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Top 5 Chris Jericho Matches

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With all the Flag talk about Chris Jericho and the 30 day suspension, I decided to count down Jericho's best matches.

This isn't The Greatest Jericho Moments, This is the Best Matches of Chris Jericho. I will not include Matches from Japan, I'm Also not including tag matches. So enough with the time wasting explanation, I will get to the list.

5. Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio: The Bash 2009
This was Mask vs Title for the Intercontinental championship. What a throw back to the old WCW cruiserweight days but This one had more emotion and psychology than your average Cruiserweight match. One of the better IC title matches we had in a very, very long time.

Very Impressive match That will be considered in both mens top 5 matches of their career. This is a Great match you must check out. You will see the best qualities from these mens past when they were younger and worked a faster paced high impact match and the best qualities of the older and wiser Jericho and Mysterio, using Great Psychology and Better pacing of the match, All rolled in to one match.

4. Chris Jericho vs The Rock: No Mercy 2002

This is for the World Heavyweight Championship. This was Jerichos big break in to main events. Jericho had high profile matches before this but Jericho was always made to look like the Upper mid card underdog. This was Jerichos big break and he went out and hit a home run having a Great match with The Rock at No Mercy. These men lived up to the expectation to this match and Expectations were high with the Great build up and Excellent and entertaining promos.... Rock and Jericho had Great Chemistry together and this is their best match. This match in my mind helped Jericho leap forward to cement himself as a permanent main eventer.

Great match by two of the most Charismatic performers in WWE/WWF History. Check out this match, This match was considered Jerichos best when it first happened but I think Jericho had better ones but still It is one of Jerichos best.

3. Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels: Unforgiven 2008

This is a street fight and a intense one at that. This was a Violent In your face fight. Nothing fancy here, Just two people beating the shit out of each other....
These men had plenty of classic matches but I think this one was their best, I loved their WM 19 match and also their Ladder match but This one stood out the most for me cause it was so well done and intense.

This is probably these two mens best match. The story, Promos and Build for this match were incredible. These are two of the best Story tellers in the history of this business and Wow what a story they told in this feud, It got so real and so personal. A Must see match and If you havent seen the feud they had in 2008, The please look it up.

2. Chris Jericho vs HHH: Fully Loaded 2000
Jericho and HHH had a on and off mini feud, Not forgetting Jericho's feud with Stephanie. After the Phantom Jericho Title win on Raw from HHH, Jericho has been looking for revenge, Picking his moments. HHH and Jericho feuded on and off for month's and it all materialized to this Outstanding Last Man Standing match at Fully Loaded.

HHH at the time was considered one of the best in ring performers Ever, HHH was on a Tremendous Hot Streak and Chris Jericho was considered a Future champion and a main eventer. This was a Great match, The best Last Man standing match I ever seen. This was Jerichos first Great match in the WWE and it still stands out as one of his best matches or maybe even his best match.

Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit: Royal Rumble 2001
This is a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship. I dont remember being too impressed with it when I seen it live on PPV 11 years ago but after I seen the Ladder match DVD and watch this match for a 2nd time, It Blew me away. This match was much different from the Ladder matches and TLC matches we are use to. This was a excellent match that had two men going out their having a match with a ladder to enhance it not two men having a match with a ladder. There wasnt any huge high spots, Just hard hitting, Violent action.

Chris Jericho's career will always be connected with Chris Benoit. These men feuded all over the world and had Great matches against and with each other where ever they went. These mens careers are intertwined together and were involved in some great matches and moments. To me this is the best match these men had and I think its Chris Jerichos best match Ever.

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  1. Hurtts101's Avatar
    I'm afraid that your gonna have to change your number 1 as there was only 1 person involved! (We can not discuss the other.
    But seriously, good list. Jericho is 1 of those rare performers that you can have a dozen people create completely different lists of his top 5 matches and have a hard time arguing with each one. Each 1 of these matches brought back fond memories of 1 of my all time favorites and for that I commend you.

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