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Leaving A Legacy

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What is up everybody!? So, I am taking the time to write just a random blog. I will be honest, there is an overtly blatant side I am taking in this topic, and it just mere thoughts and ideas that have gone through my head. I'm writing this, in hopes to stir conversation. Here is the thing with wrestling. It's rich history is something we as fans will always talk about. Whether it be Hulk Hogan's rise to stardom, Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austins match at Wrestlemania, to The Rock cutting amazing promo's, to even John Cena rising to the top. All the time, there is things that occur in wrestling, that will forever stay in our memory. Here is the thing though, wrestlers come, and wrestlers go. The better question, and the question focused around this blog, is, can a legacy be truly tarnished by a persons actions. Now, before I go any farther, no....I will not be talking about Chris Benoits history, and anyone...and I mean anyone who tries bringing him up in comments to create a flame war, I will delete their post in this blog. You want to talk about Benoit, there are 3 other blogs to do so. Not trying to be a douche, but Chris Benoit is one of those topics that is better left unspoken now. So...without further adieu, I am going to go into it.

Hulk Hogan
When i started thinking about a wrestlers legacy, and how it will be looked at as time goes on, asides from Benoit, Hulk Hogan was the next person that came shooting to the top of my mind. Now, let's look at Hogan. Hogan debuted in 1977, but it wasn't until 1984 that Hulkamania started. During Hogan's career, he has been known for a slew of things. Body slamming Andre the Giant, forming the Mega Powers with Randy Savage, turning heel and forming the NWO, going to TNA. The thing though is, Hogan's career has also had black marks. The steroid scandal, Hogan Knows Best, and most recently, this supposed sex tape. So, the better question is..what will Hogan's legacy be. 30 years from now, will people remember Hogan as the man who took Hulkamania to heights and had kids quoting him, or as the man who just didn't know when to quit?

Mick Foley
Now, I like Mick Foley, and from the matches I've seen of Foley, I like Foley in the ring. Here is the thing though with Foley. He debuted to pro wrestling in 1983, and his last appearance in a ring was in January of 2012. Thats over 29 years as a wrestler. If you go from his last active time in the ring where he was a regular wrestler, that was his stint in TNA, so let's give it the year of 2008. That is a total of 25 years of wrestling. While it isn't uncommon for someone to be a part of wrestling for that long. Foley though....Foley was a different breed. He landed on thumbtacks, went through flaming tables, used barbed wire, getting thrown off of cells, losing an ear, and all other kinds of crazy insane things. Now Foley seems to be relegated to comedy bits and shtick. So, 30 years from now, will he be known as the hardcore legend of yesteryear, or will he be forever known as the silly man who wrote books.

Scott Hall
The last one I am going to touch base on, is Scott Hall. Now Scott Hall was someone I never really got to watch, as the time when he was predominant, was when I didn't watch wrestling. Since that time though, I've caught glimpses of Hall's career, and his matches. He was also known as Razor Ramon, a former IC Champion, former US Champ, World TV Champ, and multiple time tag champ. He was 1 half of the outsiders, and 1 of the 3 original members of the NWO. He put on 5 star matches, that are still referred to, to this day. His career though, does have black marks. His battles with drugs, alcohol, and legal issues, have been something that has been in the public eye for quite some time. So the question now is, what will Hall be remembered for? As one of the original members of the NWO, or a shell of a great wrestler.

These are just three, whose legacies could be looked at either way. You have Eddie Guerrero, and his addiction to alcoholism and drugs which attributed to his heart failure, or Chyna and her recent stint into pornography. There are others too asides from the ones I mentioned. So the question to ask yourself, is this. If a person inside of the ring, does something that has wrestling fans talking about how great of a wrestler he/she is, but then years later, does something outside of the ring that is unfavorable, should it change the views of their past accomplishments? I look forward to any and all comments!

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  1. Seanb93's Avatar
    Hogan is the greatest pro wrestler of all time and that is what he will be remember by. look at sports in general and there are legends who had a lot of off the field issues. Ali, Mantle, Babe Ruth, Kobe, Jordan, Michael Irvin just to name a few. Foley - I dont think his legacy should be jokster or hardcore legend, What made Foley special was his ability to get other people over. Foley was a huge part of the attitude era, His fueds with HHH IMO helped put HHH on another level. Same with the Rock. Scott Hall - That is easy, Talent wasted. Extremly gifted talent who couldnt control his demons.
  2. akbar's Avatar
    Hogan will be regarded as the greatest in 30 years, no one will bother remembering his sex tape or whatever. When Hogan dies, the outcry for will be crazy...You can talk about Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers making wrestling big but Hogan made it international, he made it mainstream, he made it what it is now.

    Foley will be remembered as a legend but one moment that will be played out in 30 years is him being chucked off the cell, it showed were wrestling had come, how extreme it was and to the cynics of wrestling he proved wrestling is more than choreographed moves.

    Hall was a man I never got to wrestle either but his gimmick as Razor Ramon I hear is one of the greatest...I have a feeling Hall will be remembered as a tragic story of a wrestler who could've had more but ruined by drugs...
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Blog!!

    I never liked the time I started watching..I felt Bret/Curt/Daveyboy are true wrestlers n Hogan/Warrior as mere cartoon characters...I loved his NWO reign though.. but what ever my personal opinion about him..he's THE MAN who made the industry what it is now...he made pro-wrestling a mainstream sport...It is he who paved the way for all the wrestlers worldwide...he'll be remembered for that till the end of pro-wrestling...

    Mick, he took mainstream pro-wrestling to an extreme level....he is one of the BIG parts in Attitude Era...Attitude Era would have been never the same without him and I mean it..his feuds with The Rock and HHH made both the The Rock n HH what they are now...he's the main event of the best ever rated Monday Night Raw!! He'll be remembered n revered as The Hardcore legend..

    Scotthall no no no...Razorramon will always remain in my mind..keeping away my personal opinion..Many ppl are giving full credit of NWO to Hogan n Nash..forgetting Hall now 30yrs from now...he'll not be remembered for that...but, only his ladder match will be remembered and nothing else...
  4. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    The examples given -


    Will always be remembered as the man who brought wrestling to the "Hollywood" status of being more than just an event you attend. He made it fit the mold to bring it into television, movies, and things outside of just live attendance.
    Hulk Hogan is to wrestling what the Television is to entertainment. Thesz, Bruno, hell even Flair... These men were wrestling’s version of the Radio. Hogan was something you had to see to believe, and that outweighs anything he has done outside of the ring (so far).


    Will be remembered as the sickest bump taker of the business. We might see sick bumps from time to time, but this man lasted 25 years doing them week in and week out. In Japan, he will be remembered for his death matches. In Philly he'll be remembered for his shoots and spitting on the WCW tag belt. In the WCW fan base, he'll be remembered for his matches with Vader and Sting. In the E, he'll be remembered for the Hell in a Cell matches, and the tooth. His legacy as a comedian won't be able to outweigh the videos of him landing through announcers’ tables...
    Foley is to wrestling what Edgar Allen Poe was to literature. The revelation of the darker side to what we commonly perceive as a "happy" thing.


    This one is where the wrestling ability will fall short of the legacy he is currently remembered for. Hall has had some EPIC matches that are still used as inspiration to the wrestlers of the future. He's charisma rivaled that of Shawn Michaels, and I will argue that to the grave. As stated before, "talent wasted" is what best describes his current situation. Regardless of the impactful things he did in the business, the stories of his down falls out weigh the glory of his peaks.
    Scott Hall is to wrestling as the Internet is to society... Something that could have been used for GREAT accomplishments, but is known and used more for filth, crooked, and disgusting things rather than what the potential idea it originally had was intended to be used for.

    Great blog and an interesting perspective on a common thought I actually have when discussing men such as Taker, Flair, Sting, Luger, Steiner, Austin, Michaels, etc... Glad to know I'm not the only one involved with the fandom of this industry to think that way.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Hey Ron...gr8 post...apt description....
  6. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Hey Ron...gr8 post...apt description....
    lol, thanks bro. Just speaking my mind.
  7. D.D. Hobbs's Avatar
    I think that Hogan's legacy will be a lot like Elvis Presley's legacy. Just like Elvis is the face of rock and roll, Hogan will always be the face of professional wrestling. He will always be on the cover of wrestling encyclopedias, an award will probably be named after him, and his memoribilia will become very pricey. But just like there were better musicians than Elvis, there were way, way better wrestlers than Hogan.

    While I think that Mick Foley will always remain near and dear to wrestling fans hearts, Mick Foley will fade into American history obscurity. He just wasn't memorable enough to be tied into professional wrestling for the rest of eternity. On the other hand, wrestling purists will always be able to tell you step-by-step how the Hell in a Cell match went.

    And Scott Hall, honestly...I hope he fades into obscurity. If his story is told as a tragic tale thirty years from now, than we have ran out of good stories. You want tragic? Try Owen Hart... Try Droz... Scott Hall screwed Scott Hall.
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