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WWE 24/7 ondemand OMG Moments Review

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This is the review of the OMG moments section of the May WWE 24/7 Ondemand programing.

WHC Battle Royal: Smackdown 2006.

This is a Battle Royal to determine the New World Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown since it was Vacated by Batistia after suffering injuries by Mark Henry....We join the Battle Royal in progress as the last Suprise Entrant makes his way to the Ring and its none other than Raw's KURT ANGLE!. This shocks everyone in the ring especially JBL and angers him to the point where he tells everyone to back off cause he wants Angle to himself. Angle and JBL brawl for a few seconds and Angle throws JBL over the top, Gets attacked from Behind by Big Vito who also gets Thrown Over the Top rope. Good Start for Angle who was brought down to the ring by Daviri (Please Remind me why was Kurt Angle Managed by Daviari). Wow what a difference 6 years makes, Kurt Angle and Matt Hardy seemed sort of mentally sane, Melina was Hot and had Potential and Regal had a Buzz cut.

They Story of the match here is Mark Henry was M.N.M.'s ( Mercury (joey) Nirto (John Morrison) and Melina's insurance policy and is the reason Batista was injured.... Kurt Angle really dominated the Match, Just Eliminating person after person, Till Mark Henry knocks Angle to the outside thru the bottom rope, Henry then brawls with Angle and Clears up the announce table, Preparing to put Angle thru the table, Angle attacks from behind and goes for a German Suplex thru the table but Henry Blocks it and PRESS SLAM! face first thru the table by Henry to Angle.

Now Henry gets in the ring and is Dominating everyone. We get to a Lashly and Henry face off. Bobby Lashly runs in to Henry a few times doesn't do much, Henry Suplexs Lashly Stomach first on the top rope and kicks him out of the ring, Lashly is eliminated by Henry. Hardy goes for a Twist of fate on Henry and Henry just picks him up and tosses him out. Now the 20 men are down to 4 men in the Ring. It's Henry, Morrison, Mercury and Rey Mysterio..... Morrison and Mercury throw Rey over the top Rope, Rey skins the cat and eliminates Morrison with a head scissors and then he does the same to Mercury. Now its down to Rey and Henry with Angle knocked out on the outside. Rey is scared, he trys to avoid Henry. Rey finally gets some Offensive moves and knocks Henry in the 619 POSITION! and we get a 619 that rocks Henry. Rey hits him with another 619 in the midsection and then Rey does a stupid move by jumping on Henry's back, Henry tips Rey over the top and Rey holds on and manages to stay on the apron. Rey Shoulder block in to the Monster Henry's mid section, Spring board by Mysterio in to the arms of Henry who tosses him over the top with ease..... Henry thinks he has won as Melina celebrates on the outside. Angle is Pissed, Angle pulls down the straps of his Singlet and screams and drools like a maniac. Henry and Angle Brawl, Angle Slam by Kurt. Henry finally gets the better of of Kurt Angle and puts Angle in the corner, Angle then wraps his legs around Henry's head and squeezes Henry's head with a head scissors, Angle trying to take Henry over the top rope, Henry blocks it with all his power and pulls Angle away and Power bombs him in the middle of the ring, Both men are down. Angle and Henry get up and Henry misses a clothesline and Angle hits a German Suplex. Angle Front face locks Henry on the apron, Trying to take him over the top like Benoit did to Big Show at Royal Rumble 2004, Except Kurts front face lock is much sloppier and his footing is much worse ( I expect more from a Gold Medalist). Henry over powers him and picks him up in the corner. Angle back with the Head Scissors and he tips himself over and takes Henry one leg at a time and Henry falls out of the ring over the top and Angle falls to the floor also but Henry hit first and Kurt Angle is your new World Heavyweight Champion. WINNER: Kurt Angle

Match wasnt the Greatest battle Royal but it was interesting cause its the first battle Royal that told multiple stories. Decent match, Nothing to go nuts over but pretty good for a Smackdown battle Royal considering there wasn't really any main event talent in there... Angle looked Good, Henry Looked Dominate and Rey Looked like he belonged so not a bad outing here. RATING ***1/4

Outsiders Promo: Great American Bash 1996
This is when The NWO was in the embryonic stages and it was just Nash and Hall running in and interrupting Nitro. This was genius, WCW was blurring the lines of reality and Kayfabe. Everyone thought that Nash and Hall were sent by WWF. This Storyline had Everyone tuning in to Nitro and blowing up the wrestling news sites.... Erich Bishoff tells Nash and Hall that WCW has accepted their 3 on 3 Challenge but Eric's first concern is if Nash or Hall work for the WWF. Nash and Hall both deny still working with the WWF, Hall says "Thats the Past" and asked who the 3 men WCW picked. Eric says he will tell them on Nitro, I guess Hall and Nash didnt wanna wait so Hall punches him while Nash Power bombs Eric off the Stage thru a table. Eric took a nasty looking bump and segment is over as paramedics check on Eric and Nash and Hall leave.

This was a Awesome segment, Actually alot of people ordered this PPV to see this segment. This was a very exciting and interesting time to watch WCW, Everyone was dying to see where WCW was going with this, Hall and Nash played great Outsider roles and anti-heros.... One thing I dont understand in this Segment, Why the hell would Scott Hall (a 6'7 260 pound man) wear a Denim vest with no shirt and matching denim jeans with Black high tops. How did people not know Hall had drug and drinking problem after seeing how he dresses himself.... Cant star rate this cause its not a match but it is a great bit of wrestling history,and its under 8 mintues so its harmless. A MUST WATCH

Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk: SummerSlam 2009 TLC match WHC.
This is the start of Punks first heel run in the WWE. Punk was fantastic on the mic here, This was Punks best character creatively, Punk was so much more comfortable on the mic around this time and seemed a little more inspired promo wise. Jeff Hardy's Hot streak was wearing down and he seemed a little burned out. Hardy was still probably the most popular superstar around this time but it was diffidently dying down. Punk after cashing in his money in the bank on Jeff Hardy, The fans started to turn on Punk in favor of Hardy. Punk start bringing up Hardy's Drug problems and his two wellness policy violations..... This match had alot of risky spots, The ending of the match comes when Jeff Hardy beats CM Punk with a Chair and TV monitor, Laying him out on the announce Table. Hardy Grabs the 20 FOOT LADDER! and sets it up in front of the table Punk lays on and Hardy climbs to the very Top and SWANTON BOMB!!!!! thru the table....They show several replays. Paramedics Come down to the ringside area to put Jeff Hardy on the stretcher and as they are strapping Hardy in Punk goes to climb to get the World title and Hardy refuses to get medical help and trys to make it back to the ring on his own to stop Punk. Punk Climbs with one leg, Hardy climbs the other side. They brawl, Punk kicks the Ribs of Hardy and a huge forearm knocks Hardy off the ladder and Punk grabs the title for his 3rd World heavyweight Championship.... Punk Poses over a fallen Jeff Hardy with the belt, Punk hears a DONG, Lights go out, Punk looks down and he is no longer standing over Jeff Hardy but he standing over The Undertaker and he gets a Choke Slam. WINNER: CM Punk

This match had a lot of Good spots but it really was lacking, It had very little Psychology. It just seemed like a average TLC match you see on a PPV, The spots went together more smoothly but it really didn't stand out in any way Besides Jeff Hardy's AMAZING SWANTON BOMB SPOT. It was your average, run of the mill Good TLC match. RATING ****

The Dudley Boyz vs Tommy Dreamer & ??. Tag Team Titles: ECW on TNN.
This was The Dudley's Last day in ECW before leaving to The WWF. Bubba Ray gets on the mic and Tells the ECW crowd that they have become hero's in ECW and in The WWF hero's become Legends and Legends in the WWF become Gods.... Bubba Ray says that they will leave and take the tag team titles with them to Vince McMahon. The crowd Chants for Sabu, Bubba tells them to keep chanting cause it don't matter who comes out, The Dudleys will beat them down. Then Bubba calls The back bone of ECW out "Tommy Dreamer". Dreamer has a broken back and cant wrestle. Bubba trys to to insult and anger him to get in the ring, Paul Heyman and Francine come out to stop him from taking the match and further injuring himself. Bubba tells Dreamer when Him and Devon Broke Beulah's neck, When she layed helpless in the Hospital, Devon and him use to sneak in her room and show Beulah the true meaning of "Double Teaming". They continue till Tommy cant hear no more and rushes to the ring and the match is on... Dreamer gets some offense until the Dudleys numbers are just too much for Dreamer as they work on his back. Dudleys go for the 3D and Dreamer DDT's Devon and out from the crowd comes RAVEN! and Even Flow to Bubba and Tommy pins Devon while Raven Pins Bubba. Dreamer doesn't even know Raven is in the match, Dreamer turns around and Raven hands Dreamer his Tag Belt and Dreamer looks on in disbelief. WINNER: Dreamer & Raven

The match is really nothing. Just a short brawl but the promo and the story of the whole segment is Incredible, This is one of the best moments in ECW history. Ravens return was done perfectly, This is a much watch for any ECW fan. The Dreamer and Raven saga continues the best way possible.... This isnt really a match but its A MUST WATCH.

Ready to Rumble Cage Match
This match is so difficult to understand, It really is a dumb concept... David Arquette is The WCW World Champion here (Lou Thez just puked in his grave) and he is defending it against Jeff Jarrett and DDP in a triple threat, Triple Layer cage match. The First Cage has a ladder that you climb up to a smaller cage on top with weapons and the top cage is much smaller and is filled with Guitars.

The object of the match is to climb all cages and get the title. The match was nothing but a sub par DDP and Jeff Jarrett match. Arquette was never really in the match, He only was a factor at the end when he turned on DDP and gave Jeff Jarrett the WCW championship.... Two things happened that were good in this match, #1. David Arquette Lost the WCW championship, #2. The Crazy bump Kanyon took off the top of the cage. Mike Awesome threw Kanyon off the cage too the entrance walk way and Kanyon fell thru. It looked like a rigged bump but still it was a hell of a gutsy one by Kanyon. WINNER: New WCW Champion Jeff Jarrett

The match was nothing to note besides the insane Kanyon stunt. This whole Ready to Rumble promotion on WCW TV was a embarrassment to World Championship Wrestling and Wrestling in general.... Take your shockmasters, Your WCW mini Movies, Your Dungeons of Doom and your Robocops and roll them in to one big ball and it wouldn't come close to being as big of a disgrace as the Ready to Rumble/WCW Cross Promotion was. I will Give it 2 1/4 Stars just for Kanyon, DDP and Jeff Jarrett's hard work in the match but keep one thing in your mind, If you have any respect for WCW and wanna hold on to it, Please Avoid Watching this or the build up to it. RATING **1/4

Nothing here worth going out of your way to see, The Tommy Dreamer and Raven Tag Team match was a Awesome ECW moment that should be seen for the first time or for Nostalgia. The NWO segment was harmless enough and a Good piece of history. Punk and Hardy's Ladder match was Good but nothing we haven't seen a million times before. The Battle Royal is ok to kill some time, Well done also but nothing to really make time to see.

So There you have it, The OMG review of WWE 24/7.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    I'm an avid fan of Classics on Demand, great to see someone else actually has it too. Great recap, I've been trying to get through the two MNW they currently have up so I haven't checked out the OMG moments yet. I'll definitely check them out after reading this. Good stuff as usual Crippler.
  2. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I wish my cable provider offered Classics on Demand =( Since House is over with and Fringe's season ended, the only thing I watch is wrestling (TNA every week, Raw sporadically, SmackDown more often, and youtube/dailymotion videos) until Suits, Franklin & Bash, and Wilfred come back on.

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