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The Jericho Situation

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The breaking news of Jerichos suspension is both unfortunate for the WWE and sad for us fans. Although the desecration of any nations flag should be considered the most offensive cheap heat a wrestler can get lets put this into a bit of perspective. From the footage I’ve seen of the event Jericho grabs the flag from Punk, crumples it up and then kicks it out of the ring. When you compare that to the evil Iraqi sympathising Sgt.Slaughter burning the American flag in the ring in the early 90s for example it seems minor. The problem lies in the WWE’s current sensitivity to public perception. Ten years ago an improvised incident like this would have been enhanced to get as much heat out of it as possible, nowadays the WWE see it as an embarrassment and a PR nightmare. For this reason they had no choice but to be seen to publicly reprimand Jericho by suspension.

What I hope is that the WWE release a statement that in some way still shows their support for Chris Jericho the performer and disdain for Chris Jericho the character. He is far too good a performer (probably in most peoples top ten list of in ring talent – certainly in mine) and a true ambassador for the business to be effectively retired due to this one off incident. There needs to be more acknowledgement of the fact that it was the character that desecrated the flag and not the performer.
The sensitivity of the WWE to PR situations that upset certain sectors has been very apparent over the past few years. Bryan was sacked and then rehired 6 months later after choking someone with a tie in a Benoit-esque move. And Finlay lost his job after booking The Miz to interrupt the National Anthem, upsetting National Guard representatives.
I appreciate that in order to improve public image and attract a wider audience the WWE has to demonstrate a level of discipline, and I also appreciate that they are looking to expand their ‘Overseas’ tours and can’t afford to upset officials in the prospective countries they are visiting. But I don’t think throwing their performers to the lions is the right answer. An online apology from an out of character Chris Jericho and a donation to a key Brazilian charity could have put this one to bed in my eyes.

So what next for Jericho? Well I’d be surprised to see him return to television before his planned departure for the Fozzy tour in August. The best bet now is to return him in say 6 months with a new (maybe babyface) character. I just genuinely hope that this is not the last stint in the WWE for Chris.

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  1. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheWarMachine
    I think the oversensitivity comes from society in general, rather than it being a WWE thing. No one can saying anything to anyone anymore, without someone, somwhere getting offended. That's just the nature of the world these days. People are easily offended over anything.
    We have social media to thank for that... If not them, then blame Canada. It worked for South Park
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Is that how the people of India would feel? Or another country with strict laws. The fact is countries like yours or my homeland have governments totally detached from their people. This goes the same for Brazil the fans didn't mind it, they understood the entertainment aspect but of course the government felt the need to show strictness with their rules and arrested Jericho for doing what is a PETTY incident.
    I don't know about your nation but mine..the Govn is not completely detached yet..again..If teh same thing happens in india.. definitely ppl will react in a different way...if ppl have not spared even legends like Sachin Tendulkar..they'll definitely not spare a JERICHO..

    n again..laws are there to safeguard the nation's integrity too..flag/anthem are few aspect in which nations like mine or like say Brazil or even your motherland have strict rules...there is no entertainment in disrespecting one's national flag...
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    I don't get what people want from these performers. Expecting them to be a heel and remain respectful? A heels job is to draw heat.
    they can draw heat in many ways..but this I feel is place where he has crossed the limits...for the sake of cheap heat...
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    But would you consider this to be petty in regards to someone who is a traveler and knew not the reaction is would garner, nor the fact that it was a crime in the first place?
    Jericho cannot escape saying he's a traveller..he in fact toured many nations..esp he was in Japan..wrestled and nourished there..even in Japan also..the laws for flag n anthem r he's not a stranger to such laws...
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Some may feel I'm over reacting..After reading it on net..I just imagined what would be my reaction if Jericho does the same to my national flag..

    In all fairness...for the sake of cheap heel can't go on and disrespect one's national flag or anthem..
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