of you have seen better to back your opinion up (SOME of you). All you want is something to put your faith in. Guys, I feel like nothing is lost.

The product you saw when you were kids and now, you are adults just changed a bit, because tastes change, generations change. I had this impression. But if you keep searching for the good points and stop scrutinizing 'PG' and all that stuff, I know you'll be able to get the effort it takes for them to make the show, even a bad one. It doesn't mean you'll accept everything they shove on your throats (attitude era fans frequently use this phrase), but that you CAN be more open-minded. There were kids there… little kids, and parents teaching them to love wrestling as much as they do. There were also big men, old men changing their t-shirts to Punk’s shirt just to feel 100% part of that show. Even if you aren’t Brazilian, that sense of unity should be part of all Wrestling community.

It's a shame what happened to Jericho in Brazil. Some wrestlers had some trouble with flags before, he should have thought about it BUT: it's a shame some people can't tell entertainment from reality. Wrestling is quite obscure in Brazil, that gesture from Jericho was awfully misunderstood... the ones who actually made bad comments on the subject should be called MARKS (in a bad sense), hypocrites. I bet all people who were sitting next to me were offended by their own country. The flag is a symbol, YES, but why to punish a MAN for playing a CHARACTER when in any other day, WE would be kicking that same symbol like it was nothing? Some laws tend to be plain stupid.

TO FINNALLY WRAP IT (Angels sing Hallelujah), I've been reading EWrestlingNews for a year now, and I only posted twice... once to make a comment on the news of WWE in Brazil and other time to make a snarky remark in a RAW coverage. I want to thank the community for the fun. All big heels in the site, all the big faces... the all-so-criticized Ryan Clark. Much that I learnt about Wrestling was here and specially with blogs. Should have told you in your blogs, but, a special thanks to knox (your blogs are my favorite), DK Wrestling Savior, Rated_R(ob)KO and THE_CRIPPLER. I wish I could do an actual blog with a conclusion, and not a passionate letter to the Wrestling community, but... well... I'm both a student of Language Arts and a girl, therefore...

Conclusions are up to you. But don't slap my face; this is the first time I've felt like voicing how I feel about Wrestling. I believe I said much and still, nothing significant (LOL). Thank you all and hope this heartfelt confession makes you think about what you still feel and love in being a Wrestling fan.

Ps.: Also, sorry for using the WWE as reference for everything, but it and two episodes of ROH are my knowledge limits.

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